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It’s time to clean up county parks

June 22, 2010
Daily Press

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. If that's the case, the photos of the facilities at Pioneer Trail Park on the front page of Friday's Daily Press had much to say.

The photos were taken by Delta County Administrator Nora Viau and showed dirty, rundown and broken bathroom facilities at the county park and campground. Accompanying the photos was a story about a tour of Pioneer Trail and Fuller Parks by members of the Delta County Board of Commissioners.

Without a doubt, the facilities at our county parks desperately need repair and a good cleaning. The question is - why were the facilities allowed to deteriorate to this point in the first place. In fact, when getting a first-hand look at the mess, County Commissioner Dave Schultz questioned where appropriations to the parks and park revenue are being spent. Schultz called the maintenance of the facilities "reprehensible."

We agree. Something has to be done. It should have been done before our parks deteriorated to the point they are at now.

Perhaps a review of how park money is spent is in order. If there is no money for routine maintenance, maybe some of the park funding should be rerouted to where it is needed.

Budget cuts are a way of life today, but perhaps more of an investment is needed in the county park system. If so, that funding would be best spent by making sure routine maintenance is a priority in the county park system. After all, ignoring routine maintenance is not a way to save money. It will only cost more to make repairs in the long run.

The problems facing the county park system need to be identified and solved. These parks and campgrounds are a reflection of Delta County. Right now, that reflection is nothing to be proud of.

Do we really want tourists and visitors to carry this impression of Delta County with them? Do you think they would make a return visit to Delta County? Would you?

The county park situation needs to turned around. Some soap and elbow grease is a good place to start.



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