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Gladstone tables RV parking ordinance

March 25, 2014

GLADSTONE — After much discussion, the Gladstone City Commission decided to once again table a proposed ordinance on parking recreational vehicles in the city....

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Mar-25-14 10:01 PM

You republicans need something to do, like figure out a way to steal yet more money from the middle class and poor.

Buy a few more candidates, judges, fire regulators and lobby for more laws that benefit your afterlife and your kid’s inheritance.

You republicans have a choice. Watch TV and listen to how well your buddies are cheating people, that way you can keep score to see if you’re keeping on task.

Talk about real FaceBook and FaceTime - those times when your bowls have to face the best part of any republicans.

Bet yet, if you had half a brain, you’d spend more time telling your wife what to do, and leave real thinking to us.

Not Smarter than snot, find something to tell your significant other about, get her interest in something important to you like picking a pickel or picking a pimple!

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Mar-25-14 9:21 PM

I wish there was a block option on here like facebook, then many of us wouldn't have to read the dribble of cheese, frog, and whizzy.

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Mar-25-14 6:00 PM

For Chissake can't you ever contain your senseless blather to just one post and not waste my time FrogCheeseWhiz?

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Mar-25-14 4:05 PM

Could not city commission members find a better use for tax dollars than to provide storage for a few RV owners and their toys,

for OUR already


Commissioners should look to spend our tax dollars, that benefit everyone, not a few with toys.

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Mar-25-14 4:04 PM

Why ?

Why should taxpayers buy or build a storage/parking facility

to store vehicles for their owners, when these owners obviously have demonstrated they have the money, resources and talents to buy these toys?

How about if we open a park, with lake frontage, and reserve it for there toys as well.

Give them water, sewers, lights, concrete pads, barbeque grills, a place to squat in the park

Give them dock space for parking their yachts.

Dredge the harbor for their convenience too.

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Mar-25-14 4:03 PM

Now we/they want taxpayers to buy them parking and storage facilities?

What a novel thought.

Give scarece city dollars and city resources that could benefit everyone,

for the benefit of a few who have the money to buy or rent their own compound.

Now, if every city resident had an RV, Yacht, boat, motorcycle, ATV, UTV watercraft, to store then, given that the city has too much money laying around, go for it.

Spend, Spend Spend - but for everyone, but for a select few who can afford these toys.

Doesn’t every Gladstone resident have something they would like the city to store for them ?

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Mar-25-14 4:02 PM

The commission has all the facts, the laws have been written, not enforced, not even for the Public Good,..

and now, we’ll all be made part of the party and buy these people places to store their toys as well. . .?

Well, these people are constantly shouting about the


it’s only “FREE” for those who have the money to shame those who don’t,

into paying for the storage of their toy’s for those boy’s.

How about those who utilize the “Free Enterprise System” to the hilt, find their own enterprise to store their own stuff?

Maybe, a couple of RV owners, and yacht owners could buy some land and start their own “free enterprise” storage for junk.

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Mar-25-14 3:59 PM

Why should taxpayers empty their wallets for these guy’s

- but ONLY IF these guy’s let taxpayers use them as a way of getting some return on our tax dollars!

Since commissioners don’t have the back-bone to say NO,

- the law should be made and enforced for that is for the protection of everyone . . .

NOW, commissioners should broach this to whiners:

“The city of Gladstone,

- through taxpayers support and funding, will furnish a site to store your stuff,

- if you agree to let city residents use your “stuff” too”

Many residents would like to empty their storage sheds, save money, and rely on taxpayers to store their stuff too!

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Mar-25-14 3:54 PM

btw, the city of Escanaba is looking for ways to re-purpose downtown Escanaba.

City commission members should contact the Escanaba DDA about making an arrangement for these toys to be stored on the many under-utilized, city-owned parking lots and city streets.

The funds received from storage fees, could be used to off-set cost for the

“New and Improved, and Hardly Used, Farmers Pavilion !

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Mar-25-14 2:12 PM

Make a decision already!

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