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Power restored after morning outage in Esky

February 11, 2014

ESCANABA — A power outage occurred in a portion of Escanaba due to equipment failure this morning, according to the city electric department. Power went out about 6:30 a.m....

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Feb-13-14 9:16 AM

You Michigan people,

expect too little of your local leadership …

However, when local politicians are busy fulfilling your expectations,

you instead demand too much from the daily press,

and make demands of the press, that instead overwhelm their capacity, capability and senseabilities…

that the press publicly

comment and explain why local politicians do what you expect…

nothing .

Just like your kids.

Expect nothing from them, and they will give you just that ...


Then let them holler loudly about why they can't afford healthcare insurance?

It's a win-win situation for all.

Nothing ventured,

Nothing gained.

Now, what about the power plant producing electricity - not ?

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Feb-12-14 7:34 PM,

Turning off the power,

is not a trick Mr. Toole would ever, ever think of,

at least not all by hisself.

Shame on YOU!

This is clearly in the republican coterie of fowl game plans.

The "power-off" button is securely kept under a republicans control, and

used only

if higher profits are the game plan of the day.



repair, and

acts of god,

aren't something anyone will argue against, or other-wise

could they be held responsible for . ... monetarily at least!

No, these "events" are just that, conincidences invented by the laws of physics and mother or mothers, mother nature!

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Feb-12-14 4:26 PM

I think that the fearless wonder boy jim otoole turned the power off himself. He will probably do it a few more times in the near future. He is trying to turn the voters against the power plant so they will vote to shut it down!! Oh Escanaba what a joke of a city!!

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Feb-12-14 10:59 AM

People need to not be ignorant and actually attend council meetings or watch them, because they are also televised. I've attended and from what I've seen hardly anyone goes or brings up anything remotely important. The Press, TV, and Radio have covered these topics in the past.

All anyone has to do is ask these questions during a meeting. Agendas with supporting information and meeting minutes ARE available on the City's website as well. Also looking at the website, there is a newsletter you can sign up for, the City has a Facebook that they post on, there's something called Java with Jim where you can go actually talk with the manager, AND something called the "Manager's Call". I bet you could call City Hall/departments and ask outright. This is Escanaba, not Detroit, Lansing, or Grand Rapids.

An overwhelming majority of residents are in the dark because they really don't care to know.

Power "mingling"? They are called electric meters and have been around for o

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Feb-11-14 8:47 PM

So, soohillguy,

when the plant is operating and selling electrons,

how does the city or the transmission company keep those electrons ‘flowing outbound’

and keep them from ‘mingling’ with those electrons coming into the city ?

Are there separate lines leaving the city with the city-produced power,

and separate lines with similar electrons coming into the city bought elsewhere?

How do those electrons know where to go,

and how do electrical companies know what to charge if those expensive electrons happen to get mixed and mingled with cheaper electrons produced elsewhere in the ‘wild’?

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Feb-11-14 8:45 PM

This, if what soohillguy says is true,

it just serves to reinforce frog legs assertions.

Why hasn’t the city, city council, city manager, or the city electrical “superintendent” provided key information as to what our electrical facility is, or is not doing operationally and cost wise?

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Feb-11-14 8:44 PM

Why hasn’t our city government provided city resident’s with transparency as to:

1) how much power is the plant selling, daily, weekly, monthly?

2) how much power that is sold represents the operating capacity of the plant daily, weekly and monthly?

3) how much does it cost the city to produce sold power, and what are the revenues brought in to cover the cost of operation and generation, and what, if any are the profits?

4) why hasn’t city leadership “generated” a profit and loss statement on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis?

5) why hasn’t city leadership posted this information on the city web-site as a service to residents and for transparency purposes?

6) the only reason not to divulge this information to city resident’s,

serves ONE PUPOSE:



City resident’s deserve this information from the city of Escanaba leadership.

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Feb-11-14 1:32 PM

what happens at the escanaba genrating plant has nothing to do with esky power supply. Because when the plant is running the power produced goes to the power grid not the city of Escanaba. Alot of residents dont even know that there power plant does not power the city.

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Feb-11-14 12:25 PM

Here we go again,

another press piece in the press

that adds precious little to the

- power generation,

- management

- conundrum

facing city residents.


the press and the city,

should have explained what the context of the “power failure” and how it was induced?

Is it due to an external “problem” at the West City substation

that provides the off-load facility for city purchase of electrical power from an extension cord?

Or, was it something internal to our own power generating plant?

These and more questions and problems should be explained

clearly, and concisely

so residents know what is/are the

reason for power interruptions!

There is no excuse,

for lack of clear explanations

by the press and it’s writers,

or the city.

Inquiring minds need to know.


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