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Nothing wrong with a little open debate

January 13, 2010
Daily Press

Finally, a good piece of legislation is being considered by some in Lansing involving the state budget. We applaud State Rep. Judy Nerat for her support on this bill.

The bill calls for state budget meetings to be open to the public. This only makes sense since most of the taxes and fees in the budget are paid by the citizens. Why not allow them see who is behind all the maneuvering into their wallets?

It tends to follow suit that actions and meetings conducted in public, tend to be a little more thought out than the arm-twisting that goes on behind closed doors. It also makes people more accountable for their actions and votes.

Far too often, we run behind closed doors to conduct our governmental business and it often is the citizenry that is left holding the bill and no one to hold accountable. Don't believe us, look at the situation taking place in Washington, D.C. right now.

We have a party who wants to do conference legislation behind closed doors on one of the more important pieces of legislation that has come before Congress in quite some time; however, not all Americans are in favor of this bill and don't want it right now.

Instead of meeting in public, they want to pass legislation behind closed doors in private so no one can be held accountable. This is not what is supposed to happen in a democracy.

The same has been done with the state's budget and we have had to halt government more than once. There is no reason for the antics that go on and this is a way to put that into check.

We support Nerat and those who support this bill and we continue to hope that it will make its way through the Legislature. Maybe then we can get a bill that can be successful when coming to the state's finances.



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