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State, tribes casino deal expires

November 30, 2013

LANSING (AP) — Deals struck 20 years ago to authorize the first American Indian casinos in Michigan may expire today, and it could be months — even years — before the state and six tribes reach new......

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Dec-03-13 12:20 PM

ps: Nobody has ever called me "Lieutenant Dan" or any form of a sort.. I was called, "Dick Tracey" once when I was a Pinkerton Guard out at the Ore Docks, shortly after retiring from Active Duty. I wouldn't mind being called Liuetenant Dan, if my name was Dan.. but it's Ed, short for Edward. Are you REALLY sure I'm the STUPID one in this conversation? - A guy, who uses the name of a small riding machine as a way of HIDING from people, sniping rude remarks and slander at every chance... 'Moped'.. the funniest thing I can think of is a FAT FANNY on a MOPED.. now, THAT is Stupid!

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Dec-03-13 12:15 PM

Mopeds, Gosh!.. you know me so well, then you also know that I am of Native American heritage too, right?.. You say I am the 'stupidest' person you ever met?.. Really, yourself being second in line perhaps? You say the Native American has "Learned what makes the White Man, tick?" Really?! - You're so wise, and you say it's GREED of Money that brings the White Man into the Casino? to be fleeced by the Indian? Really? - And you're STILL thinking that 'WE' the human race should be divided into 'those that can and those that cannot'? Again, be very careful who you insult with your remarks.. I'm not looking to 'fleece' any white folks of their money...

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Dec-02-13 10:59 PM

Estacy or Lt. Dan as some have called you, you have to be the stupidest person i've ever come across. Thru assimilation natives have learned what makes the white man tick and that's money. Greed forces them thru the Casino doors and yet they feel compelled to blame the natives for their ruined lives due to their gambling, they don't owe anyone anything and tribes should begin weapons development due to the ever encroachment on their right by the same white man that wants to take MORE!! EStacey please jump off the mackinaw bridge for your own safety.

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Dec-02-13 4:43 PM

In my most humble opinion, ALL of the Casinos should have to "Renew with Reason" every decade or so, if not yearly.. We see way too much 'wrong' with their methods of "Making Money" and too often overlook it because, well, because "They employ people and you can gamble and drink there". Not enough is shown of the lives Gambling ruins, nor of the waste many raised on the 'hardly working' efforts of the Casinos. I personally think that if you continue to allow one race of people 'gambling' rights.. that you give others of other races EQUAL right to other endeavors.. I'll take 'Bar Ownership'.. who wants "Supermarket"..

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Nov-30-13 2:05 PM

Quit b*tching, the casinos you talk about probably employ you of our buddys.

They have those "rights" for a reason, even though its clear you forgot or are just too ignorant to know.

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Nov-30-13 10:11 AM

The indians get way too many rights!! It is time to level the playing field and allow non indian casinos to open through out the state!!

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