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GOP official to face charges in higher court

February 22, 2014

ESCANABA — An Escanaba man will face charges of extortion, computer crime, stalking, and drug possession in Delta County Circuit Court as a result of a bindover of the felonies from district court o......

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May-07-14 11:07 AM

Seriously? He's all over the internet and on the radio with his ultra-right-wing crap, telling everyone else what they should do according to his view of the world. But he gets to terrorize his ex-wife and children? Yeah, what a great guy.

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May-06-14 3:02 PM

Attacking Doug here shows a complete lack of understanding (perhaps willingly) of this situation. His involvement in local politics has completely ended long ago. He has not been convicted yet. I assume that is how he keeps his position st the state level, as it should be. To judge his political affiliation and put that in one big pot with every declared Conservative is very childish, narrow-minded, and speaks to one's character. As a Constitutional Conservative (one who believes the Constitution is a great document that needs to be followed for America to thrive) I can only say to name callers "grow up, separate the choices from the humanity" and know that your turn for character assassination could be next.Doug is human. Doug may have screwed up. Conservatives are not all like that. Why must I even need to type that? I wish Doug and his family healing and peace. And...I am not afraid to post my name. Kathie Scott

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Feb-23-14 12:19 PM

I would have a hard time believing that his political affiliation had much to do with the situation mentioned in the article. Some guys just can't let go when their wife divorces them. Some women are the same way.

I know Doug. Not especially well, but I talk to him when I see him around. Had no idea the guy was in that condition, and I last saw him around the time all this is reported to have happened. I didn't even know he and his wife had divorced.

What Doug needs is some mental health treatment. Why did the court not mandate that as a condition of bail? Doug obviously has some problems, and attacking him on here is not going to help him or keep people safe if Doug is about to crack. I don't condone what he has been accused of doing, but he is a human being before he is a political figure. Hope he gets the help he desparately needs.

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Feb-23-14 8:09 AM

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Feb-23-14 8:07 AM

Get a clue...Sedenquist lives and breaths "teaparty",AND IS extreamly active in the Republican party. fact he is legit in this or if he is just playing the part in his demented mind OR..maybe looking for more social statis is another story. The point I am making here is, he is representing the "party" and it isn't in a very positive way. Of course this kind of thing will hit the presses, AND THIS IS A PLACE TO COMMENT, BUT...the fact remains The man has committed crimes, serious crimes.. so Mr.Teaparty..DO THE TIME. I find him to be a complete hypocrite, AND Liar. Get a real job and support yourself..I believe you did campaign for "right to work"...OH WAIT..I want spousal support..YOUR A JOKE.

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Feb-22-14 10:12 PM

Homosexuality runs rampant in the prison system. These locked up and frustrated men need an outlet for their pent up sexual desires and needs. Mr. Sedenquist is very anti-homosexual, however one must wonder if he would eventually succumb to the temptations of committing acts of sodomy with men for pleasure if he is indeed found guilty of these charges.

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Feb-22-14 9:40 PM

Sometimes I think Republicans wrote the Bible so they will have something to read while in prison!

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Feb-22-14 9:27 PM

Whizzy daft just for pointing out the obvious! Republicans never want to stand up for their wrong doers! That is what is daft, btw reading your ramblings on most of these things doesn't allow too much space to let YOU call somebody daft! I'm surprised the paper hasn't barred you yet from your goofy brainless posts! Face it your GOP LAWBREAKER is just what he is >a REPUBLICAN!

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Feb-22-14 9:13 PM

Dude can do his conservative internet radio program from the comfort of his prison cell. LOL

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Feb-22-14 8:59 PM

Well he went down to dinner in his sunday best, excitable boy they all said, he rubbed the potroast all over his chest, excitable boy they all said..

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Feb-22-14 8:18 PM

Not only has it gained statewide attention, it has gained national attention, as it has appeared in the Huffington Post... The fact that he is a GOP official is lost on nobody. The fact that he was a strong proponent of RTW, yet wants spousal support, because he really doesn't want to work is lost on nobody. The fact that the Teabaggers when they wanted somebody to go out and behave like a thug, had him at their beck and call is lost on nobody... Now the fact that they want to distance themselves is lost on nobody.

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Feb-22-14 8:05 PM


are you daft?

What does it matter, what wisconsin writers wrote.

What matters, is that the headline is bogus.

Answer the question please,

are you daft, or

don't you understand what is misleading, sensenationalizing, or more?

I think daft, is the explanation for the rest of what you believe.

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Feb-22-14 7:50 PM

Whizzynut, In case you didn't know this, this same story when he was arrested in Wisconsin also referred him as a Republican also! He is a [former] Republican office representative so this is good and ACCURATE reporting! Too bad you just another crazy republican who can't see pass your own goofy nose!

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Feb-22-14 12:01 PM

Rules and Fules,

what of the following:


a member of Michigan's ...


the former vice chair ...


- both are terms referring to a period PAST.

- are these references indicative of present-day occurances?

- once upon a time, you were a baby, so what?

- once upon a time you voted democrat, so what?

- once upon a time, you fondled a flower, so what?

The point is, the press used the Republican party and the GOP to falsely create

- sensationalism

- telgraph emotion

- proper noun linkage to evince, evoke notoriety or familiarity with a known subject.

- to emote or conote a misleading sense of curiosity

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Feb-22-14 11:17 AM


Suffice it to say you are a cipher, and you don’t decipher at all.

I have to nod my head in approval for what Whizzy said.

You are missing too many “gog’s” in your cognitive wheel, and

a few cogs short when it comes to cogitation skills needed to improve the manner in what you fail to read.

Enroll yourself as well, along with the editor and reporter, into a higher level reading and writing skill improvement school.

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Feb-22-14 10:52 AM

Rules are for Fules,

- I rest my case.

- You prove my point.

- You do not have the cognitive consonance to question what you read, but rather,

- you suffer from cognitive dissonance, in your ability to interpret correctly what is being served up for your edification and intellectual feast.

- you are the leader of what is wrong with Michigan, America and

- under the age of 70 as well.

Until you reach a mature age,

- you have nothing, nothing to add,

- that is at once, both insightful or intelligent.

Thanx for proving my point!

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Feb-22-14 10:35 AM

Whizzywhig, you are nuts. It was in the headline because he is a leader for the GOP in Michigan. Read what is their instead of what you want to read. It really is unreal that a reporter used a headline to grab attention, because that never happens, ever, ever, anywhere else int he world. Get a grip.

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Feb-22-14 9:56 AM


838 words in the article,

2 Republican words,

7 ex-wife words,

21 Sedenquist words ...

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Feb-22-14 9:55 AM



this bogus daily press headline.



DID THIS “official”

CARRY-OUT in relation to his



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Feb-22-14 9:54 AM

The press,

should become acquainted with the terms

- misleading,

- misrepresentation,

- sensationalism, and

send the editor rowell and reporter Lancer to the same school,

regarding how not to generate misleading stories and headlines.

While the article contains at least 838 words, and two instances of reference to the word Republican, there are NO references to the word GOP in the article body.

Why, did the press choose to incorporate two sensationalizing words, “GOP, and Republican”

to broadcast wrongdoing,

WHEN the “crime” had nothing to do


with the GOP or the Republican Party?

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Feb-22-14 9:53 AM

Unfortunately, the press

chose to SENSATIONALIZE, the piece

by alluding to the GOP and the REPUBLICAN PARTY,

as somehow involved in a crime, by association.

Why didn’t LANCOUR or the PRESS‘ Rowell, also include the alledged perps'

- skin color,

- his nationality,

- his religion,

- his pastor,

- his priest,

- his sex, or

- where he buy's his gasoline, or

any other attributes that could also be associated with his actions?


if he were an

- editor,

- a reporter,

- a priest,

- a teacher,

- a truck driver,

- a carpenter,

- a farmer,

- whatever,

that should AS WELL should have been included in the headline.


- should be ashamed of themselves for suchuncalled for, appalling and reprehensible tactics ...

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Feb-22-14 9:48 AM

If down-state


to incorporate misleading references and allusions to the GOP and the REPUBLICAN PARTY ...

yoopers, would like to think our own DAILY PRESS editor and reporter ARE more enlightened?

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