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Union disputes county hiring practices

February 19, 2014

ESCANABA — County employees, union members and local union supporters gathered Tuesday for an informational picket outside the Delta County Courthouse prior to Tuesday’s county board meeting....

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Feb-19-14 10:48 AM

I guess Viau's sonny boy didn't want to be a janitor at the courthouse. This story stinks in more ways than one.

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Feb-19-14 11:18 AM

Thank you to Ms. Pepin for getting the truth out to the taxpayers. As a taxpayer I want my money to go to local jobs and services and it seems lately the local jobs are being thrown away by our County Administration and Elected County Officials. Why are we eliminating local jobs and contracting out the same work to other entities from other Counties or other States? Are we not FOR local jobs????

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Feb-19-14 11:36 AM

This is like reading about the City Power Plant. Again, Again, Again, Again, Again.

Get the facts from the people this involves. Viau as of Jan. 1, 2010. Under the terms of the three-year agreement, she will receive a salary of $75,000 with a yearly increase of $3,500. What people make at the County is public knowledge.

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Feb-19-14 11:43 AM

typical Union our way or no way B.S

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Feb-19-14 12:12 PM

Taxpayer funded agencies should not be allowed to belong to unions. Our tax dollars are going to union honchos and it is a complete waste of cash. Now, the county will be paying lawyer fees with our tax dollars and the union will be using our tax dollars for their lawyer fees and, in the end, the taxpayers will end up paying every cost associated with this situation. Unions are a net loss for the people who fund all these union jobs. Unions are for private sector employment only. When the government negotiates with unions, there is no bottom line to consider. If the Union gets a good deal, we pay more in taxes. Hardly a negotiation that will cost those who do the negotiating.

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Feb-19-14 12:38 PM

Poor Nora, always picking on her.

Nothing wrong with her being compensated $75,00 annually. But gee, what about the $150,476.62 in EWG Farm Subsidies she has received since 1998.

At least that is what the: "EWG Farm Subsidy" Database Website Shows.

1998-$5340 1999-$43,490 2000-$3,727 2001-$12,222 2002-$3,749 2003-$5,590 2004-$7,848 2005-$27,411 2006-$2608, 2007-$9,265 2008-$4588 2009-$6,370 2010-$9,998 2011-$4,789 2012-$3,482

Interestingly, no comments from a County Board Member!

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Feb-19-14 1:10 PM

It is the administration that is wasting our money this time around, and setting themselves up quite nicely. Jobs for their children, Ipads for cheap, the board is compensated WAY too much. How about the board all disclose just exactly how much money they have received from the county. I can tell you all, you'd be quite surprised at how much they are taking from us. The union is not wrong in this case. They are acting on problems that the Unions were created for in the first place. Lets have some answers from admin why it makes more sense to have ONE person making 62k instead of 2 making 31??

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Feb-19-14 3:59 PM

No job is guaranteed to last a lifetime. Get out and start looking like everyone else...if you don't like the jopb or place you work for leave. Opens the door to someone else.

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Feb-19-14 4:35 PM

Norarobs from the poor and gives to the rich (herself) which is common knowledge. To bad she also threatens the safety of our county in the process. How long do we have to bathe this cat before the stink goes away?

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Feb-19-14 5:13 PM

Didworkforcounty it is exactly that attitude that is wrong with the county. The county treats it's employees like crap and numerous very good employees have left because of it. Unfortunately we as citizens are the losers. Low pay and poor working conditions will not bring in quality employees when all the good ones leave.

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Feb-19-14 6:46 PM

Nora states that NO money was taken to pay attorney fees until AFTER"the board put the road patrol on notice that said any more legal fees would come out of the road patrol" as of July 2012. Extortion? Threats? My way or no way? Thats how she runs the county? When the taxpayors voted for the road patrol millage,they voted based on the BALLOT PROPOSAL that the money would be used to patrol the townships. Where is it written that the Administator and or board members can arbitrarily change what the taxpayors voted on? She also states "no road patrol millage was ever used for the road patrol arbitration" Then have her explain the over $30,000 paid since Oct 2011 to Butch, Quinn for "Road Patrol Arbitration/Labor Relations" If you voted for the Road Patrol Millage, you should be furious. Whats next, the board makes a motion to increase hers and their salaries using the millage? Something needs to be done now!

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Feb-20-14 2:55 PM

This current County Board is doing the best job they can. Nora has been with the county for 30+ years, and without her, there would have been more layoffs. Nora has the counties best interest in mind. Ms. Viau calls it like she sees it, and although it's upsetting to some county employees. The County Board is fiscully responsible. They are always trying to do more with less money. Union employees are compensated very well, and they need to step back and realize how lucky they are, because if they were in the private sector they would be making less money and less benefitsproving.

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Feb-20-14 6:35 PM

nomoredrama- really? you are either blind, related, befriended, or all 3. Nora is a blood sucking leach with a crown of diamonds funded by the money of the county tax payers which she bestowed upon herself with entitlement of her huge ego.

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Feb-20-14 10:57 PM

Apparently, Nora has Nora's and her son's best interests in mind and no one else's. Her son was the best unqualified person for that job, but she told no one that he was her son until she hired him over every other person that applied. What a joke. Very few decent jobs available around here and when there is one it goes to the boss's kid. How convenient for the Viau family.

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Feb-22-14 12:25 PM


did the application instruct applicants to indicate whether they have personal friends or relatives that work for the county>

Could it be, if ms view, had indicated that the applicant was here son, that it would have received unfair attention, that could lead to retribution, or cast the applicant in an unfavorable light?

Could be?

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Feb-22-14 12:33 PM


aren't you, yourself, hiss-elf being overly melodramatic in your asscertations:

1) that ms view "is a blood-sucking leach..."

2) that she indeed, "has a crown of diamonds".

Quite the contrary, you have not provided ample proof that:

she ***** blood,

she is a leach,

she has a damond crown.

You have no basis in fact, so shut the up, unless you have positive proof that your delusions are really conclusive allusions.

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Feb-22-14 12:35 PM

Quite the contrary, you have not provided ample proof that:

she ***** blood...

"Quite the contrary, you have not provided ample proof that:

she su.c.ks blood.

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Feb-22-14 12:37 PM


Are you trying to say the "bosses" kid shouldn't be allowed to get a job, just because she's the bosses kid?

Could you not say that you're prejudiced, and carry a bag of bias?

"Very few decent jobs available around here and when there is one it goes to the boss's kid."

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Feb-22-14 4:33 PM

Here you go again, insulting anyone and everyone on the two stories I looked at. All the while posting you unreadable garbage. I may add nothing, according to you, but you add nothing according to everyone. Enjoy yourself and your incoherent ramblings on about nothing. Thanks for the compliments, hypocrite.

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Feb-22-14 8:21 PM


If the insult fit’s,

wear it gracefully.

Everything you say to deny the fact,

makes it look all the more

likely the shoe fits.

Be thankful, you were selected for the honor.

Frogleg doesn't dole these honorariums to just anyone or

the undeserving.

He’s old and often doesn’t recognize many who live in a herbarium.

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Feb-23-14 2:06 AM

froggy- If you had some idea you would understand. Women like me carry grudges when grudges are due.

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Feb-24-14 9:22 AM


you must find your eternal place ...

here are but a few suggestions for a shrew…

... in between calling yourself a “woman”, and

the idea of putting lipstick on a pig, is about where you could categorize yourself:

A mean-spirit which resides inside a woman,

causes her blindness, and

therefore the shrew is hardly a judge colors...

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Feb-24-14 9:24 AM

And …

“her face has all the features of, and looks like a pig ...

who just happened to get her hands on some lipstick.”

But is yet, clearly and finely worded in but another way …

“The witch who call’s herself a ‘woman” but dresses herself in a fine waistcoat ...

is still but a witch who succeeded in only smearing lipstick over her face.”

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Feb-24-14 9:26 AM


Wise men have been quoted for hundreds of years

about the fruitless exercise concerning the phrase:

“don’t even try to put lipstick on your pig,

it is a useless chore, and it only serves to pi.ssof.f the pig.”

Referring to ones self as a ‘woman” is another senseless exercise for you,

as it will only serve to pi.ssof.f those who (women) are.

No matter. . .

“A hog in armour, is still but a hog,

this nine word phrase alludes to

“an awkward or mean looking, witch of a woman,

finely dressed, is still something she’s not.,” a witch.

Hence, the phrase “A hog in a waistcoat made of fine silks,

is still a hog.”

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Feb-24-14 10:24 AM


there was a HUGE DIFFERENCE between

pay and benefits accorded to PRIVATE SECTOR WORKERS.

Before you make such worthless, blind statements,

recall history, or maybe you are to young to have lived through those years, if so,

you should utter less nonsense and become a student of history!

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