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Bad luck strikes again in fantasy football

November 13, 2010
By Keith Shelton

ESCANABA - You would think that I had an excellent shot to win, leading by two points going into the Monday night game. I had Rashard Mendenhall to play, he had Terrell Owens going against the Pittsburgh defense.

That's when it all went wrong, sort of.

Mendenhall was his usual 20 point self, and on any other week, I would have won well in hand, however this week, T.O. decided to pull a freak 31 point performance out of nowhere and trounce me by nine points. Aggravating to say the least.

I'm sure T.O. will go back to his usual underachiving schizophrenic self next week of course.

Of course my quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick didn't do me any favors with a modest 13 point performance in comparison to my opponent's 34 points out of Phillip Rivers, but I made up ground in other places, namely my running backs who got me a combined 30 points compared to two, count em, two points for his two running backs, Jonathan Stewart and BenJarvis Green-Ellis combined.

(note to self and others, stay far away from them)

I lost my 3rd/4th receiver, Roscoe Parrish when he broke his wrist at the end of the Buffalo game. He'll miss the rest of the season. He went out in style at least, gaining me 15 points in his last hurrah of the season. I salute you Roscoe Parrish, underdog, darkhorse, temporary stopgap for owners across the nation in their bye week.

Interestingly enough, Parrish earned more points than his quarterback, Fitzpatrick, due to two interceptions thrown by the fading Bill.

With Buffalo facing a Detroit team who is about a breath away from imploding, in the wake of Stafford's new injury, I'm now debating. Do I give Fitzpatrick the start or do I go with Kyle Orton against Kansas City?

Feel free to give me your opinions. No seriously, I need them.

I might be kidding myself at this point, but at 3-6, I still have a chance. The teams in 4-6 place are 5-4 and two games ahead of me. I'm playing the worst team in the league next week, so with a little luck, I could end up one game back of a playoff spot if I win. Interestingly enough, my three wins have all come against the top teams in the league.

Honestly though, if I was a general manager of my fantasy team and not the owner, I'd fire myself right about now and hire someone else to run my team.

Anyway, interesting trade was pulled off in my league the other day. Adrian Peterson for Mike Williams of Tampa Bay and Peyton Hillis, the budding star running back of the Cleveland Browns. Hillis just ran all over the New England Patriots as a matter of fact.

It looks like a pretty even trade. The only thing that concerns me is it was made between the first place team and the last place team. The first place team is getting All Day Peterson...and that's just great. Our league's reaction at this moment is, I imagine the same as the rest of the NFL's reaction when New England originally acquired Randy Moss.

I've propsed a trade myself in an effort to regain a top point getter at quarterback. Kyle Orton and Roy Williams for Phillip Rivers. In all actuality, Williams lost all value when Romo went down for the year. He was averaging just over 10 points a game. In the two games since, he has three points. Dallas did just fire Wade Phillips but will that magically make Kitna a better quarterback? Not unless Jason Garrett is his fairy godfather. So he's a trade throw-in, or a bench warmer from here on out. I might play him against Detroit though if the trade doesn't go through. Two former Lions in Kitna and Williams playing the Lions? In Dallas? That's as sure a bet as there is in fantasy ball.



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