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Gladstone man sent to prison on drug charge

January 2, 2014

ESCANABA — A Gladstone man was sentenced to up to 10 and a half years in prison on a drug charge relating to incidents in Escanaba in 2012....

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Jan-02-14 10:32 AM

Society, could have avoided this kind of trouble for the public, taxpayers, upset, courts, lawyers, police and the nsa,

if we cared enough to send the very best ‘message’ to the public, users, etc….

Of course, these activities could be a revenue stream for jobs, workers, laborers, and

most importantly,

the ‘free enterprise system would become more sustainable, and

taxable revenues to government paid by the rich and the republicans

would become another issue subject to never-ending debate….

If we vote to legalize these ‘behaviors’.

Of course, law enforcement jobs would disappear,

lawyers would be on welfare, but

they could ‘use’ to aid their despair.

Of course, it makes good

business sense,

bring it on.

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Jan-02-14 7:07 PM

@cheesehead, do you spend all your time commenting on here with this account and then hitting the "agree" button on your other account?

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Jan-03-14 7:44 AM

Keep your toke lit,

let it shine brilliantly exquisitely,

let it’s soft glow be a dazzling display of light illuminating a path

towards your hard fought destination where negative cognition abounds aplenty…

Your incomparably sensitive,

mesmerizing display of intellectual acuity should serve you in good stead during your space odyssey.

Search the universe for so many unknown questions

- travel far and wide, your pride awaits your distinct destiny, and

- all that may be reasoned will remain firmly beyond your shrewdness and ingenuity … to grasp!

Ah, the enormity of it all,

such distances, such planning, such travel, so little time, such space such a waste of time and space.

Mikey, your life would be better served pondering how many religioous 'god's' occupy men's heads... and maybe a women's or two?

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Jan-03-14 7:46 AM

Even while traveling at warp speed

between those two vast distances in space, from your departure and arrival,

light-years of travel, time needed to depart from your left temporal ear lobe and light-years later arrive at your right temporal, end somewhere in space, at that ear portal,

where like rip-van-wrinkel, you’d arrive an old memory of what could have been.

Sterling, Stellar, starry-eyed, scary-headed, brilliant, dazzling thinking,

a terrestrial odyssey to oz, toke in hand, smokin a ride down yonder imaginary YeLlO-bRicK RoAD.

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Jan-03-14 7:48 AM

What A Mind!

What a Mind, wasted, yet so full of

understatement, a stellar stab in space reveals the depth and breadth of your universe,

confined as it is by the huge separation of time and distance for travel between both hemispheres, even at the speed of light.

A MinD, such as you have, should not be allowed to go wasting upon mere terrestrial wondering and wandering.

Have you ever thought of space travel, where you might have a brilliant stellar capacity and opportunity to travel light-years to fill in the VoiDs;

such light-years of time you would need to venture on a great space odyssey, so not embark upon such adventure unless the rewards compensate for your intended destiny…

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Jan-03-14 11:46 AM

Im the "pothead", yet youre the one who looks like the idiot.

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Jan-03-14 1:35 PM


may be playing second fiddle, and may look the part,

but you're the real thing, the real MCCoy.

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Jan-04-14 12:12 AM

well have to say he should have got more time as the stuff he was selling is very bad and can kill you as this is not weed and they should have gave him the max on selling morphine

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