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Snyder proud of health laws, realistic about 2014

December 30, 2013

LANSING (AP) — Gov. Rick Snyder looks back on 2013 and is proud of the substantial changes he and lawmakers made to Michigan's health care landscape....

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Jan-06-14 3:21 PM

One has to wonder,

why rick is quick and “proud” of “he and his lawmaker republican minions,

are so apt to take credit for changes, or to ’change’ healthcare in Michigan?

Must be his only redeeming quality he can recall to boast upon that anyone other than republicans will construe as possibly positive under his tenure.

Nearly, in EVERY STATE WHERE A REPUBLICAN GOVERNOR and one or both legislative houses are controlled by republicans, and at the insistence and demands of the rich and their corporations, these republican office holders have denied or fought tooth and nail against the Affordable Healthcare Act.

It must have been that the “will of the people” and the prevailing political climate might have dealt a political back-lash to his political aspirations, that he was unwilling to navigate or negotiate appeasement in the already overwhelmingly anti-republican acrid climate.

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Dec-31-13 2:37 PM

One person,

one party,


controlled by the rich,

their corporations,

the u.s. chamber of commerce,

citizens united,

the american legislative exchange council, ALEC,


the brothers,

their minions in state legislatures

who have successfully duped a bunch

of ignorant people…


‘as doing the ‘work’ of the people’.

Only if you are dumb and stupid enough to believe such nonsense.

The "work" of the people has been circumvent by the two-party system, and their masterful financiers.

If you believe otherwise, then gracefully accept be labled dump and stupid...

because you voted for circumvention of the words democracy and democratic, for money and it's protection and interest.

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Dec-31-13 1:23 PM

It has little to do with 'one person' Governing, and more to do with someone elected by the people, doing the 'Peoples' work..

There's enough 'poor' folks in Michigan to justify trying to 'help' them with their healthcare.

The GOP sees this as a necessity, and the Dems think of it as a 'right'

2014 is an election year.. VOTE!

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Dec-30-13 10:48 AM

And so it goes:

Another headline to proclaim of all things, richard's prowess at "governing"...

“Gov. Rick Snyder looks back on 2013 and is proud of the substantial changes he and lawmakers made to Michigan's health care landscape,”

Boasts today’s press headline

- how can they print, without embarrasment,

this hyperbole, and look the other way at everything else ‘snider

didn’t do’ for the middle-class and the working ‘poor’?

Report, instead,

the ‘damage’ this republican governor and his like minions in the states legislatures have

inflicted on the ‘middle-class’ and

the “poor” across this nation…,

all the while…

he has racked-up huge increases in wealth accumulations,

for his republican minions courtesy

of the moneyed class,

u.s. chamber of commerce,

citizens united,

the tee-party,

the ****h bros. and

most of ALL,

his backward reaching,

The American Legislative Excha

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Dec-30-13 10:43 AM

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Dec-30-13 10:43 AM

Is it any wonder,

that snider and his media pundits, including the AP and our ’local press’

must wax ecstatically and enthusiastically over

anything they can ’spin’ …

must and will grasp

at any hair,

at any thread or

wisp of smoke

to bolster his image in the minds of

sheep he believes he can lead, further,


Overall, the republicans have done more to

damage society,

more to damage the economy …

- the old society and economy,

- the society and economy our grandparents and we fought hard

to pull and wrestle from

the money-grubbing fingers and grasp of the rich,

the republicans and democrats,

their corporations,

their congress,

their state governors,

their state legislators,

their supreme court, and

their federal, state and local regulators.

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Dec-30-13 10:40 AM

The republicans and democrats,

their media,

this press,

their political machinations to take control of here-to-fore

a democratic form of government,

they have taken control of

for their corporations,

for their businesses and

for their profits…

but which has now been lost to short-sighted,

backward thinking,

brainless-celled organisms

under the age of sixty.

Soon these brain-dead cells will be -

should be - waking up,

as their own prospects of retirement and health loom large on the horizon,

as compared to the rich

- when these rich retire to their

Golden Sunset and life of eternal tranquility.

For those who are over the age of 60...

It isn’t any ‘wonder’ at all.

These under the age of 60 organisims will soon be crying on

their tail-gates, in

their drugged delusions, and

hoping their mindless offspring will scrape their crool and excrement from ....

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