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Legislators react to Snyder’s message

January 17, 2014

ESCANABA — Gov. Rick Snyder’s State of the State address Thursday laid out what he believed were Michigan’s greatest accomplishments in 2013 and his vision for the state in 2014....

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Jan-17-14 10:46 AM


Tom has indeed, made a sensible, introspective observation, and

he is to be congratulated for being aware, and of this observation..

It is time that our elected representatives organize themselves

for the betterment of working men and women, and

not for the hunger of the republican party, the rich and their corporations

in quest for more MONEY & GREED.

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Jan-17-14 10:48 AM

Tom’s words:

"I think it was very nice of him to mention us, but I think the point was


said Casperson.”


should send a text message or email message to gov’nr snyder quoting

Tom Casperson:

"I think it was very nice of him to mention us, but I think the point was


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Jan-17-14 10:50 AM

I have been a forever critic of Tom Casperson and Eddie McBoom,

for their dalliance’s

with gov’nr snyder and the

republicans’ association with the

American Legislative Exchange Council, ALEC,

the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, and

the too numerous to mention,

and their



aberration’s, and

of the meaning of


that their tee-bager’s,

tee-badgers, and

the assorted multiplicity of stooge organizations they’ve created,

including the ‘supreme’ court of the u.s.

and the damage they have inflicted on

our economy, society, and its infrastructure

in the name of

politics, and money making.

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Jan-17-14 11:27 AM

eenie meenie

miney mo

look at frogleggs

whine and woe

watch him holler

he won't slow

wouldn't it be nice

if he would just go


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Jan-17-14 11:33 AM

Budget surplus. That is all we need to know at this point. I haven't noticed anything different from the State, but there is all the sudden money left over to make our State even stronger. I am on board with that. We never saw that with Granholm.

I'll give Snyder a B grade. Granholm never got better than a D.

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Jan-17-14 1:47 PM

Very well said puckrock,however I do not think the frog will go away,for you see he lives on this site.

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Jan-17-14 8:16 PM

Aww, let's not be too hard on the frog. After all, it only took him three posts this time to vent his frustration (or is it envy, perhaps?). Given enough time, he may learn the proper use of the apostrophe, and maybe even learn to put his nonsense into paragraph form.

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Jan-19-14 9:12 AM

What is in their DNA,

in their blood, that drives them so?

Money ···· GREED.

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Jan-19-14 9:13 AM

One uniting factor for re·pub·li·cans is their

-un·mit·i·gat·ing, - re·lent·less, - over·bear·ing, - over·whelm·ing

need to gather all the marbles in our sandbox,

and all of our dollars and all of the other currencies in circulation worldwide. . .

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Jan-19-14 9:15 AM

Proves, one thing, with their "agree/disagree" touch of the mouse

that there is no satisfying those

lacking the common form of intelligence,

- republicans, - republicans’ party, - republicans’ corporations.

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Jan-19-14 9:21 AM

If that Doesn't . . .

Won’t that just beat all ! ? ! ?

Finally, a true republican, that has

- the audacity

- to deliver in public

- one thought,

- one idea,

- one iota of intelligence

to verbalize that thought in the public sphere,

that his erstwhile parent(s) snyder, and the republican party,


"git'g er done’'


- ordinary,

- wage-earning,

- taxpaying,

- legal American citizens!!!!

Praise for a republican, and the rest of the republicans lackeys disagree with that ! ! ! ! ! !!!!!!!

Un-Real !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Jan-21-14 8:52 AM

Do any of you realize what a liar McNerd is? These numbers he spewed are in relation to the money he cut before these "increases" occured. He is still negative overall for what is regime has contributed to the education of our youth. Joke.

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