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Group seeks 3rd ballot issue on wolf hunting

December 2, 2013

LANSING (AP) — A pro-hunting coalition is launching a campaign to collect petition signatures seeking a possible third statewide vote next November on hunting wolves in Michigan....

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Dec-02-13 9:30 PM

Before the ‘hunt’ really gets started in earnest,

shouldn’t you think

the ‘sportsman’, ‘hunters’ should hold to certain standards,

such as the freshness, quality, and amount of ‘bait’ they can set out

to ‘hunt’ these wily wolves?

If ‘sportsmen’ want a ‘hunting’ season, then by all means, make these 'sports' ‘hunt’.

If ‘sportsmen’ or ‘hunters’ want a ‘baiting’ season,

then call it a baiting season for their natural enemies the fish, fowl and animals in mother natures realm.

Clearly, today we don’t have ‘hunters’,

we have baiters,



sporting loft’s and other apartments,

along with human predators out in the woods giving

‘sportsmanship’ and ‘hunting’ a bad name.

As always, someone will disagree and whine fowl/foul..

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Dec-02-13 9:27 PM

Rather than trying to establish bagging or bragging rites

and useless animal, fish and fowl trophies on the wall…

How about really plying the skills of these sports and hunters with new bagging and bragging rites…

Let see how these sports/hunters show their manly prowess in bagging something real?

But first, would baiting be allowed and somehow entrap the unsuspecting?

The new ‘hunt’ would entail filling their license while bagging a ‘trophy-wife’…

Of course, the sport wouldn’t lose any flourish.

The boy’s could still employ the same methods for scoring white tails

- Boon & Crochet Club rules

- for scoring trophy-wives….


number of points

tip-to-tip spred

greatest spread

inside spred of main beams

total lengths of all abnormal points,


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Dec-02-13 9:23 PM

Once the scoring is accomplished...

the Boon & Crochet measuring ring is given to the trophy as a prize and converted into a liquid or semi-liquid asset.

That would separate sportsmen from hunters,

the men from the boy’s,

and finally they’d have a real trophy to polish….

Betcha, they wouldn’t spend anymore money polishing a ‘trophy-wife’, then they spend on the animal, fowl or fish variety.

What the heck...

the dnr wouldn't have a hand horning in this 'hunt', no fees, no game-wardens, no rules, just good huntin.

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Dec-02-13 4:22 PM

There was grumbling on the radio today about "Perhaps anti-hunting folks bought up all the licenses so as to prevent the wolves being killed".. Wow!.. you mean, that 'could' be a problem? You mean, folks couldn't bag their limit? (I'm laughing at that)

So, ya shot a wolf eh?.. what did ya do with it?.. did you bury it?.. hang it on a Wolf Pole?.. Get a picture of yourself beside it, holding it's bloody head up? Mighty Hunter?!! What did you do with the pelt? The dead animal? I'd like to hear stories about that..

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Dec-02-13 4:19 PM

Game Animal - Game is any animal hunted for food or not normally domesticated. Game animals are also hunted for sport. The type and range of animals hunted for food varies in different parts of the world. ...

In this case, I think the beautiful wolf falls into the "SPORTING" category. So, why all this talk about needing to thin their numbers for 'safety sake' ? - It's a ruse if you ask me.. If the wolf population is so dangerous, why have a "SEASON" - Simply offer a bounty, have the mighty hunter haul in the carcass and be paid the bounty.

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