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Government has too much control over our lives

June 16, 2010
Daily Press


Every since Obama was elected president, we have witnessed the result of unchecked liberalism in this country. Out of control government spending, increased regulations and the flat out take over of the private sector - the government now controls the auto industry, mortgage lending, student loans, healthcare and they are now eyeing the investment banking industry as well. There is nothing in your life that isn't controlled, regulated, licensed, taxed or otherwise must meet with federal government approval, all this in just the last two years.

Sitting back and supporting all of this was Bart Stupak (now facing "retirement") we have the choice and responsibility to fight back at government command and control of our lives. We need to fight back for our liberty and freedom that only comes as a result of limited government. We need to turn back the tide of tyranny that the liberals have unleashedwe need to vote for a solid conservative that will repeal the Healthcare monster, lower taxes and energize the American people to be the best they can be.

We need people like Dan Benishek for Congress. I do not make this endorsement lightly. I have read his positions and found them to be consistent with the conservative principles that promote freedom, economic growth, personal liberty and accountability. He is truly prolife, a supporter of constitutional rights, national security and respects the founders original intention that limited government promotes freedom both economically and personally.

We know what liberal policies have resulted in- chronically high unemployment, increased taxation and massive government control. Too many people have fought and died to preserve our liberties to just let a bunch of politicians steal away from us with a stroke of the pen.

Lets support conservatives that support freedom and I support like Dan Benishek for Congress.

Susanne Christensen

Posen, Mich.



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