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Gas price ups and downs

February 29, 2012
Daily Press


Gas Prices?

Not those. Everyone is upset and talking about gasoline. I want to know the scoop on natural gas. In a recent Daily Press article, it was reported that the wholesale natural gas prices have dropped by 30 percent. How come my DTE bill hasn't dropped? Isn't the natural gas industry a regulated industry?

As far as the other gas:

Today is Friday, Feb. 24. Yesterday, the pump prices went up to $3.68 and $3.69 per gallon. Just a few days ago it was $3.42. This afternoon, the prices went up 16 cents, only to come back down a few hours later. Was there a special reason? I know that the stations usually raise the prices at certain times, like Fair Week, or Memorial Day, 4th of July, etc. Was there a special event this week? Maybe the snowmobile races? There really needs to be a law. I am against government intervention. The government is supposed to protect. We have laws to protect us from criminals. This borders on criminal. I use to run a gas station. I know what they do. A small station - 32,000 gallon storage could make thousands on a 16 cent increase. Where are our leaders? Our elected representatives? Thank you President Obama. Hope and change. I hope we make a change in November.

Tom Grant




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