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Time to stop the bickering

December 18, 2009
Daily Press

You want to know why nothing is getting done in Michigan, just look at your state leaders and the answer becomes perfectly clear.

The latest example has come at the hands of gaining an extra $400 million in federal funding for schools. Childlike activities by both parties may ruin that chance just as it has in fixing the problems of the state.

Both sides accused the other of walking away from negotiations in passing school reforms necessary to gain the money from the Obama administration.

It got so bad this week that during a press conference, House Speaker Andy Dillion (D) took out his cell phone and called a Republican negotiator. Why must politicians act like children? The sad part of this is we the voters allow this to continue.

What gets worse is then the name calling begins with Dillion blaming Republicans for walking away and Republican Senate Majority Leader Mike Bishop stated the Dems are not doing any real talking or negotiating.

If businesses chose to operate that way, nothing would get done in this country. Even unions and management realize there are times when real negotiating is necessary. Some times it is painful for both sides, but is needed. Why can't our state leaders realize the same thing?

During the good times, the state was moving forward; however that has changed. Because of these antics, the state has practically gone from a current stall to going backward. We cannot continue this fighting across the aisle and hope to move the state forward again.

If the bickering costs education money, then action should be taken against those who caused it. The only way to make a point known with an elected official is at the ballot box. Maybe it is time the voters wake up in this state and put an end to this nonsense.

Instead of our leaders fighting with each other and acting like two-year-olds, maybe they should band together and start helping our school children. Does that make too much sense?



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