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At least 17 wolves killed in Mich. hunt

December 2, 2013

LANSING (AP) — Michigan authorities say at least 17 wolves have been killed in the Upper Peninsula during the state’s first wolf hunt in decades....

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Dec-04-13 2:40 PM

EStacey You seem to hate everything about Michigan!! Why don"t you pack up your computer and get out? Perhaps you could move to Alaska and raise Wolves!! But if you do remember they really like to eat new born fawns!! So you might have to raise deer as well so you can keep them fed!!

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Dec-04-13 2:35 PM

Well wolf hunting is coming to Delta and Menominee Counties, and they are going to be killed and there is not a thing you can do to stop it!!! Save the deer herd kill the coyotes and wolves!!

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Dec-03-13 3:39 PM

Now here's a comment that speaks more to the truth:

"You should change your name to ...

I dont appose hunting wolves

but your making hunters sound like fools.."


to label these people as 'sportsmen or hunters' isn't quite the imagine they lend to the public...

Look's like the 'shoe-fit's better with the former label rather than the latter...?

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Dec-03-13 12:07 PM

As far as 'Dead Wolves' go, "Not caring about what is done with the dead beast" smacks of a 'Careless Sportsman' - They should, at the very least, be carried into a check station to be properly inspected.. Rabies and such being a problem, Parvo.. whatever else.. Then, buried properly as you would 'any' animal.. But as you say, "You don't care"... that statement alone disqualifies you from any sane conversation on the subject of 'Conservation' and 'Control'...

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Dec-03-13 12:04 PM

Well arealyooper, I admit to NOT being the great hunter you are.. at least not in the sense that YOU think hunting is.. But I've shot my fair share of 'food on the hoof' - and know how to track an animal, follow a trail, and actually 'find' the animal I want to shoot and drag home and eat. Michigan, Mighty Hunters, are closer to being 'trappers' than 'hunters' - Go ahead, check out the difference then report back here.. As for how much time I spend on computers. Cheese and Rice!.. I make my living with computers these days.. And I noticed too that YOU enjoy seeing your own ASCII here, there, and everywhere.. under a FALSE name though cause you sure don't want folks knowing who ya are eh?

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Dec-02-13 10:49 PM

EStacey your another one on this site who loves to read his own posts! Do you spend any time at all off of your computer? I can tell you are not a hunter and have no knowledge on the subject!! There comes a time when certain people should just shut their big mouths! I am starting to think you are in the basement with MikeHawkburns420 !!!

EStacey as far as the dead wolves go, I have no idea what they do with them, nor do I care! I am getting ready to go shoot some myself when they have the season in Menominee and Delta Counties.

As far as what do you bait them with,well I think their favorite food is Whitetail Deer!! If you want to use the very best bait for wolves, they like fawns more then anything, they do not have to work as hard to rip them apart while they are still alive

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Dec-02-13 10:34 PM

MikeHawkburns420 you say enough here to make yourself look like a fool!! Why don't you stick to a topic you know something about like growing weed in your basement and video games!!

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Dec-02-13 4:27 PM

My only question is, 'What was done with the dead animals' ? What do you do with a Dead Wolf? is there a 'Wolf Pole' where you can hang your prize "Game Animal"? What did you use for bait? Here in Michigan, we don't HUNT animals.. we 'Ambush' and "Snipe" them - 'Hunting' implies searching.. you don't hunt for your socks in the morning by waiting for them to roam into your bait pile.. you don't 'hunt' for a bargain on black friday by having it knock on your door? Mistake NOT the Mighty Ambusher with any form of HUNTER.

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Dec-02-13 2:18 PM

You should change your name to "arealjack*ss"... I dont appose hunting wolves but your making hunters sound like fools..

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Dec-02-13 12:50 PM

Thats a good start!!! Now lets start killing the wolves in Menominee and Delta Counties!!! Then while we are at it,lets put a bounty back on coyotes!!!

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