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Council to decide smoking ban Jan. 2

December 20, 2013

ESCANABA — A smoking ban at the new John D. Besse Park in Escanaba will be considered for approval or disapproval by Escanaba City Council when it meets Jan. 2, council decided Thursday....

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Dec-28-13 11:58 AM

Exstac.y is now being a word banned from being printed by the press.

just saying - they're onto something BIG HERE.

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Dec-28-13 11:57 AM


More reports of smoking and smoke inhalation seem to be the norm in describing deaths....

Children and adults die of smoke inhalation,

more often than are there report of children and adults dying from diaper related incidents.

After all, people make money selling diapers, and clearly government would be after corporations if diapers were linked to deaths in children and adults.

You know so little, but think you know more!

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Dec-27-13 8:00 AM


You wax so ecstatically over everything related.

Have you ever wondered why people want to discard most everything related, and

are to proud to put it in their pockets and pack it out of the public realm?

Smokers and parents bearing babies should not be allowed the exctasy of exhaling.

You could lead the cause, clear the air and the ground, and hopefully the water as well,

if you were but to lead the ban on all effluvium, effluvia.

BTW Excstasy,

how many people have been linked to cancer from diapered bu.tts, as compared to links to cancer from smoking/inhaling smoke from bu.tts?

You and the rest of the world,

have to face reality, the world is full of bu.tts and

they need supervision and government control over their effluvia, lest they overtake the world!

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Dec-24-13 11:11 PM

Laugh, Laugh.. Folks be worried about some Cigarette Butts on the ground... "Ooooh!.." Ever walk up on a Diaper laying out on the grass in the park? Dog Crap? Empty food containers? - Used ******s?.. Get all bent out of shape about "Smoking" in hopes it'll clear the air in and around "The Kids".. it's always all about "The Kids"... Folks are using "The Kids" to vent their agenda.. What about a "DIAPER" ban in the park? I would think that a used Diaper is more Dangerous to "The Kids" than some cigarette butts..

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Dec-22-13 11:35 PM

Whig, if you persist in taking your children to bars and strip clubs where people are smoking, I'd say the children have far larger problems than any smoke they might encounter there.


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Dec-22-13 1:12 PM


as you proceed to protest that you should have the right to smoke, you're too ignorant...

to realize or comprehend the consequences .... much.

Read about child



bonding, and

something more important than

smoking your toke in public!

You have the right to pollute the air, in your car, home, bathroom and bedroom.

Go smoke down the road.

Every morning, I spend 20 minutes picking up buttts, from smokers who didn't give a about anything butt.t themselves...

Deny yourself once - for someone other than yourself, be proactive thnk of someone else, your neighbor, your child, your health...

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Dec-22-13 1:05 PM

If you 'believe' you have a 'right to smoke' and pollute, then every other person has a 'right' to not have smokers in their presence.

If you feel strongly about "protecting" children, then clearly, you should have enough control to delay your smoking buttt.

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Dec-22-13 12:59 PM

Sorry. Didn't realize a dot com thing would be interpreted as HTML. In any event, I think the Author's Preface will show why this is a real concern.

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Dec-22-13 12:57 PM

Team, I believe the problem goes deeper than you realize. Read the "Author's Preface" at TobakkoNacht**** to see what I mean.


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Dec-22-13 11:41 AM

It's not just the foul odor of smoke that they are trying to address. It is the pigs who decide to throw their cigarette butts everywhere no matter how many cans are in place. The other thing is influence. Don't you want your children to grow up with a better influence, and NOT turn out like you are but a better person? If you are that worried about smoking, you are obviously not worried about anything else as long as your "rights" are taking a hit. What about the rights of these children who can't make a better decision than the ones you make for them? Get over it.

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Dec-22-13 10:20 AM

Wig, it was the Antismokers who moved the smokers out of the bars where they were safely away from the sight of children and moved them out to the streets where the kids can see them smoking and joking and flirting and having fun. Perhaps you should take up the argument with the Antismokers if that's your main concern?



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Dec-22-13 10:02 AM

What part of yokel, yooper, and smoldering bad taste is loopie louper-canter...

is this person trying to portray?

Stringing his logic a step further, let us also make available a few

tables for a beer, a joint, and a toke of smoke, crack or anything else people enjoy stuffing into their pie hole or other orifice’s.

It’s what ’adults’ are presenting as ’permissible’ to our children,

it’s what we allow children to be exposed to and the

IMPRINTING that takes place that is not only morally bankrupt,

but doesn’t explain or imprint the results of such morally bankrupt behaviors,

whether it is common place in your home, on the streets, in schools, wherever.

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Dec-22-13 9:59 AM


within the minds and impressions of children and everyone else,

has its consequences, and

there is


by those who lead the pack,

that are wont to favorably portray

poor choices

as acceptable behavior.

Teachers, all to readily understand the consequences of

positive or negative IMPRINTING

Intelligent people aren’t trying to jam anything down your misguided throats and brains,

it’s all about parenting and healthy children,

mentally, and physically as well.

It has more to do with the mind, the brain, and

imprinting bad choices, which are

collectively more harmful,

cant lope!

Keep up the good work show children

how to snuff, snort, or phart,


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Dec-21-13 7:09 PM

hy is sending smokers 100 ft from the edge of a playground where their children are playing and possibly slicing themselves on a sharp piece of glass or falling from a swing suddenly pushed too high or being threatened/hit by a bully, described as “protecting the welfare” of those children?

Escanaba citizens need to understand: the antismoking extremists are lying to you about any "threats" from wisps of outdoor smoke, and feel perfectly justified in doing so “for your own good.” No child's “welfare” will be harmed by a rare wisp of smoke from a parent at a playground. The city will not be “healthier” by moving parents away from their children. And shuffling smokers off into wide circles around playgrounds will not make the city cleaner.

A few comfortable benches a yard or two outside the playground near a proper ashcan actually *would* make the parks cleaner, while safeguarding the children.

Michael J. McFadden Author of "TobakkoNacht -- The Antismoking Endgame&qu

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Dec-20-13 10:06 PM

How many simple local yokel yoopers

does it take to consider smoking

in a school,

a doctor’s office,

a classroom,

an operating room,

a hospital…

For goodness sakes people…

Get your cr.ap together and change the name of the park to the

John and Pattttt Bessie

Smoking Parlor,

with a properly posted sign:


Smokers are to be expected at this facility,

therefore anyone leaving children here to play,

will be arrested,

fined and

incarcerated for child endangerment.

It’s that simple you @#$%& morons!

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