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Esky says no to smoking in park

January 3, 2014

ESCANABA — The controversy of whether or not to ban smoking at a new playground in Escanaba was resolved at Thursday’s regular council meeting....

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Jan-06-14 5:57 PM

Let's see...

Today and tomorrow would be a good day to go over to the park and 'smoke-their!

No children

No one around to smell their smell

Enjoy your freedom, smoke your bu.tts to the limit.

I'll drive by - every hour spot checking the smoking.

You can even EXHALE with our BLESSINGS!

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Jan-04-14 4:46 PM


I agree.

Smokers bu.tts, are dirty, filthy, inconsiderate and

exposure to the public is not a good scene.

Smokers nearly always leave their excrement tissues be hind, for other’s to pickup and deposit appropriately.

For far too many years,

the military has engaged in a 15 minute exercise in cleaning and policing.

Our unit consisted of 280 personnel, and every day for 360 days we had to “police the area”.


Our unit consisting of 280 personnel - and for each of 360 days per year spent about 25,200 man hours doing nothing but.t picking up smokers’ bu.tts.

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Jan-04-14 4:45 PM

Thoughtless smokers

deprived the government at just one military unit approximately of

12.6 man-years of time picking up smoker’s’ bu.tts,

(based on a 2040 hour work-day-year).

Now, that’s just one military unit,

whether the unit was state-side or overseas;

in Vietnam “police-call” continued everyday of the year.

How many, and how much man-hours was lost in ALL of the military units around the world?

It's plain awful how much we spend to accomodate and their bu.tts!

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Jan-04-14 4:43 PM


if smokers would like to smoke their bu.tts and

enjoy them too, then taxpayers should accommodate them with a charge for their thoughtlessness.

Any smoker willing to pay for the privilege of smoking,

should cough-up their bu.tts for those engaged in the auspicious cleanup program,

probably it should be fashioned after the piece corp.,

where individuals would receive a ‘bounty’ for every they turned in…

Of course,

republicans would be in charge of administering the job force and collecting huge taxpayer subsidies (grants) for their effort.

With a little thought,

it would be cheaper if smokers out of life, they do eventually, not fast enough to suit normal people.

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Jan-04-14 3:00 PM

I would like to nominate Leo Evans for Mayor of Munchkin Land!! I think he would fit right in with the lolly pop kids. On second thought maybe not, he would probably take away their lolly pops!!!!

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Jan-04-14 12:18 AM

time to get off your butts and vote the holy rollers out

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Jan-03-14 11:03 PM

If you are a respectful person who does not impose on others with your bad habit this is not for you. BUT. By and large the minority of smokers. What I see is dirty selfish people stinking up and littering the world for no reason other than rebelling against something? When you decided to start this nasty disaster in the first place. And why is it that the majority of these people choosing to do thid are system trash? Its not glamorous kids the people peer pressuring you to try this are going nowhere and they want company.

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Jan-03-14 4:35 PM


I'm with you and all for smoking

just don't exhale anywhere

just don't exhale anywhere or anytime.

keep it close and personal

keep it in your colon

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Jan-03-14 2:45 PM

So the council was swayed to change their vote because 2 children said they didn't like the smell and didn't want smoking at the park. Lets hope the smell of the paper mill doesn't drift over one of these places where children are offended by smells. We might have to destroy our local economy by closing down the mill to protect our future. This is a joke and parents that brought their children to a council meeting to be used as props should be ashamed of themselves. Oh, and I don't smoke.

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Jan-03-14 11:03 AM


It took month’s and ‘exhaustive’ self-study

to come up with a

“no-brainer” ‘decision’ !

There is truth after all,

in the words:

If you want something done RIGHT,


If you want to postpone something,

or get it done WRONG,

Give the decision-studying-making,

to a committee, and

you’ll end up with an elephant that looks the body size of a mouse,

the trunk of a real elephant,

with the legs of a giraffe, and

a tail a mile long.

Nothing practical.

Nothing useful,

BuTT, it will be a DECISION by a committee of nonthing, no one with a vision.

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Jan-03-14 11:00 AM

This is EXACTLY, what happened to healthcare reform as originally thought by the President and his nomination of 2,700 pages that represented healthcare reform.

However, once the ‘committee’ of lobbyists, republicans, the rich, and their corporations got to ‘study’ the issue, the result,

The Affordable Health Care Act, became a monstrous animal, some 34,000 unknown pages in length and complexity.

Thanks should be given to the republicans, the health insurance companies, the rich, their corporations, the u.s. chamber of un-commerce, the american legislative exchange council, ALEC, and the $115 BILLION DOLLAR in revenues owned by Scott Walker’s buddies, david, bill, and Charlie Ko.cH…

Thank them long and well - after fall 37,000 pages of healtcare reform, gives them all, more profits.

Technical Terms: Rescission, single payer, lost revenue VS increased revenue,

think, thank




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