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Man pleads guilty to accosting minors

March 1, 2014

ESCANABA — A 21-year-old Escanaba man pleaded guilty to accosting two minors and assaulting another minor with intent to commit sexual penetration during his plea hearing in Delta County Circuit......

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Mar-07-14 8:48 AM

he or she - yes.

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Mar-07-14 8:48 AM


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Mar-06-14 11:12 PM

She... is?

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Mar-06-14 10:25 AM

Cheezy and Whizzy posting all that nonsense on an article about a pedophile pleading guilty. Ridiculous, is it not? And then voting for each other because they're the same person with two IP addresses. What a narcissistic boor, whoever he is.

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Mar-06-14 8:18 AM

Bravesrock - I agree! Perhaps it is the way the sentences and rants are written, no other than a character like the "LORAX" could spout it out just right - (assuming someone with an imagination would understand) but it had to be picked to death, and I had to be reminded on who the Lorax was and what he stood for. I'm sure that Cheesewhiz is the same person.

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Mar-06-14 12:19 AM

Givemeabreak -- That's not a nice thing to say about the Lorax. He deserves better than to be compared to Cheesy and Whiz.

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Mar-05-14 12:30 PM


I respect your concern for whizzy,

and I’m sure,

in time he’ll come to recognize that you have unceremoniously bestowed a compliment that best befit's and exemplifies his underpinnings.

Those being, the rich, their two-party system, and most readily observable and recognized

by the actions or inactions of their businesses and corporations.

The “Lorax” as you undoubtedly know, because you are of the age and mentality that know of Doctor Zeuss well,

The “Lorax”.

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Mar-05-14 12:28 PM

The Lorax is a children's book written by Dr. Seuss and first published in 1971.

It chronicles the plight of the environment and the Lorax,

who speaks for the trees against the greedy . . .

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Mar-05-14 12:27 PM

The book is commonly written and recognized as a fable,

but in reality

is the true-to-life version concerning the danger corporate greed poses to nature, by their owners, the rich …

using the literary element of personification to give life to industry as the


(whose face is never shown in any of the story's illustrations,)

but is illustrated by ever-reaching arms and money grubbing hands


the environment as portrayed by “The Lorax.”

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Mar-05-14 12:24 PM

True to Dr. Zeuss’s writings…

The “Supreme” court

of the republican’s, the rich and their corporation’s

finally succumbed and gave “LIFE” to corporations

with the infamous Citizens United verdict,

siding with the rich, the republicans, and giving corporations life-like-human

rights here-to-fore unknown,

for lifeless, paper entities.

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Mar-04-14 8:40 AM

How about this - "We're all NUTS!" And you are the live version of the Lorax.

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Mar-03-14 3:34 PM


Be careful,

The first step about your perceived capacity

regarding incisive lucidity, clarity and clairvoyance,

corresponds closely with your self-indulgent belief that everyone is ‘nut’s”… but you.

and that you’re ok;

despite your equivocation,

much to the contrary,

the world is NOT unraveling around you. . . .

Nit’s that dwell on divining other nit’s,

soon become nit·wit·pricker’s themselves.

Professionals in the field would advise you to check you own rod first

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Mar-03-14 10:33 AM

You're all nuts.

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Mar-03-14 8:08 AM


You shouldn’t concern yourself about chessie’s rant.

He writes in code, to elucidate the un-e·lu·ci·da·te·able, and un·rav·el the un·rav·el·ab·le for dolts.

He’s dolt centric and even diatom centric if the need arises …

Which class do you ascribe affinity ?

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Mar-01-14 5:31 PM

Good grief, this is unreadable. What is your point? Who are you arguing with, yourself?

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Mar-01-14 12:25 PM

suppress his brain at the cellular level …

and then there would be NO NEED:

For “ court records to be suppressed at the district court level.”

- or tether him to his family, and let the family lodge him at their expense,

just for the experience of finally providing him with family approved choices?

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Mar-01-14 12:24 PM

Here’s one person’s,

“booby thornton‘s“

“take” on OUR JAIL and what

HE MIGHT DO TO US (society?)


we’re providing him incarceration accommodations

that don’t measure up to his expectations:

“so your giving the inmates a point of retaliation,

no rec

no books

charging out ragious prices on commissary…”

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Mar-01-14 12:23 PM

It get’s better !

It (he) goes on to say:

- “What about after "a" person gets release from jail/prison.

- The state nor delta county help us on jobs offering for anyone with a felony, this is discrimination on delta countys part.

- I have applied everywhere waste my time and gas trying

- how am I gonna pay the courts on my bills when ppl wont hire,

- then you throw me in jail to make more of a bill cause I dont work

- what about the $20 a day the jail charges each inmate...

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Mar-01-14 12:22 PM








bobby thorton

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Mar-01-14 12:21 PM

As it is now,

he and his attorneys and the state,

will start with THEIR DEMANDS FOR US,

by saying HEE

need’s all sorts of thing’s from us,

flat screen TV's,

a COOK that cooks to his satisfaction,

medical care

room's with a view for everyone,

a play room,

an exercise room,

a lounge for him and his families liking where he can be with family and guests,

- perhaps someone to bring him snack cakes and beverages,

a cold brew or two,

maybe a few of these at coffee break time:

Café au lait, Café Bombón, Caffè crema, Cappuccino, Espressino, Greek frappé Caffè, Latte macchiato…

someone to watch over him to make sure he’s happy and content,

modern, up to date digs,

air conditioned of course,

three squares a day, cooked to his liking...

Shame, shame on the taxpayers of delta county!

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Mar-01-14 12:17 PM

Of course, our alternative could be, to buy the C. Reiss Coal Dock and turn it over to the local republican party.

Republicans are always looking for ways to PRIVATIZE societies infrastructure ...

for their own need for Greed and profit,

especially if it’s attached to other peoples’ lake access.

We could build a perfect JaiL for these people,





all rooms with a view,

People, we need to think out of the box on this chance!

Just think of the possibilities…

- chamber of non-commerce …

would be overwhelmed with requests for information on how to

- get a reservation and into the

- Delta County Republican Spa for Correction, Rest and Rehabilitation.

Delta County could allow its chamber of non-commerce to boost:

We’re a Destination Spot and Spa for the Nation.

Shame on Us?


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