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Could new bills curb school truancies?

December 26, 2013

LANSING (AP) — Legislation in Lansing would take away driver's licenses from students who are repeatedly absent from school. Democratic Rep....

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Dec-26-13 11:29 AM

this is really great how is this working with dui and others who are ordered to not drive

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Dec-26-13 11:36 AM

Society needs

to curb the results of poor, inattentive, and lack of parenting….

Let’s remove drivers’ licenses from

‘parents’ AND ‘students’.

Parent’s would receive a red-driver’s license

that ONLY allowed them to drive the shortest, most direct route to work

and back home.

Any deviation, and the red-license will be revoked.

The parent or organism,

would be left to their inherited form of locomotion,


through the use of limbs or legs, or bicycle.

Without a doubt,

the meaning of

reading, writing, and ‘arithmetic’

would take a truly different

importance in both the parents’ and students’ life style!

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Dec-26-13 11:38 AM

Students and Parents

didn’t have READY MADE EXCUSES, for poor performance…

Students and their similarly deficient parents,

could not blame the ‘system’ the school, the principal, the teacher,

but rather, they were identified as being responsible for their own outcome.

Of course, the ‘system’ made exceptions for those who could ever, or never learn, at the same pace as your average classroom student.

Society does not expect that everyone can be molded into the same level of educational and intellectual accomplishment.

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Dec-26-13 11:40 AM

Plain and simply put,

if you couldn’t perform, or pass requirements for achievement at ‘grade-level’,

you were retained, ‘flunked’, you repeated the material, and your


afforded to you was to “pay-attention” and learn the material, or suffer the consequences.


Taxpayers were giving STUDENTS and PARENTS a chance to receive a FREE PUBLIC EDUCATION

only one time, or repeatedly,

in the same grade

until the student and parent got it ‘RIGHT’.

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Dec-26-13 11:42 AM

Most teachers, with years of maturity teaching,

will readily admit that when social pressures were exerted by lazy parents, poor parenting skills, or completely absent parenting,

upon our public schools, we came to allow mentally and educationally deficient people

to intervene in their child’s’ education, and removed any feeling of student mastery, student competency and student ‘accountability’ from the responsibility of ‘traditional’ education modeling,

that up to that time, proved to be more successful than today’s ‘model’.

“Traditionally”, or ‘old-school’ education plans were based on ‘accountability’.

More succinctly, student-centered learning AND accountability.

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Dec-26-13 11:43 AM

Why punish the children?


our focus must be concentrated on the reason ‘children’ aren’t in school.

Alternatively, we must investigate the phenomenon of NON-ACCOUNTABILITY.

TRUANCY, has ALWAYS been with us, but not to the extent that schools and teachers have experienced over the course of the last 20 or more years.

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Dec-26-13 12:06 PM

This is the stupidest law they've come up with in decades!

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Dec-26-13 12:07 PM


I agree with you.

Let's carry your idea one more step.


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Dec-26-13 12:10 PM


apparently, you were one of the stupidest 'students' they've come to identify in decades!

A real bane or pain to school systems.

And, therefore find having no drivers license,


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Dec-26-13 1:32 PM

Not an effective way to make people comply with a standard. Might keep a very low percentage of kids from skipping school, but most don't care because they probably don't drive anyway.

This is basically a way for the state to make more money from fees at the SOS. Driving is a costly thing in Michigan. Insurance fees to the state, license fees to the state, excessive plate fees to the state and now they want more kids to pay penalties for suspensions.

New laws are designed to make legal activities illegal or increase costs to taxpayers. Laws are written to get more of the peoples money into the hands of those who govern. Even laws that are written to decrease costs (remember that property tax law we all voted for?) eventually have a way of sticking it to the taxpayer in short order.

Headline should read "State to look at ways to increase revenues."

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Dec-26-13 1:37 PM

Oh, and stop blaming parents. The libralized society has taken parnting away from parents and given that resonsibility to the schools.

There is an obvious connection between childrens behavior and the spawning of the liberal movement. Since the liberal movement took root, children have been on the decline in learning in this country.

Now, we can't spank kids or yell at them or we could end up in jail for physical or verbal abuse of a child. Instead, we have turned to drugs for kids. Drug them and hope they behave. Problem is, the drugs make it so many of these drugged kids can't learn. Same kids don't go to classes.

The liberal answer? "Those*****parents need to... blah blah blah". Tie the parents hands then blame them for not doing Typical blame game.

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Dec-26-13 2:49 PM


obviously, you've never spent any significant amount of time teaching poorly parented 'organisms' in the classroom, and more than likely, you were not effective, other than to take up space or collect a pay check.

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Dec-26-13 5:45 PM

Whiz, great rebuttal. Too bad you didn't actually make an argument against what I wrote.

Your comment takes nothing away from what I wrote. So, either you agree with me, or you have no way to win an argument based on fact. If you could prove I am wrong, you would have done so.

Happy New Year!

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Dec-27-13 7:15 AM

Obviously schlwart, you know as much about ‘rebuttals’, as you have experience teaching in a classroom…

Statements of fact are just that.

Answer the implied question, how much time have you spent teaching in a classroom?

If you had been there, done that, you wouldn’t have made such foolish statements.

Don’t blame your fantasy about what you believe constitutes a liberal.

Parent’s, for the most part, pressured lawmakers and schools to ‘dumb-down’ education and just about everything else.

Face fact, too many procreator’s don’t produce good spawn, students, families or societies.

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Dec-30-13 8:01 PM

I have not spent time teaching in a classroom. I have, however, spent considerable time over the years practically begging some teachers to hold my child accountable instead of letting them get away with not turning in an assignment I knew was done, letting them make up tests when they said they "weren't ready" (even though I quizzed them beforehand), not enforcing dress code violations (news flash-kids change clothes or remove layers after they leave the house), etc. I agree there are plenty of inadequate parents out there, but there are also plenty of teachers who take the easy way out and then blame the parents. Teachers and administrators need to hold kids directly responsible and accountable when they are in high school, not blame the parents.

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