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Escanaba picks DDA leader

November 7, 2013

ESCANABA — Escanaba’s recently-appointed Downtown Development Authority (DDA) director officially begins his new job Monday but already has his sights set on improving business downtown....

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Jan-03-14 7:56 PM

Here it is, January 3, 2014.

WHAT was that guy's name again, that the ADD hired?



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Nov-08-13 10:58 PM

Well lets see, I think they will probably dump a bunch of good money in buildings that should be torn down!! Then maybe have a hot dog eating contest,God knows that will bring in the buisness!! For crying out loud the downtown area is dead!!!! If they took all the money that has been wasted on the downtown area, they could build a new town!!! It sure makes me happy I do not live in Escanaba!!!

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Nov-08-13 10:42 PM


you say of froglegs:

"If you think you can do better, why then didn't you apply for the job!"

I would venture to guess the only reason he did apply for the job, is that every-spring, frog has a family to raise, and he's not as smart as you, so he merrily procreates independently of the ADD.

BTW - you seem to excel at bashing, are 'smarter than frog' - why didn't you apply?

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Nov-08-13 10:38 PM

just thinking out of the box...


Are too narrow minded.

Here’s a quick fix for revitalizing the downtown area:

1) what rhymes with raze

2) what rhymes with bulldozer

3) what rhymes with dump truck

4) what rhymes with dumps

5) what rhymes with raise

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Nov-08-13 1:51 PM

I have always and continue to think there is no need, ZERO need for a Downtown Development Authority - PERIOD - Where is the 'Downtown' of Escanaba? Methinks it resides somewhere by Taco Bell, Wal-Mart, The Three Auto-Parts Stores and Two SUPER Markets.. proving that is where the REAL heart of this city is, where jobs are, money is made.. So many business' have started and failed or simply MOVED off Ludingtion it's a FARCE to think that is the "Downtown" area.. it's a Mecca for Lawyers on one end, and a Cemetary on the other.. With very, very little commerce in between in comparison to 'everywhere' else in Escanaba..

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Nov-07-13 3:42 PM


Heavens to Murgatroyd, grizzvald, grizzlepuss, snagglePuss, is far more descriptive and kindly, and hardly rude.

I agree, froggleggs gets a little jerky and hop-uppity at times, particularly when you talk about dining and the mention of tasty frog legs.

You could be discerning, should be more sensitive.

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Nov-07-13 2:07 PM

yeah Froglegs I am very literate. I never said working for the DDA was all Peaches.I am not commenting about the DDA I was refering to Mr.Legault since you seem to be on a bashing kick regarding him.and as for your marvelous comments only you seem to think they are marvelous. it's easy to sit behind a computer and run your mouth.It's obvious you have nothing better to do than but people down. leave me alone you are a jerk!

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Nov-07-13 1:58 PM

Peaches, nee grizzlewald,

Peaches, like snagglepusS you too, can’t read.

If you don’t understand ‘citi’-group’ and their machinations to the American people,

you not only can’t read, and r not much better than illiterate.

I haven’t said anything negative about poor ed.

There is no reason why I should have to explain every word, every comma, to you and snaggle, and then explain what I posted.

Can't both of you read, or comprehend?

just saying...

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Nov-07-13 1:55 PM

Better yet,

get with snagglepuss, peaches,

and read aloud, to each other, what I post;

quiz each other and have a group of reading writing experts grade you on reading comprehension vs. what was posted.

It is far more appropriate to extend to ed our sympathies

than our ‘congrats’…

ask yourself the question why this should be?

Don’t think, for one minute, working as a leader of the DDA is all peachie, like yourself…

It’s more akin to ‘mission impossible’!

Look at the DDA track-record,

it’s as plain as the brain you’re missing,

by taking the time writing responses to my marvelous thoughts and words, as someone has unabashedly said about me.

If you don’t like what I post,

why don’t you find something better to do than read this cra.p?

just suggesting peaches

just Peachie!

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Nov-07-13 1:37 PM

The comment to SnaggleTOOTH NOT PUS was rude and inappropriate.Maybe you should let him start his position before you start making judgements! Better yet I think I will ask Mr.Legault out for dinner on the menu TASTEFUL FROGLEGS NOT TASTELESS LIKE YOU!

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Nov-07-13 1:26 PM

FrogLegs u seem so bitter. have u ever taken the opportunity to talk to Mr.Legault? I am assuming not.If your feel so strongly about these issure than why didn't you apply for the position of DDA. You are judging a book by its cover. I have had the opportunity to meet Mr.Legault @ church where he is actively involved, cares about this community and is an all round super nice guy. so maybe before you go running your frog face you should meet the individual you seem so*****bent on bashing. Shame on You. And so what if he worked for citibank. Quit hiding behind your computer and making comments. Don't congratulate him, why? who are you to tell ppl not to congratulate someone on a job? Sounds like you are a bitter person with nothing better to do than sit on their computer and nit pick @ everything. Keep hiding frogleggs. or better yet jump back into the pond where you belong.

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Nov-07-13 1:08 PM


Like too many other’s,

you can’t read,

you can’t understand,

you only ass·ume you’ve read and interpreted correctly.

Yes, like jesus,

poor ‘ed’ will have to learn to walk on water, and

I can teach him the tricks,

but not a snagglepuss, snaggletoothed, slitthering reptilian as yourself.

If you could read, carefully,

if your mind could interpret correctly

what you‘ve read…

If, If, If….

Frog said ‘ed’s’

prior ‘accomplishments’ will not

[in the least or at most]

prepare him for what lies ahead with this DDA and city.

I haven’t judged ed’s work ethic,

only the citi corporation he worked for,

and the new outfit he WILL work for…

For that matter, turn the letters end for end?


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Nov-07-13 1:05 PM

Of course we’ll never know how much the DDA received in revenues from taxpayers,

and we’ll never be apprised of where the money went…

Many come and go,

city maggerers, city advisors,

city councils, city counsel’s,

DDA director’s, boards, and the

whole coterie of ‘experts’, come and go…

But, only taxpayers are permanent and

have to cope with the experts’ ‘decisions’,

long after thE EXPERTS packed their bags and left the area,

and hopefully your ‘business’ won’t leave…



POOR escanaba

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Nov-07-13 12:16 PM

amphibian limbs..Ed walked into my place of employment this morning & was already congratulated by 4 people...not every in this town is a low life!

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Nov-07-13 12:03 PM

froglips..........nice way to welcome someone and give them a chance! Ed doesn't even start his job until Monday and yet you are already judging his work ethics! If you think you can do better, why then didn't you apply for the job!

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Nov-07-13 11:05 AM

Poor ‘ED’.

If he ever envisioned working for ‘citi’ or ‘citi-group’

was as much a boon-doggle, as the rest of us who were forced to experience the companies’ melt-up, mortgage business,

from our melt-down…

Hopefully, poor ‘ed’ looked comprehensively at our version of the ‘citi-group’ boon-doggle,

at the DDA history, at the number of ‘leaders’, their longevity, and their accomplishments,

and his ’freedom to lead’, before he submitted his application,

and hopefully before he submit’s his resignation… just saying.

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Nov-07-13 11:04 AM

His resume, background and experience alone,

is not preparation enough to cope with the needs of city management,

the downtown needs,

let alone the future accomplishments of the DDA...

maybe he has a chance to build a few more parking lots, as he reflects on the DDA's past accomplishments... just saying.

The article states ‘ed’s’ age as 55, not young enough to live long enough

to accomplish ‘improving’ business downtown… just saying.

How long will this one last?

How ‘short will this one be?


EVERYONE - give Ed our sympathies when you meet him,

and FGS don't 'congratulate' him to this boon-doggle.

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