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Sheriff Ballweg: Delta County needs new jail facility

January 28, 2014

ESCANABA — Several local law enforcement agencies, county departments, and community members were represented Monday morning during a Delta County Board Committee of the Whole meeting concerning the......

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Mar-17-16 10:15 PM

Like I have said before, busing prisoners is a workable position. Take a central jail like camp Manistique and share costs to heck with convenience, Video hearings arraignments are common in larger cities, They do not provide one on one hearings. They are the criminals excuse me! Lets relieve the taxpayers of this major cost. After all someone should have been saving for a new jail years ago.

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Feb-28-14 8:55 AM

Sure put a color tv in the cell give them steak & egges what else king bed is that what they need Ballweg

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Feb-08-14 10:28 PM


Perhaps you are ignorant to the ways of republicans,

and should understand republican motives as fostered by the American Legislative Exchange Council, ALEC.

The first thing all true republicans want

is to privatize every aspect of public spending.

If you were on top of things,

you would know that ALEC has been very successful in the state of Arizona at landing well paying, profit making contracts,

for running prisons; and of course

ALEC is looking everwhere and everyway to get their hands on almost $100 BILLION dollars of public taxes for public education that is spent in the U.S. every year.

This is a huge pot of gold just waiting to be offshored to secret bank accounts of the rich and their corporations.

Therein, tsetsegirl, lies republicans and their lack of social financing in lieu of less taxes for themselves and more taxes for you and me.

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Feb-08-14 10:18 PM


what taxpayers should be demanding, is that he and his family pay for his jail, quarters, food, facility!

Knowing these charges in advance would force criminal minded miscreats

to think about the costs to himself and his family for his crime and jail time!

Incarceration and it's expense should not be a "freebie" and forced upon the backs of society and taxpayers. Losers, should be really treated to reality and their criminal costs on society!


Time to change the law,

book them at a sheriff “sub-station”

and cart their but.ts to wherever, hades if necessary.

Come to think of it, have them walk to taxpayers' choice of incarceration - and insist that his boots where made for walking with family tagging along for company.

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Jan-30-14 10:09 PM

What he should be doing is asking our governor for the money. Somehow he was able to find such a large amount of state money just lying around. Oh that's right, money that was collecting interest by not giving it to the schools, and to fix up our roads. As for our society being to liberal, I think some need to take their heads out of the a**'s and see what the Teapublican governor hasn't done to help this state out. Law Enforcement shouldn't have to ask the taxpayers to fund this, when we have a surplus at this time. I was a Law Enforcement student years ago, this isn't something that's just come up. This is what we talked about all the time.

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Jan-30-14 7:32 AM

Here is the problem with Camp Manistique for Dela county Barney. Officers would have to travel 60-80 miles one way just to book a prisoner. 160 miles round trip. You are looking at the travel time that an officer is off the road, not including the time it takes to book the prisoner. A possibility of almost 3 hours that an officer is tied up with 1 person not being able to respond to an emergency call that your family needs them at. NOTHING is free either. You would have to renovate the camp to fit the needs.

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Jan-29-14 11:40 PM

What no body thinks of is there is camp Manitsique, that is empty! A facility that taxpayers have bought and paid for that could be a shared facility at no cost to all taxpayers. why pay twice for a common goal!

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Jan-29-14 10:26 PM

And the State of Michigan spends about $10,800.xx and change to Michigan Public Schools?

Nationally, we spend about $84 BILLION DOLLARS PER YEAR...

Of course, The American Legislative Exchange Council, ALEC, has two things at the top of its "bucket-list".

1) Privatize the delivery of public education

2) Privatize the penal holding system

Well now, even a YOOPER - who isn't a republican, will quickly connect the "dot's."

There's money to be pocketed and off-shored into hidden bank accounts.

With so much taxpayer money floating around,

- that is, taxpayer money paid by wage-earning Americans (not the rich or their corporations).

- little wonder Snyder, Walker, Christie, Kasich, ad-nauseam, want to get their hands in the cookie jar/public cash register !

Looks as though taxpayers get more bang for their buck noursing the appetites of our children rather than flourshing our jails with taxpayer dollars?

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Jan-29-14 4:00 PM

I understand your logc, but how does the Sheriff fix this problem by decriminalizing marijuana? It is a long process way over his head, and the current issue is not solved during this process. The county board decides if a millage goes on the ballot to be assessed. My opinion is, renovate the old pathways building to be a jail. Much cheaper than new construction. much larger facility. Tear down the jail and keep the current office for the Marine patrol, search and rescue, and dive team as they need access to the water.

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Jan-29-14 2:41 PM

I cant believe everyone is so against this. I'm not a fan of our judicial system either, but the jail in this county is so overcrowded. Maybe the sheriff should look into ways other than taxing the residents. They could start by decriminalizing marijuana. It would cut down on the number of inmates, and also provide more money for the county. The police wouldn't be tied up with busting pot smokers.

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Jan-28-14 6:01 PM

I don't like having to dig in my pocket for the innmates of our jail either. But we are going to pay one way or another unfortunatly. We pay just about 48k a year at the state level feeding and taking care of innmates. Cheesehead mentioned something very close to Hammurabi's Code, I think that would solve some serious issues but as a society we are far to liberal and appear to be more interested in making excuses for those who make poor life decisions as opposed to letting people be accountable for their choices. I for one am tired of "having to understand" why an offender became an offender. Simply put the old jail is out of date and our corrections communiy are at constant risk as a result. When the jail was built the majority of those housed were at worst drunks or bar room brawlers, with the worst offenders being domestic abusers(on average) Today 7 out of 10 persons locked up in the DCJ have some type of mental dysfunction. I for one love Sheriff Joe's approach to corre

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Jan-28-14 5:40 PM

What we have here “is a failure to communicate.”

Since these miscreants failed at the game of life, and they didn’t come from cabbage plants…

What we need is more room at the inn.

Here’s how we empty jails,

and close them, eventually there will be few who like the alternative.

Just handcuff prisoners with two of their family members, mother-father, sister, brother.

They will live out the term of the sentence helping each other,

get through life’s little hardships.

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Jan-28-14 5:39 PM

Happily Handcuffed Together,

night and day, day and night,

kitchen time, bedtime,

bath time, p.00.p time.

Get to know each other, each little idiosyncrasies, their foibles, their nobles.

Once they enjoy being tethered for a couple three, ten, 20 years, perhaps families will become functional

instead of dysfunctional?

Communication among family members so tethered, should improve

drastically and so should recidivism numbers melt away knowing family would once again be your life partner.

Keep in mind, there will be no taxpayer subsidies, except for the handcuffs and tether, break the tether and permanent ink spays the lot of them.

Why should taxpayers have to pay for miscreants,

let their families pay for their jail and keep and work together to temper their behavior.

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Jan-28-14 11:40 AM

Replacement seems reasonable. If the prosecutors are not doing their job then why should the Sheriffs dept. suffer? They should honestly renovate the building that Pathways uses instead of building from scratch. But the only problem I see is access to water. I dont think controlling the deputies has anything to do with it mopeds. I think a secure place to put criminals instead of them running around is more important.

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Jan-28-14 10:58 AM

Please don't believe this Sheriff's B.S. He doesn't even know how to control is deputy's, let alone manage a jail. Want to know what the real issue is?? The reason the jail is over crowded is due to incompetent judges and prosecutors, Stephen Davis is a joke and along with the dummy Steve Parks who can't even get the right convictions, that's why you have over crowding. Jason Ive's trial is just one example, 6 months out of 120. These jokers in the Court house cost us taxpayers too much, NO MORE FUNDING! you dumb cops, judges, prosecutors deserve to be poor, bunch of idiots. I say cut their budget! Let criminals live with Stephen Davis or Steve Parks, maybe they can rehab them haha

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Jan-28-14 10:56 AM

What the*****is wrong with tents they had a choice why should we help build a new jail wrong move wake up Escanaba.

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