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Health care top story of 2013

Local residents voice their opinions

December 31, 2013

ESCANABA — A recent poll conducted by The Associated Press has deemed the glitch-plagued rollout of President Barack Obama’s health care overhaul the top news story of 2013, and though concerned......

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Dec-31-13 2:23 PM

Too many


refer to the 34,000 page

Affordable Healthcare Act as


First, there are just slightly more than 35,000,000 (35 million) people in Canada.

They have had affordable healthcare available to them for many years.

Second, the number of people in the U.S. WITHOUT affordable, available healthcare is thought to be around 47,000,000 (47 million) people.

The U.S. has a far larger economy, army, and millionaires and billionaires than Canada.

The U.S. has nearly the smallest percentage of people having control over more than 80% of the wealth that circulates among the rest of the entire country.

Too many are ignorant to the facts,

and possibly stupid as well.

Many wonder,

in this day and age of ‘communication’ and access to information …

- how come there are so many ignorant and stupid people in the realm?

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Dec-31-13 2:21 PM

The ‘original’ healthcare reform as envisaged by President Obama,

was merely 2,700 pages long.

More than 34,000 pages have come to make up the

Affordable Healthcare Act …

- because of bogus self-interests…


the rich,

the republicans,

their corporations and

their businesses,

as well as healthcare providers, would not accept the IDEA

1) of canceling many bogus healthcare policies,

2) of having someone dictate better terms and coverage for consumers,

3) of having/making healthcare coverage available without being employed by an employer who offered healthcare coverage,

4) of having healthcare coverage available and affordable - similar to home-owners and auto insurance polices ...

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Dec-31-13 2:19 PM

These people,

identified above,


of what came to be known properly as

the Affordable Healthcare Act


These people,

caused the Affordable Healthcare Act to consume

MORE THAN 34,000 pages in length and complexity

upwards and over 31,000 additional pages of length and complexity were added

by Republicans,

by the rich and

by their corporations…

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Dec-31-13 2:17 PM

These people,

because of their own selfish, self-interests,

caused the ACA to become

overburdened, and

overly complex, and

thus with too many options and choices


OVERLY COMPLEX computerization of the application and choice process.

NO, you are wrong at blaming

President Obama,

you have none other to blame,

than the Rich,

the Republicans,

the Corporations,

the Businesses, and

the Healthcare Industry

for the mess that you so ignorantly call ’obama-care’!

If you are retired career military,

you have healthcare available and it is affordable

- why do you whine so at your military healthcare pie?

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Dec-31-13 1:11 PM

It is 'odd' that something passed through Congress in the first years of the first term is 'still' trying to come to life now. It was supposed to benefit the millions who don't have healthcare, and better everyone's lives... And what's this? the first MILLION have signed up? - hmmmm.. You might like Turkey a lot!. but to have it RAMMED down your throat would surely change your mind about how it tastes...

So, how does this Obamacare pie taste to you now?

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Dec-31-13 11:23 AM


in the context of money.

Money that is the currency and yardstick by which the rich and their

two party system

evaluate their lives and the context in which they judge everyone and everything else....

is small potato’s.

Why are so many,

so obsessed about small potato’s,

when there are liar’s schemer’s,

scamer’s and a huge potato plot of

infestations in our

financial systems,





state legislator’s and

their rich masters, who pull their combined ‘strings’

through two (2) private institutions,

rather corporations called the

Republican and Democratic party.

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Dec-31-13 11:17 AM

Consider the fact that over a TRILLION U.S. TAXPAYER DOLLARS was ‘mortgaged’ to bailout

bankers and banks,

the very people who speculated and cheated us and the world out of estimates larger than


from the financial earthquake and meltdown with the inauguration of

two acts by willie Clinton;

namely the 1999 Financial Modernization Act, and

the Commodity Futures and Modernization Act of 2000,

signed by who should be rightly, infamous willie clinton, who with his wife continue to ‘soak’ people

with their repertoire of schemes to increase their wealth positions.

People tend to forget those real, life changing criminals, and

rely instead to harangue about ‘small potato’s.’

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Dec-31-13 11:15 AM

One more time.

Considering the disastrous effects and consequences...

the republican and democratic rich,

their corporations,

their businesses

have had on

legal, u.s. working for wages citizens,

the economy,



society, and on

the world economic and social stage….

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Dec-31-13 11:14 AM


haven’t enough people, with enough sense to

demand retribution,


restitution and jail,

from those in and out of government,


bush jr.,



robert rubin,

larry summers,

phil and wendy gramm,

timothy geithner,

arthur levitt,

james leach,

thomas bliley, and

the whole host of

wall streeter’s,


mortgage companies and

rating companies like

standard and poors,



All of these people, their corporations, and their rich owners, have defrauded every single person


in the top ONE PERCENT (1%) of the nation’s wealthiest scammers.

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Dec-31-13 11:11 AM

Why are there so many ignoramuses

content to carry on and worry with

meager matters, small potato’s,

when there are so many white collar criminals that are allowed to infest

our society,

our government, and

every facet of our life,

still roaming the markets, streets, corporations, and halls of government,

constantly seeking ways to improve their economic lot,

while relentlessly seeking ways to reduce our

economic, social lot, and standard of living.

As a society,

we should demand that justice that is meted out to us continually by a nation of laws,

we also, should demand that the same laws,

apply to

the rich,

their politicians, republicans, democrats,

their corporations and

their tax liability

so, as we must also be held accountable.

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