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Don’t let Escanaba go to the dogs

April 13, 2011
Daily Press

There are signs of spring all over Escanaba. Snow is just a memory. The days are longer and warmer. And it's not hard to find dog feces littering the ground and dogs not on a leashes.

Although the vast majority of the city's residents are responsible dog owners, there seems to be a those who simply refuse to do the right thing - cleaning up after their dogs and making sure they are on a leash. There are city ordinances requiring both and they were adopted for a reason - for the safety and well-being of everyone (human and canine) in the community.

Walk for any distance in the city and chances are you will encounter dog feces that has been left behind by a less than responsible pet owner on a stroll with their pooch. No, dog feces doesn't go away with the rain and snow. It stays there where it was left.

There is a real sanitary issue here. Besides the mess that can be tracked into people's homes, a real possibility exists of spreading disease to both humans and other dogs.

This is a no-brainer. Get with it people. Get a bag and clean up after your pet.

There are also a smaller percentage of dog owners who believe it is fine to not have their dog on a leash. Again, there is a city ordinance that says a dog has to be under the owner's control.

Why? The answer is simple. It was put into place for the protection of both people and dogs. A loose dog stands the very real and tragic risk of being hit by a car, attacking or being attacked by another dog, or running off and becoming lost.

Some dog owners justify letting their dog run loose, saying their pet never strays far from them or never leaves the yard. Can you really be sure? There have been instances in Escanaba where loose dogs have run out from yards and severely attacked other dogs. There is also the risk your friendly, loose dog may encounter an aggressive dog and be attacked. The risk traffic poses needs no explanation.

Do you really want to take the chance your dog will be injured by another dog, hit by a car, or become lost? Be responsible and keep your dog and others safe.

The ordinances a pretty clear. Dog owners have to clean up after their pets and are required to have their pets on leashes. This is the law of the land throughout Escanaba - even Ludington Park and the city's other parks. Escanaba's parks and streets are not dog runs.

Again, the vast majority of pet owners here are responsible. It's time for the rest to follow suit.



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