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Something is better than nothing

December 10, 2009
Daily Press

The Traffic Safety Advisory Committee for Escanaba took action earlier this week to halt the study of looking into banning cell phone use while driving.

We hate to see work stop on this idea, but it does make sense when the state of Michigan also is looking into the matter.

On Tuesday the Michigan House voted to prohibit the use of cell phones to send text messages while driving. The Senate also is looking into a similar measure.

The state's version though would require you to be pulled over for some other offense before you could be cited for texting while driving.

We are not so sure this is a good idea, but any ban on this may be hard to enforce unless the police can see the texting take place.

Those who have been texting for some time more than likely could text with the phone out of view of police. This still does not mean it is any less dangerous.

Studies continue to show those who text and drive at the same time are a risk factor because their reaction times are that much slower. Instead of paying attention to the road, they are concentrating on what message they are sending or receiving.

Another concern is those that are most likely to be doing this type of activity are the younger drivers who do not have much drive time behind the wheel.

Teens and those who have not been driving long need to pay more attention to the road and be aware of what is around them, and not what is on the telephone. It only makes it safer for all on the road.

We hope the state will make changes to their law, but are not holding our collective breath. But in this case, something probably is better than nothing.



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