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Judge: Detroit eligible for Chapter 9 bankruptcy

December 3, 2013

DETROIT — Detroit is eligible to shed billions in debt in the largest public bankruptcy in U.S....

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Dec-04-13 4:44 PM

Yes smarter all construction jobs are temporary by their nature.

All cities have construction going on pretty much all the time. Not all construction projects employ an estimated 5000 people. Building a stadium doesn't last forever and just where do you think those 5000 jobs will go when the stadium is done?

Basically smarter I'm saying you can't make long-term plans based on a short-term project.

I think Smarter I already said, in this case I just wouldn't build the stadium. The gain just doesn't outweigh the expenditure in the long term.

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Dec-04-13 1:45 PM

Aren't a lot of people employed in construction? Aren't all construction projects by their very nature "temporary?" What would you suggest Vauche? Making every construction and public works project like the Winchester mansion? Just keep building and building? But, like the youngsters say, a hater's gotta hate.

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Dec-04-13 10:33 AM

There's definitely truth in what you say tailgater but MN is also in a little bit of a different position than Detroit.

For sure the construction jobs would be great for Detroit but it's temporary at best.

The issue really is obligations that the city made to employees. It seems unreasonable that the city can find money for the stadium but tell those it promised benefits to there is no money.

Make no mistake, you can't let the city off that easy here, it sets a very bad precedent if the government can promise the world and then not deliver. Why then would any government official ever tell anyone constituent NO?

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Dec-04-13 9:32 AM

Suprise Whiz, I agree with you on the stadium. For the most part I don't really agree with taxpayer funded stadiums ever.

I don't have much sympathy for those in Detroit who created their own mess. These people didn't bother to look down the road, didn't bother to figure out the economic feasibility of ever increasing pension requirements and health care costs.

However, even though these folks created this mess by buying into liberal politicians promises, promises were made. The employees responsibility now is to accept the consequence of their short-sightedness and loyalty to the democratic con-man and realize they can not get all the promises they bought into. The cities responsibility is to try to fulfill as much of those promises as they can to all they owe which doesn't include spending money on a stadium.

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Dec-04-13 2:20 AM

True to Form,

True to the rich,



corporate ethic of sc.r.ewing the wage earner.

Michigan taxpayers will fund a hokey rink for buddie, bud mike...

who's down and out on his pizza pie.

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Dec-04-13 2:18 AM


the ever affable,

clubby, effluvious

gov snider has detailed


of taxpayers’ money to give

long-time, buddy, friend, mike illitch,

as of September 2013,

a $3.2 BILLION DOLLAR billionaire,

down on his ‘luck’(?)


wants a new ’entertainment complex,

as of September 2013, a $3.2 BILLION DOLLAR billionaire,

down on his ‘luck’ for some hokey rink?


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Dec-04-13 2:16 AM

But Wait!

It’s not as though the

red wings don’t have a place to play hokey,

they have joe lewis arena,


mike ilitch,


that is LESS THAN 35 years old!

Think I am just a cynical and crabby old man?

You might want to go back and read about all the wonderful things that

were supposed to happen when the

taxpayers paid for Joe Louis,

Comerica Park, Ford Field, etc., etc.

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Dec-04-13 2:14 AM

All those promises and predictions...

never happened then, either.

Yes, we know some new condos have sprung up near Comerica.

And we know the Hockeytown Café does a booming business

… but only on those few days there is a game...

what about the rest of the year?

Fans do pour downtown for hockey, baseball and football games;

some do go to bars and restaurants afterward,

but most don’t.

They just get in their cars and go home.

People don’t sell their houses in Royal Oak and

move downtown to be close to the stadiums.

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Dec-04-13 2:12 AM


gol-lee, Gomer...

If we had only known this before,

Dee-troit could have built some new stadiums,

and not have had to go bankrupt.

That’s right, Goober … except, ah — we did.

Senate Minority Leader Gretchen Whitmer groused,

“It’s difficult to tell the residents of the city that

this GIFT TO MIKE directed by rick for michigan taxpayers to pony-up their tax dollars,


is more important than public safety or streetlights.”

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Dec-04-13 2:10 AM

But what isn't comprehensible, are those free-market types

who are so eager to oppose spending any money to help poor kids but

are fine when government wants to spend taxpayer dollars to help a

multi- billionaire

build a bigger playpen,

of course look to slick rick to make taxpayers help his rich bro’s.

Hate unnecessary government spending?


Tell rick,

Mr. Ilitch he can afford to pay for his own arena.

When you say that,

his backers splutter,

“He might move the team.”


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Dec-03-13 10:37 PM

Popsa really?

The city of Detroit has been under democratic control since 1962 and where is it now?


Unfunded pension liabilities and declining population all under the democrats control and you claim I have a mental disorder for connecting the dots?

When evidence is shown concerning the fallacy of the liberal utopia blind faith that it will be different the next time is the mental disorder.

If one promises you everything you want without consequence every time you ask and you believe them that is the mental disorder.

Democrats continued to give increasing benefits to municipal employees even as the economy of Detroit and Michigan were tanking. You honestly think these mayors didn't know these promises could not be kept? Worse yet, you think they actually thought they could?

But yes, I'm the mental one.

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Dec-03-13 9:07 PM

Vauche how long ago did you fall on your head to get that obvious mental disorder you have?

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Dec-03-13 4:02 PM

Fizzy, that was pure poetry in motion....except like most democrats the motion is in reverse.

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Dec-03-13 3:29 PM

Proof Positive from the comments below...



never live alone.

they always finds good company

with other dingleberries residing under the hair...

in that bony or cartilaginous framework of the head of


made up of the bones of the braincase

like a pea in a jar,

if you listen carefully,

you can hear them raddle, rattle....

Most would observe and agree,

that a wattle has a better function in life

than than the dingleberry below.

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Dec-03-13 1:46 PM

And this is what you get when you keep voting for liberal democrats who keep promising gifts a plenty people.

They tell you what you want to hear and keep giving you what you want so you will vote for them with no intention of following through.

They deceived Detroit's people with gifts and the people fell for it. Now the people get what they deserve for believing in the free ride mentality of the liberals!

Let this be a warning to other cities who keep falling for the liberal democrat's utopia. You will suffer as they laugh all the way to the bank.

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