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Wolf hunt debate: Distorted facts, false claims?

Officials respond to allegations

November 11, 2013

MARQUETTE — State officials responded Friday to allegations that distorted facts and false claims were made in the effort to remove state and federal protections for gray wolves and in establishing......

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Nov-14-13 4:04 PM


For one of a few times,

actually admitting wrong-thinking, and having the press


wrong sayings and falsehoods by

some of or states' department functionaries has,

in spite of all the negativism,

increased the awareness that 'people'


than the rich, and

their agenda's and

their corporations,

have something to say!


republican rags and

their editor’s’

blindly publishing every piece of republican trash as








Would it not be just as refreshing and exhilarating

if the local press editor

admitted as much about his papers’





and editioral positions?

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Nov-14-13 2:54 PM

Would the real Tom Casperson please stand up !!!!!

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Nov-14-13 2:23 PM


Anyone seen the ad offering a ‘reward’ of $10,000.00 for finding, or helping to find a way to restore republican Casperson’s’ 'lost credibility?

Evidently there has been a number of admirers and financial supporters willing to put up the money and reward the ‘finder’ of the republican's "lost credibility".

The fine print, or the ‘gotcha’ element, are the words declaring

“all credibility” must be ‘fully returned and restored"

before the $10,000.00 is paid out.

Anyone out there willing to claim the $10,000.00 reward or prize money?

By some accounts, his friends and admirers all say something to the effect,

‘all is not lost’.

Anyone willing to take a stab at making $10.000.00 ‘easy bucks‘?


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Nov-13-13 5:46 PM

The question was asked:

"What 'exactly' do you bait wolves with?"

Maybe, this would be a business plan for the Delta Chamber of Commerce and Delta Force to develop.

After all, any business that creates 'jobs' is an opportunity for a grant or tax abatement isn't it?

Ever 'really' try young livestock, or stray dogs?

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Nov-13-13 3:19 PM

I think it is time for Casperson to go back to being a truck driver!! Casperson is indeed a legend, in his own mind!!!!

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Nov-13-13 2:49 PM

I wouldn't go so far as to say Casperson has lost ALL credibility - There's a lot a Politician does that relies on the help of the people he represents. Often, that help carries it's own Agenda.. In this case, "They wanted a Wolf Hunt".. and it would seem skipped over the HONESTY part of their information to Casperson. We see now too, that the attacks on Livestock were not 'enough' to warrant a hunt.. Now, how's this going to work? Hunt Deer and Wolves on the same day?. Yikes! What 'exactly' do you bait wolves with? I dunno, but I do know they'll be where the deer are, and the hunters are.. and oh boy!..

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Nov-12-13 2:42 PM

I would say it's pretty safe to say Cheese that this is why you don't often hear politicians say they were wrong.

You whine and complain about thieving, lieing politicians and when one comes out and admits he did wrong you go and play the high and mighty I'm better than everyone card and you can never be trusted again.

As best I can tell you live a miserable life as nothing ever makes you happy, everyone is out to get you, and you just can't get enough people to give you stuff to get ahead in life.

Well, keep your head up and at some point you'll start figuring it out. Pay more attention to your own life and less to others and you'll come out just fine.

Casperson messed up big time. He will have a lot of work to do to get back the trust he lost. However, one mistake shouldn't over-ride everything else (yes Cheese, you don't like him so he's never done anything good) good he has accomplished.

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Nov-12-13 2:10 PM

Holy FrogLegs Batman…

Have you seen the new

BumYooper Sticker

being posted on Bumpers Everywhere?


Cried the WOLF!

and if to reinforce that idea...

Dan Proclaims NOT!

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Nov-12-13 11:22 AM

Holy cats batman. Long winded way to say it will be hard for people to believe anything Casperson says again.

Honestly though, the rich, the republicans (yes I know Casperson is a republican, but an individual is not the context you ever use republican), corporations had NOTHING to do with this. Just once, keep it to the story, it would be a miracle of epic proportions.

As for losing the American way of life, we started losing that when we started losing God in our society. We started losing that when we lost personal responsibility and started down this road of all for one and one for all. "I'm responsible for my neighbor" crap from our fearless leader. NO I'm not! He's responsible for himself you fool.

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Nov-11-13 11:21 PM

cheese head,

Regards your crying wolf analogy and morphology from the greek to modern english cries of alarm and cries about wolves…

Could it be,

the rich,

the republicans,

their corporations, and

their lobbyists

are just another reincarnation of Ae•sop’s fables

but a much updated, expanded and louder version given our technological advances…

all crying the

same wolf story,

but spread over a wider audience today with

huge cash reserves made available by the supreme court and our beloved congress,

are able to “cry wolf”



Someone, must have given the rich, the republicans, the corporations access to Aesop’s Fables,

otherwise how on earth could they have gotten the idea?

But then, that begs the question:

Who Read Aesop’s Fables to Them?

And who schemed modern versions into trillions of dollars for their pleasure?

Not the ri

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Nov-11-13 10:41 PM

It is with a light, slight, smirk

that we read here,

since a slave and story teller told the wolf tale…

And, all of 2600 years have passed, and

Nothing Is New under the Sun!

Aesop's Fables is a collection of fables credited to Aesop,

a slave and story-teller believed to have lived in ancient Greece between

620 and 560 BCE.

From diverse origins, the stories associated with Aesop's name

have descended to modern times through a number of sources.

They continue to be reinterpreted in different verbal registers and in popular as well as artistic mediums,

not the least of which they often appear in the halls and toilet walls,

from our favorite elected official and presented as press releases to our favorite media mavens and minons.

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Nov-11-13 10:36 PM

The Politician Who Cried Wolf is one of Aesop's Fables.

From it is derived the English idiom

"to cry wolf",

meaning to give a false alarm

The tale concerns a politician boy who repeatedly tricks nearby

villagers (voters)

into thinking a wolf is attacking his flock.

When a wolf actually does appear and he calls for help,

the villagers (voters)

do not trust the boy Politician and the flock is killed by the wolf.

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Nov-11-13 10:35 PM

The moral at the end of the Greek version of the story states that it

"shows that this is how liars are rewarded:

even if they tell the truth,

no one believes them".

This echoes a statement attributed

to Aristotle by Diogenes Laërtius in his The Lives and Opinions of Eminent Philosophers,

where the sage was asked what those who tell lies gain by it and he answered:

"that when they speak truth they are not believed".

William Caxton closes his version with the remark that

"men bileve not lyghtly hym whiche is knowen for a lyer".

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Nov-11-13 10:33 PM

With regard to frequent references and political alarmism,

"when we are alarmed with imaginary dangers in respect of the public,

till the cry grows quite stale and threadbare,

how can it be expected we should know when to guard ourselves against real ones?"

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Nov-11-13 10:32 PM

The men and women who

“would cry wolf”,

frankly outnumber those who seek to tell the


Then, there are

the rich,

both republicans and democrats,

their corporations and their

congress of liars,

who are continually in need to

“cry wolf”

to spirit their cause…

more often than not…


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Nov-11-13 10:31 PM

I was a republican… once.

but got sick of listening to the weasels,

the rich republicans, democrats, and their corporations,

continually crying about this, that, and everything else,

all of which their

“cries” (alarm)

were cleverly disguised in

wolf’s clothing!

MG, there are still too many of them living and breathing, amongst us,

fouling the air,

fouling the water,

fouling the ground,

and fouling the

American Way of Life!

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Nov-11-13 5:57 PM

Where is your information coming from gcaplett?

I haven't seen some of the things you claim. I'll admit though I have not paid that close attention.

Bottom line to me though is this wolf thing is getting way out of control. As a state we have far more important things to fix.

Now the fact that Casperson "lied or mislead" willfully or not is definitely disturbing.

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Nov-11-13 4:31 PM

This story from the Mining Journal presents this as a debate between the Humane Society person working on the wolf campaign and Casperson, not what it really is: a bunch of people caught stretching the truth that was uncovered by investigative journalism. That's the story. They make no mention that this information surfaced through MLive's investigative journalism. They make no mention that the DNR specialist admitted to not telling the truth about wolves outside of people's windows, instead presenting it as a "claim" made by Keep Michigan Wolves Protected that the DNR specialist did not respond to. They make no mention that the NRC chairman admitted to "trashing" thousands of public comments. Or that Casperson was told his daycare fairytale was not true when he introduced the resolution. He went along with the fib anyway. What a great guy.

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Nov-11-13 12:50 PM

After hearing this, I think all the republicans in the state should resign and we should kill all the wolves:)

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