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Esky wants water, wastewater hikes

April 1, 2014

ESCANABA — Water and wastewater rate hikes are being proposed in the 2014-15 fiscal year budget for Escanaba which continues to experience decreased state funding and increased personnel costs....

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Apr-09-14 8:42 AM

I suppose we'll see a hike in costs - Surely this City needs more money after such a horrible winter. And I'm not so opposed to a raise in water if that's what it takes to get enough money to 'unclog' the drains, repair the pipes, etc.. etc.. But if those extra funds are diverted to the roads or to a painting projects for the DDA - I'll have to object.

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Apr-09-14 4:06 AM

One of the points that is missing, along with it’s tidy cash nest egg.

Are those tidy little balance sheet revenues over expenses, that was the best ‘saving’s plan’ the city ever had,

a properly managed, properly maintained, properly improved power plant.

Like run-down city streets, weeds infesting city parks, the power plant lays fallow, and soon will be just as run-down as are the city streets, and weed infested as city parks.

The remaining question, like the streets and parks, is the city council in the same condition, or worse.

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Apr-08-14 10:52 AM

Blazer422 I guess you really do not want to live better like you said !! I feel sorry for people like you, you want to live better but just can not seem to reach the next level because of a dead end job!! Just quit the tea party and get a union job!!

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Apr-08-14 7:15 AM

Yooper your like a horse with blinders on listening to a broken record. Common sense is not a virtue with liberals.

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Apr-07-14 5:50 PM

Blazer422 no you do not join a union, but I bet you joined a tea party,and you know what, tea parties are for little girls!! You did mention that you wanted to live better, so it sounds like your so called skills are not worth so much after all!! Like I said before if you want to live better,get yourself a better job!!!

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Apr-07-14 6:19 AM

yooper,First of all common sense tells you that when the uPublic employees unions push through a raise who do you think pays for it? Santa Claus? so Yes taxes are increased on property fo pay for union labor. Secondly, I do not need a union to look out for me. I am not your average unskilled over paid union worker, nor do I believe that a person should make more money just by joining a union, people should be paid what there services are worth in a free market. I have something called skills which makes me valuable. That's the difference between guy like you that think they are owed something and guys like me.

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Apr-05-14 9:57 AM

Hey blazer boy the lack of intelligence came right out of your big mouth!! To blame the union workers for your taxes going up is just plain stupid!! You say you want the city to "privatize these services so us non union members can live better". Well if you want to live better maybe you should find a better job, perhaps one with a union!!!

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Apr-05-14 1:04 AM

Well arealyooper since I do own property in "that town" I have a right to voice my opinion on what my money pays for. From the obvious lack of intelligence in your comment I also am glad you do not live in "that town". However since you seem to feel the unions are not the issue maybe you would support a raise in your taxes instead.

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Apr-03-14 11:16 AM

Hey Blazer422 you must be a tea***** member there is a special place for people like you. It is a big building with men in white jackets with big nets!! The blame should go right to Jimmy O"toole this guy is an idiot, and so are the citizens of Escanaba who put up with the way he runs the city into the ground! Just take a look at the mental midgets the people keep putting on their city council!! I am so glad I do not live in that town!! I own my own artesian well and my rates never go up, and the water is fit to drink!!!

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Apr-02-14 3:27 AM

Key words "increased health and pension costs" thanks Unions....why cant the city privatize these services so us non union members can live better.

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Apr-01-14 2:16 PM

What do they want our blood also.What about the streets 14th and others first time I seen snow plows go down side streets in Chicago you never see that and there in great condition I think its time to sell the house and move when the weather permites.

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Apr-01-14 10:08 AM

What's up with the overuse of the vernacular "hike" in this article? Too many letters in the word "increase" or not enough drama?

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