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We have a responsibility to vote

August 3, 2010
Daily Press

Today is Michigan's primary election. Voters will go to the polls to decide the outcome of some races or which candidates will go on to the general election in others.

How many voters will go to the polls today? Actually, not many. The Michigan Secretary of State's office is predicting a low voter turnout for today's election.

There is a variety of reasons. U.P. residents are in the middle of the fleeting summer months. Many people are just to busy enjoying the summer. Others are just plain turned off by politics. After a seeming endless barrage of political ads and bombast, they have had enough. Others lead a hectic life and feel they just don't have the time to vote in their busy schedules. Others just don't care.

The reasons for not exercising the right to vote are many. That's a shame.

We believe all citizens who can legally vote not only have the right to, but a responsibility.

Voting, making the voices of the citizens heard, is the foundation of our nation. Through that foundation, we have built a country where freedom is a cherished thing - a way of life. Our responsibility to vote insures this freedom by electing officials to represent us at all levels of government.

There are some important races out there today - the governorship, U.S. House, Michigan House and Senate, and a slew of local races and issues. Decisions made at the polls today will ultimately decide who will take office in January 2011.

Remember, the right to vote was given to us through the hardship and sacrifice of countless others - many who gave up their lives to ensure voting and our other freedoms live on.

For that reason alone, we all have the responsibility to vote today. The polls are open today from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. See you there.



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