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Carp plus mussels equal no fish

January 8, 2010
Daily Press

President Barack Obama is showing his true colors when it comes to protecting Michigan and other Great Lake states. In a recent move, he opposed a lawsuit filed by several states in an attempt to keep the Asian carp from entering the waters.

Obama has touted how he is for providing for jobs and helping states get through difficult economic times. But the one time that requires no stimulus money from the government, the President is willing to put plenty of people out of work and hurt states even more by wrecking a fishing and tourisim industry.

The battles stems over Michigan and other states trying to close the shipping locks near Chicago to prevent the Asian carp from invading the Great Lakes.

If this ivnasion were to happen, it could endanger a $7 billion fishing industry because of the disruption the carp would create in the food chain. We cannot allow this happen.

Just look at Delta County and the money it had received last year and can gain this year by having several national fishing tounaments come in to the area. We cannot afford hits like this. Neither can surrounding states that rely on tourism as a major boost to their economy.

The problem has been ongoing as the Asian carp have been migrating up the Mississippi and Illinois rivers for decades. Now the problem is at our front door and there are no answers.

Instead of dealing with the matter in its infancy, we now are having to do court battles. Finding a solution to this matter isn't going to happen overnight either.

We understand the other side of the issue that closing the locks may disrupt cargo, but there has to be a better way than the proverbial opening of the gates and letting the water in.

Instead of the Obama administration opposing this move, it should be helping to find a solution. If no solution is found and the gates are allowed to remain open, there may be nothing left to the Great Lakes but Asian carp and zebra mussels. That does not sound like a good time for the fishermen or states relying on these sportsmen for a tourism industry.



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