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Jail tour highlights need for new facility in Delta County

February 27, 2014

ESCANABA — Local government officials and community leaders took part in a tour of the Delta County Jail Wednesday to see firsthand the needs for a new jail facility....

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Mar-06-14 10:01 AM

Bobbythorton - quit being a bum, and mabye you'll understand what the rest are talking about! Jail isn't a place to sit and get your "free" meals and have games and leisure activites provided for you. Addicts do need better support - but also, after that "support" they should also recognize their lifestyle and quit hanging with the other enablers and bums that provide and support thier habit! Everyone has a brain, it should be utilized once in awhile...and quit with the excuses and succumbing to their weakness. Taxpayers are sick of it.

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Mar-05-14 11:04 AM


Why would you say something so funny,

more aptly, so ludicrous?

“So many good ideas.

You all should run for elected office and change the world. “

Too Funny !

Too Rediculous!

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Mar-05-14 11:03 AM


you MUST know,

that people who merely

’run for elected office”

never have a chance to do good for the benefit of the majority…

Only, will those who are financed by

the rich,

the republicans and their corporations,

have a chance to change things…

But, those “changes” will not, ever, change things to benefit the majority…

Those changes,

enabled by the finance of mere political hacks to get elected,

change everything for everyone,

but their changes only positively affect the rich,

the republicans and their corporations…

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Mar-05-14 11:01 AM

The majority,

only get the chance or responsibility,

to pay for the changes made for the rich, republicans and their corporations, which

our children inherit the responsibility to pay for those changes into the foreseeable future,

for the rich, the republicans, and their corporations.

It is “funny’,


but rather,

really tragic, how some people think.

It’s funny that they would even think or envisage that running for office would or could involve “change” for the majority ...

but since the 1970’s when the rich, the corporations took advice from

Lewis Powell’s

corporate manifesto that woke up corporate America’s CEO’s,

to firmly resist

any taint of consumerism and consumer protections

that dribbled down with

positive outcomes, that positively affected the lives of the majority and

everyone’s lives.

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Mar-05-14 10:57 AM

Lewis Powell,

was named Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States by Richard Nixon.

justice Powell was known for drafting the

Powell Memorandum,

a confidential memorandum, manifesto, for the

US Chamber of Commerce

that described

a call to action,

a road map,

to defend and further their concept of


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Mar-05-14 10:55 AM


Free-Enterprise Capitalism,


real and/or perceived intrusions, and further

control from consumer activism groups,

such as

- Ralph Nader,

- Organized Labor,

- EPA,

- OSHA, the

- National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the

- Mining Enforcement and Safety Administration, and

the Nixon advanced

- Retirement Income Security Act, expansion of the

- Federal Trade Commission,

that sought to control criminal wrong doing by the rich and their corporations with regard to

Pension Abuses …

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Mar-03-14 1:10 PM

Judging from the number that disagree with tethering their miscreant family members together, isn't going to fly with the miscreant's family.

Kind of illustrates their prior and present lack of concern with parentally poor planning...


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Mar-03-14 1:06 PM


Go to the head

of the class, the list,

you're nominated . . .

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Mar-01-14 5:34 PM

So many good ideas. You all should run for elected office and change the world.

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Feb-28-14 6:24 PM

This is ridiculous. I don't care how many excuses inmates and cops who work at the jail make, this is insulting. There is WAY too much need for tax money elsewhere. Lets spend some money on road repair and schools.

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Feb-28-14 6:22 PM

Oh, forgot one thing SAFETY! Perhaps add a couple more officers and cut the salary for the big guys to pay for it, no one seems to care what the manager, prosecutor & assistants and all those who manage make, time to give back to those that really need it, as I last checked the sheriffs deputies are well under any law enforcement salaries in the UP

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Feb-28-14 6:14 PM

I have a better idea, buy them a one way ticket to another state, let them worry about it, obviously our idea of punishment here is not working. Put the minor infractions ie; child support, disorderly conduct, etc, misdemeanors serve time w/ the people that created this problem. I am sure they will find a way

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Feb-28-14 10:25 AM

I guess what you many of you are missing is the safety of the jail workers. The place is outdated and is and has been in dire needs of upgrades. Yes, it is something that could have been saved for and work up to, but not the case. It has had band aids put on it for years and now it is a total hole. Not just for the inmates, but the safety of our jail workers. Until you walk in ones shoes...

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Feb-28-14 8:59 AM

Treat them like down south chain gang out in public.

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Feb-28-14 7:26 AM


Want a this town JOKE?

Cut the bul.l-crap talk, about


You had the same choice the rest of us had.

You chose wrong, and now you pay.

What the he.ll, why should taxpayers worry about who cooks your gd food!


A few years on the family chain gang grubbing in the public workplace doing community and state work would probably your first real job!

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Feb-28-14 7:24 AM

Taxpayers are tired of paying!

What you NEED - needed to change your choice,

was a sharp crack in the head and everytime you stepped over the line.

Pay-up and cut the cra.p whining!

Do the time chained to your family, let them pay, let them take care of you! Like whizzy sez!

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Feb-28-14 3:28 AM

Every person that gets booked in also has to pay a $13 booking fee, noone drops books or games off anymore because of the drug addicts gotta try to get stuff snuck into jail, so your giving the inmates a point of retaliation, no rec no books charging out ragious prices on commissary, the jail charges for tylenal when the bottle itself says not for individual sale, 50cents for 2 Tylenol. 50cents a razor to shave. Bic 2m blade. Keeping ppl locked in a small room with 2 ppl over in a 6 person cell that's over crowded

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Feb-28-14 3:21 AM

If yous gave the inmates some rec time, some better cooked food like when mo an cindy ran the kitchen you'd minus some violence within the problems in jail,

You'll never fix the drug smugglers, nor addicts. The rehabs anywhere in Michigan like the one in Marquette are all a joke. Druggies go to rehab and get out with better connections, and ppl are right. Stop throwing ppl in jail that are minimal offenders.

This town is full of bullcrap anyway and why does someone get punched in the mouth. Well that is because some ppl are tired of others that talk crap.

What about after "a" person gets release from jail/prison. The state nor delta county help us on jobs offering for anyone with a felony, this is discrimination on delta countys part. I have applied everywhere waste my time and gas trying how am I gonna pay the courts on my bills when ppl wont hire, then you throw me in jail to make more of a bill cause I dont work what about the $20 a day the jail charges each inmate

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Feb-27-14 10:40 PM

The solution is simple.

Stop taking money from taxpayers.

Once this "homebrew" remedy takes effect...

the rate of recidivism

should take a drastic turn downwards..

Send the offenders home to live their sentence with their

- family,

- mother,

- father,

- sister, brother,

- aunt, uncle,

- grandmother and grandfather. . .

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Feb-27-14 10:37 PM

Let offenders be remanded to spend their days and nights

with the people who spawned them,

force the family to return to the county where the deed was accomplished, and

to provide all the care necessary.

Tether them all together, and

the offender will



- 24 HOUR’S a DAY,



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Feb-27-14 10:36 PM

The family,

will be made to provide,

- shelter,

- food,

- clothing and

- medical care

for the miscreant they helped to foster, or

where they have disregarded their parental and familial duties

to insure that the miscreant would grow to be an

- educationally,

- socially, and a

- financially

productive and responsible


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Feb-27-14 10:34 PM

His/Her Family


spend quality time together, and show their relative

the proper way to conduct their personal affairs and personal life.

Taxpayers would no longer have to work and pay for poor choices, and poor behavior.

Other people,

taxpayers, should not be forced to pay for incarceration,

it should be the miscreant’s family’s misfortune!

Not Ours!

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Feb-27-14 7:29 PM

Instead of sentencing criminals to long term stays in jail, send them to prison. Jails should be for those who aren't going to sit in there for a year. And then convert some of those plain old cells to padded cells for the druggies. And let them work off the costs. Why should going to jail be a free ride for all the losers, and we get stuck with the tab? There's a real nice prison 60 miles away. They'd like living on Lake Superior's shore, don't you think? A nice change of pace for them.

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Feb-27-14 3:50 PM

I think we are forgeting one small thing....this is jail.... so called because it is punishment????? why do they deserve nice accommodations??? If there are mental problems send them an appropriate facility. By the way I understand the state already contributes to the care of prisoners, why hasn't a long term fund been set up to deal w/ future expansion????? sounds to me like poor budgeting by our county comtroller. Perhaps we need to first clean up our county manager first then deal with it as we sure seem to take it out on county employees rather these law breakers. Do it Arizona style put them to work! I think a mileage is absurd! There are better things to spend money on, like our lousy county roads

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Feb-27-14 3:16 PM

Why does the jail need to be nice? Aren't they in there as a punishment? Why make it nice?

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