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Teacher pensions need a revamp in today’s world

May 13, 2014

It’s time to remove the teacher pension albatross from around the necks of Michigan school district....

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May-17-14 9:15 AM


whose god?

your's, mine, republican gods of money and riches, baptist, protestant, or the myriads of gods man has come to believe will offer them every-lasting life and comfort

One has to wonder about republicans,

where will their god, entitle them to enter the magic portal of ever lasting wealth ?

Man can conceptualize almost anything, and then have the ability to think that their way is the ONLY path to true salvations?

Come to think of it, Republicans are a religion onto themselves

with lucre their only god.

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May-16-14 10:24 PM

ww. By the sounds of it you probably don't even believe in God! That's your problem. I'm proud of my faith and think teaching is more like pasturing the sheep and should not be manned or womaned by greedy part time workers who get huge saleries. Your probably a retired teacher who just punched in, compalined like most of them do and get rich while not doing a good job

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May-16-14 9:06 PM


send your spawn - it's your right.

they'll get a good look at the world thru catholic dogma filtered eyes . . .

all by teachers willing to teach the faith at half the cost it take's to live in the world...

BTW, does the church pay into social security yet - probably, because they were forced into it ?

BTW #2, does the catholic church provide healthcare in lieu of a decent wages ?

BTW #3, does the catholic church provide a pension or retirement

- in lieu of a living wage ?

just thought you'd know or care about your catholic schools' teachers ?

Maybe catholic teachers know the worth of their teach @ half or 1/3 the price !

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May-16-14 12:03 AM

Look at the salaries of ESKY teachers on the school website (transparancy) $76,000 plus $22,000 insurance and then throw in thousands in pension. I rest my case. Also, why do so many teachers in Escanaba send there kids to the Cathlic schools and Gladstone? They must know something we don't. Like a better education perhaps!

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May-15-14 2:24 PM


Perhaps, you have the ability to manage a 401k,

Perhaps, you have the ability to imagine a wider view,

Perhaps, as I and others have been posting for years . . .

Believe this country and the middle and poor,

can and should insist that everyone is entitled to pay for the support of society

according to their ability to pay

How is it that a nation consisting mainly of middle class and poor people . . .

have to be forced to bankroll and bailout the largest

and richest

people and


When these same greedy people lie, cheat, steal and scheme their way

to the proverbial

top of the heap

the fewer than


of the top


in this country!

It's an abomination,

that the majority of our citizens

don't have the mentality to object

with the rich and their insistence of THEIR STATUS QUO!

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May-15-14 12:50 PM

Whizzy - This society can do better than that. You would probably say - the reality is, it won't - and I would probably agree with that - but we're better than this. It is awfully shameful to be an American in 2014. Nearly all of society is about ME and I - pensions don't get funded well under such ideology and 401ks or anything else won't do any better. Our retirement problem will likely get fixed at about the time our 'values' problem gets fixed - if it does at all - or the country collapses.

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May-15-14 11:56 AM

Reality is, government isn't able to make good on its promise.

Reality is, educated, competent people will avoid working for government . . .

Reality is, citizens will get what they don't pay for,

societies' dregs, nare-to-wells, and incompetents,

just like our politicians and our congress,

the rich, corporations, businesses and republicans sent their money and our jobs overseas, cut our wages, and thus revenues to support government was traded

for cheap goods made by foreigners overseas

- people voted to support a program, an idea, that was bogus

-people with low intelligence voted with their dollars and voted with brainwashed ideas of the rich and their political party

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May-15-14 11:46 AM

The 401k retirement ideas were developed and originally conceived for the rich CEO's of Eastman Kodak, and Xerox. . .

It was later adapted to the lower echelons of society ....

In another world, another universe, these ideas worked for those who had the money, time and expertise to manage these plans on a bi-monthly basis...

Understand, the latest figures seem to support that the majority of people, the lower, average person, has neither

the time

the money

or the expertise to manage such a complex plan...

And by and large,

most people have LOST MONEY and there is on average not enough money earned from this plan

to support them more than a year!


If you have, the time, the money, and the expertise,

some people might die before they use up their 401k,

most however, won't have earned enough money to last the 20 -35 years they will live after they retire - age 55 or 65 . . .

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May-15-14 11:34 AM

Not disputing that Whizzy - problem is, what reality are we going to deal with?? If I have no faith in my government to give me what is promised, what do I do? The only thing I can think of is to do my own program. I am educated and would do fine. What worries me, is most people do not have the knowledge or discipline to manage their own retirement. This is a very serious social problem. Can't say I know all the answers.

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May-15-14 11:14 AM


Everyone should remember the






across the nation,

THE ONLY REASON healthcare and pensions

were proposed to public employees,

was that the STATES,



a decent wage


held and DANGLED

this carrot in front of public workers' noses

to entice them to stay on as public employees,

and not desert to the private sector where wages and benefits were far and above the public sector!

Remember, it was the rich, the republicans and their corporations who moved

their assets and

our jobs overseas!



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May-15-14 10:49 AM

Estacey - New State worker are already on a 401k Plan when they join. That change happened in 1997 with Governor Engler. I agree, give the pension to the ones who started with it - it's not fair to change the rules of the game in the middle of the game (or after the game like in Detroit). But, truthfully - yes - there needs to be a different way to go about funding retirement. One that is more secure for the person that pays in and one that gets the government out of the business. It's sad that people have ruined this throughout the years by poor planning and budgeting, but it is a reality. We need much more education for people to save for retirement and more incentives for them to do it, while protecting them more at the same time. Nothing is guaranteed, but what is really scary is for a person to work their whole career, be promised a pension and then to make the sacrifice and do the work, only to make it to the finish line and have a politician say - "Sorry - we're broke.&quo

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May-14-14 10:52 AM

Babysit our kids? Are you kidding me? The way kids are raised these days by some of the lazy, entitled parents, I am amazed teachers even continue to teach. Shame on you for even saying such a thing. That is the problem - THEY DO END UP BABYSITTING these brats who have no consequences for their actions. Teachers have to spend their own money on supplies, and put in their extra time and energy so these kids can get an education. Shut your mouth.

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May-13-14 5:35 PM

Talk about promoting


Would any intelligent person fall for this piece of republic excrement ?

The answer is spade,



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May-13-14 5:31 PM


- when was the last time you checked on the credentials of the catholic school teachers ?

- catholic schools are


teaching that coincides with their religious dogma,

over credible teaching that may lie outside of their idealized religious dogmas!


Vote with you money,

send your children and grand children

- to catholic schools

- where teachers with excellent faith-based catholic dogma

- are preferred and hired over

- better secular teachers!

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May-13-14 5:25 PM

I once asked a lifer if we paid you better would you fighter harder and better,

or just hang around to collect your



of course they never fight,

they just push young people in front of them

to do the real dirty work!

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May-13-14 5:22 PM


if taxpayers paid you more, would in fight better,

or just stay in the military longer to garner a life pension?

Too, bad we couldn't renege on paying your pension!

I'd be the first to vote for marginalizing your 'ENTITLEMENT MENTALITY"

I've been in the service with "lifer's" and they aren't worth the pensions we give them for free!

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May-13-14 5:19 PM

jessie & excstacy

you don't have the cognitive resonance to manage a fa.rt under your sheets, let alone manage a 401K plan, of which you so want other less intelligent people to accomplish!


I hate to repeat:

you don't know jack about teaching and you even know less about cra.p.

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May-13-14 5:15 PM


What the he.ll are you on?

"Many State workers these days should see the writing on the wall and begin planning for their own future and not rely on 'a promise' that cannot be kept"

Surely, you must feel the same way about your federal "dole-pension"?

One more time:

you don't know " from shinola"

about state pensions plans,

nor do you even exhibit a modicum of intelligence regarding the reason they were enacted in the first place.

Clearly, you don't know jack about cr.ap.

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May-13-14 3:46 PM

I worked in the private secter and have no pension.....It's horrible that my tax dollars should go to pension benefits for teachers who do little more then babysit our kids. According to Fox news our kids are at the bottom of the pack in science and math. Our public teachers are over paid for the amount of work they do. If they really cared about the kids they wouldn't be complaining about $$$$. They would do it for service to our Great county. Better teachers in our Catholic schools do it for alot less money and there kids beat the pants off Esky public school students in every area!

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May-13-14 2:04 PM

Another program along the 401k line would have the State register a sum that reflects the worker having signed up for a 401k program years ago. On an effective date, the State would then only MATCH funds in a program.. Remember though, that in all the "Collective Arguing" over pay and benefits.. "It's ALL only about the Students and their quality of Education".

I once asked a teacher, "If they paid you more, would you teach better?"

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May-13-14 1:57 PM

Thank you for allowing comment on this issue. It's true that ALL State funded pension plans need a revamp. Many State workers these days should see the writing on the wall and begin planning for their own future and not rely on 'a promise' that cannot be kept. I know there to be offers of 401k like programs out there for teachers and I know that many are rejecting that plan.. their reasons are their own, but they are being cheer-lead by Unions, who, took a hit when the State went "Right to Work". Grandfather in those who have Pensions - Begin with a 401k like program for those recently hired.

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May-13-14 12:13 PM

Another typical Republican debauchery!

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