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Pavilion plans for farmers market

February 6, 2014

ESCANABA — Draft plans for a large pavilion-style farmers market in downtown Escanaba will soon be drawn up and presented for public input, according to the director of the Downtown Development......

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Feb-22-14 1:21 PM


How are those "men in white jackets" have helped you ?

Since you say they are "here to help", I suspect you're speaking from experience and from firs-hand knowledge?

Froggy, be fearful of those who would proffer "free-advice"!

Don't be taken-in by those would suggest you to take a "leap-of-faith".

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Feb-14-14 11:12 AM

Hey frogleggs do not be afraid of the men in white jackets with the net, they are here to help you!!

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Feb-13-14 1:11 PM

Say what you will about frog legs youperpew,

you should be so lucky to be 'happy' about anything...

The oldest fossil,

“proto-frog” appeared in the early Triassic of Madagascar,

but molecular clock dating suggests their origins may extend further back to the Permian, 265 million years ago.


That’s just a few million years longer than your species has been “around”.

Scientist's would speculate that our spieces left the water to become the proto-type for your species, lucky for you, that we did!

Hope you're happier now.

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Feb-13-14 1:07 PM

Since my species,

have been in existence longer than your species…

frogs have had time to become a feature of prominence in your folklore, fairy tales, and in your popular culture.

We tend to be portrayed as benign, ugly, and clumsy, but, alas, with talents hidden to most men...

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Feb-13-14 1:05 PM

Reverential and cultural aspects:

The Moche people of ancient Peru worshipped animals, and often depicted frogs in their art.

In Panama, local legend held that good fortune would come to anyone who spotted a Panamanian golden frog.

Some believed when one of these frogs died, it would turn into a golden talisman known as a hucca..

Today, despite being extinct in the wild, Panamanian golden frogs remain an important cultural symbol and can be found on decorative cloth molas made by the Kuna people.

They also appear as part of the inlaid design on a new overpass in Panama City, on T-shirts, and even on human lottery tickets.

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Feb-13-14 1:04 PM

Some people with above average insight and intellect, have been inclined to “kiss” a frog;

a kiss from a comely, shameless, hussy

often released those hidden secret characteristics to yield a charming prince of a person.

But sadly, realpo.o.per,

you’ll never have the chance to morph into a handsome prince, as do I.

How about a little kiss from your missus to release my real, hidden, handsome, princely qualities …

Probably, the first time in her life she’d be pleased with her choice …

that she did it

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Feb-06-14 3:24 PM

I am so happy that people with frog brains are quite rare!!!

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Feb-06-14 12:15 PM

Except for a couple of hours a week,

the present facility is an exercise in waste of ….

What on earth do ‘farmers’ need a new facility at taxpayer expense for ...

for a couple of hours a week ?

How do you cook gladiolus, and various species of flowers, flora and fauna?

After the season for corn, potatoes, onions, radishes, what else could be sold here, that indicate a ‘farmer’ grew it?

Really ?

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Feb-06-14 12:14 PM

Most farmer’s self-locate,

self-provide their own facilities along north Lincoln road, and then take up stakes and move to Florida for the winter!

How about the DDA pressuring those “farmers” on Lincoln road to come to their Farmer’s Market in the Glorious Downtown Escanaba?

If that’s a bust, maybe, artists, writers, thespian and poetry lovers should be persuaded into giving art, writing, acting, and poetry séances?

Otherwise, think yoga lessons, and some new form of fat removal dance instruction!


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Feb-06-14 12:12 PM

How 'bout building a huge garage,

where “farmer’s” could make year around use of the facility

fixing and repairing their equipment in a protected and heated facility?

In the summer, it could be maintained as city-centered ice-rink for local children not having the ability to drive to wells.

When farmer’s aren’t repairing their own equipment, it could be rented to car, truck, rv, and boat owners as well in the winter.


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Feb-06-14 12:10 PM


Couldn’t the idea of using the present location as an “incubator” for producing something ?

A shelter for wayward teens, youth, and adults,

a shelter for the homeless,

shelter and school center for wayward learners,

who need a “different setting” and

wouldn’t have to worry about transportation to the high school or bay at the edge of town?

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Feb-06-14 12:09 PM

Shouldn’t, couldn’t,

the DDA be spending time, effort and the taxpayer’s’ money

telling the city council,

about fixing main street, and should be on their some sort of ten year plan/goal,

or at least build another parking lot, or two;

provide employment, create a job, hire someone to give out tickets to owner’s of auto’s that overstay their welcome?

A Pavilion !



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Feb-06-14 11:17 AM

Why is the farmers market on 9th and 1st ave No..why isn't it in a place where people see it and would actually use it more. Each time I go there are very few people there. I think it needs to be moer axcessable to the public.

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Feb-06-14 10:50 AM

What happen to "Shop Local"??? Why Marquette for an architect, why not a local one? Some things will never change, no wonder Escanaba can't get anywhere, same ole people running the place. Want change, get some new blood, then maybe the city will have a chance.

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