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A new home: Local groups plant 5,000 fish in bays

October 23, 2013

ESCANABA — Walleye restoration efforts in the Bays de Noc are continuing today and there has been population growth for the fourth year in row, officials said....

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Nov-15-13 10:25 PM

Update: 11-15-13


in Big Bay de Noc:


****: // upperpeninsula . biz / abandoned-gill-net-recovered-off-the-garden-peninsula /

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Oct-27-13 8:36 PM


Once more, thank you for your perspective.

Too many times, people, me included, are preoccupied with our own interests, and

more often either unwilling, or incapable, of a broader view.

Many times I'm more correct than wrong; I take time to research and study issues,

but I will not accept blind, indefatigably gullible, party-line, truculent absurdities, either social, governmental, or political...

The incident about the fishing gear is correct, and not a figment of someone’s imagination.

Unfortunately, the DNR has the man-power, the time, and the equipment to respond in minutes, if you were to ride in the wrong spot with a motorized vehicle, harming… weeds, or a potential sprig.

Thank you for taking the time to educate…

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Oct-25-13 11:15 AM

I am all for subsistence fishing with a gill net, following all the rules or even spear fishing, but those other ones are bad. Same goes for recreation pole fishers, I have seen many fishers with freezers full of Walleye, they catch their daily limit, go home and put the fish in the freezer and go right back out for more on the premise that if the DNR didnt see them the first time, no one knows they got the fish so they can then go out and catch more. Its both sides that have problems. I dont know what all the fuss is over Walleye, they are not that great eating, Lawyer (burbot) is better in my opinion.

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Oct-25-13 11:06 AM

Please remember, that this illegal activity is a 2 way street, if those doing the illegal netting didn't have people willing to purchase the fish, then they wouldn't do it. These people who purchase the fish are also supposed to follow rules and many don't, and they are white not just natives. its a compound problem that needs addressing, obviously.

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Oct-25-13 11:00 AM

Guess who gives all Natives a bad name, the Soo. These people who have nets, are not supposed to be commercial fishing in the bays only for subsistence fishing which is limited to 100 pounds aggregate fish total (all fish combined, even suckers) and they are supposed to report it. The problem is there is not enough enforcement and the Soo has too big of an area and are lackluster with their licensing. So please don't blame Hannahville, they know of the corruption and if they actually had fishing rights they would enforce it and be able to help with the over fishing. Its nice of them to donate to restock, and it benefits them also, if more people come to fish, they come to gamble. Cheap advertising on Hannahville's part.

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Oct-25-13 10:54 AM

Cheesehead: There is so much illegal fishing done not just by Natives but also white. Did you know that ever since state fishing was turned over to the natives, former state fishing boats etc. would try and entice a native so they could fish under that natives license? The Soo tribe is the most corrupt of them all, period. I have a friend who used to do native spearing and came across nets in the bay all the time at night, these nets were not even labeled, some right from the shore and the people setting them did it with out any lights etc. so as not to draw attention to them. The people putting them in the bay were friends with DNR, State Police etc. and my friend even witnessed one of these people who were supposed to be licensed by the Soo, they had a license for someone else with no picture id, no signature on it and because they were friends, they got let go. Guess who got fish? Guess who blames the few spear fishermen for all the loss of fish?

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Oct-25-13 9:43 AM


Thank you for the information.

What about the Soo Band of natives?

Apparently, someone is setting nets to fish,

but why then, if what you say is correct?

Irregardless, it is a fact that native americans rented a place to live in, for over two years, but…

there was no habitation taking place,

it was used as a storage place for huge numbers and boxes of nets and fishing paraphernalia.

They were never challenged, nor was there an idea what tribe or band of native americans they belonged to, nor was there knowledge to the contrary, at the time, whether they were legally able to fish the ‘bays’.


since the movement of fish gear took place during the night,

it was meant to be a clandestine effort, or is that normal practice for night fishing harvest opportunities.

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Oct-24-13 9:52 PM

Cheesehead: none of the six parties can fish in the bay with nets, including Hannahville, which has no fishing rights within 1836 ceded territory. Hannahville Indians come from Kansas area, and some of their relatives are part of Forest county Potawatomi. If Historical tribes such Oneidans, Menomine were not disarmed to protect their territory Hannahville wouldn't be here.

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Oct-24-13 9:20 AM

Dot you ‘eye’s’, cross your ‘tees’,

follow the nit’s’ to the letter,

given your ability to write

witch denotes a spectrum of maladies,

it won’t be your ‘wit’ that keeps you free,

you will make mistakes.

rest assured you will,

not ‘IF’ ,

but it’s a matter of time for ‘when’

you make mistakes, maybe not fishin,

but for somethin ..

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Oct-24-13 7:18 AM

I honestly think nets shouldnt be allowed in either of the bays. They should have to be in the open waters of Lake Michigan outside of the bays to make things not as easy. Gill nets are indiscriminate, and lazy people who don't like to check them often is what ruins it for us. This is especially true if your name is Andy, John, Kevin, Wade, or Troy.

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Oct-23-13 12:12 PM

5,000 fish?

Local residents and businesses, in conjunction with

1. Walleye Restoration Project,

2. Hannahville Indian Community,

3. the Bay de Noc Great Lakes Sports Fishermen, Inc.,

4. Bays de Noc Convention and Visitors Bureau,

5. Delta County Chamber of Commerce and the

6 . Delta County Economic Development Alliance

will introduce the walleye into Little Bay de Noc

One Question Comes to mind:

1) of all the six participants listed above…

how many will be able to use

fish nets

to capture the majority share of those



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Oct-23-13 11:24 AM

Why don't walleye fishermen take to the "Let'em go, let 'em grow" concept? Hunters don't want to shoot spikes, but it's OK to drag every 15in 'eye from the bay. Why aren't they pushing for special regulations and slot limits instead of spending 1,000's on planting? How about only 3, 15-18" per day; 2, 18-20 per day; 1, 20-23" per day; and 1 over 23" per day? Let's restore the quantity by only taking the quality.

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Oct-23-13 11:01 AM

In other news local farmers around the U.P. continue to grow pink salmon.

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