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Celebrate, but be responsible

March 16, 2010
Daily Press

Tomorrow is St. Patrick's Day. It is traditionally a time when everyone is "Irish." It's a time to enjoy and celebrate, often with alcohol. When you celebrate, though, make sure to use common sense.

On St. Patrick's Day or any other day, drinking and driving is bad news. Certain holidays have the consumption of alcohol as one of their main themes, and St. Patrick's Day is one of them. If you are out celebrating Wednesday, please do the smart thing.

If you have had too much to drink - don't get behind the wheel. The risk and costs are just too great. At the very least, you could be arrested for drunken driving. You will be fingerprinted, and get a chance to see what accommodations the Delta County Correctional Facility has to offer. Later on, once your case has gone though court, you could face fines and costs amounting to hundreds and hundreds of dollars, be placed on probation, and possibly spend even more time in jail.

Don't plan to drive for awhile. And don't expect your auto insurance rate to come down anytime soon.

A far worse scenario is the possibility of causing an accident where either you or someone else is injured or killed. A human life is not worth one night of excess and the decision to get behind the wheel drunk.

Of course, everyone thinks this will never happen to them. Sadly, it does happen. It happens all too often.

So if you're out celebrating Wednesday - or any other day - and have had too much to drink, please give your car keys to someone else. Get a designated drive. Take a cab. Walk. Do anything, but don't get behind the wheel.



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