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Television commercials go too far

October 17, 2013

FLINT — So I’m watching TV when a chipper blond woman with an English accent comes on and says, “Let’s talk about your bum....

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Nov-11-13 12:59 PM

Yes, Whiz, your tools are at it again.

Not sure too many are denying the idea of being less rude and crude or that it should just be accepted. I'm not at least.

My issue isn't what was being said as much as WHO was saying it.

Needless to say, those two preaching about "civil and moral behavior" is laughable at best.

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Nov-11-13 11:26 AM

Well, well…

A day to remember!

Finally there is someone out there that see’s the light of day.

Someone, and I’m glad you applaud their efforts,

at least someone has the nerve to stand tall,

and tell the rest of you about your crummy logic, your crummy thinking, your crummy language, and your crummy writing.

And now there are four, all claiming to be the best, of what they do best, inform the rest.

Carefull cheese and frog, these guy's are cerious, cirrius, sirius, sirrius, or maybe they're not.

Anybody willing to stand tall and vie for fifth place, there must be more than four?

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Nov-04-13 12:02 PM

Frog and Cheese, do you see the irony in you two trying to tell everyone we should be less crude or rude?

I mean seriously, who on these boards is the first to start throwing insults at those who disagree with your liberal progressive agenda?

You all made me laugh trying to set Concerned straight on how this behavior shouldn't be accepted or condoned yet you two lead the way.

Hypocrites at the best of times you two.

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Oct-29-13 12:08 PM


conc·ern·ed, wee·s was trying to mi·mic you t·inking and writ·ng stye·el..

i guess u don like it,,,

kind·a the way we see ·u· and yur fill·sop·holy···

·ust sed·ing

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Oct-28-13 5:03 PM

"Cheesehead" over here thinking he's on some other level and some sort-of genius is almost as funny as the writer of this article. It's too funny the people who call me into question can't even string along a proper sentence, or even write and spell adequately, and you can even cheat and use spell-check.

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Oct-27-13 12:26 PM


What the heck?

Your last tye-raid seems to have sunk to the same moronic level of the people who complain about you.

Did you miss your meds, or did you get that missive out between shift changes!

Sinking to the same levels of those who you find fault with isn't cool; they will understand and comprehend,

but, you've sunk to the same level of c.rap writters as the rest of this crowd.

don't sink to their level, you're a better old sole, soul.

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Oct-27-13 12:19 PM


"I wish I had to job where I got to write about someone's commentary on another person's style of writing."

You Won'T.

You Can'T.

ContenT yourselF with what you do besT...



never read or think.

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Oct-26-13 4:10 PM

I would hope to chime in here, to add some depth to these rants.

I hope a few of you people will let me express my thoughts on the banter taking place, without flaming me or stoning me to death while within your medically altered mind form.

Chezzie and froggie, seem to be onto something.

As I sit here in the home commenting from time to time,

I too find that some are too quick to tell me to f-off, because I'm too old and my thoughts don't matter. though you are so full of yourselves as to have the correct opinion on everything,

not like we older people, having had the experience, maturity and intelligence to mellow and moderate our thoughts.

just saying.

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Oct-26-13 4:07 PM

Old fa.rts have more to say, sensibly,

than what all of you combined, have to say,

even when we old fa.rts only pick out one line, or one "idea"

any of you seem only capable of parroting, or something you heard or read about and is really only someone else’s poopraganda or dogma,

or from some other idiot of your lineage or time.

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Oct-26-13 4:06 PM

Froggie and cheezzy aren't picking on your 'style-of-writing' as such,

but, they pickup on fools and foolish, brain fa.rting thinking.

Really do like brain-fa.rts, just like actual fa.rts, say in a horseless carriage when the isinglass curtains are rolled down to keep the smell from excaping,

as with the real ones, yours quickly expose you for what you think, you think, is the only thing to think and way to think it has to be thought.

just saying.

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Oct-26-13 4:04 PM

It's as obvious as a fa.rt to older people, when fools speak or write nonsensical thoughts, irrational and just plain idiotic or stupid barf,

and, as it is when we soil ourselves,

the stench is noticeable and unbearable, thus giving rise to notify the offender of their dirty diapers, or in your case foul smelling brain-fa.rts.

You guys, are like so many old women around here,

full of slop and drool, but they, at least,

have more intelligence not to expose their brain-fa.rts to the general public…

in writing.

End of chime.

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Oct-26-13 2:40 PM

I wish I had to job where I got to write about someone's commentary on another person's style of writing.

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Oct-26-13 2:37 PM

Does anyone notice as soon as Cheesehead is called out on his writing skills, he is all of a sudden, claiming his "main source of employment is writing intelligent crap about YOUR impalpable." So, your actually admitting your JOB is being a watchdog on this website, and to simply counter-argue anything I say, right or wrong. I really don't think much more needs to be said on this.

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Oct-26-13 11:10 AM

"frogleggs - I'm a historian of film and television."

Concerned, i hope you are also a historian of brain-pharts and other odious, noxious, vapes, and journalize every one of your brainphart eminations to regale your spawn post-moronically and post-humuslly!

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Oct-26-13 11:00 AM

You will not find this hard to comprehend, but my main source of employment is writing intelligent crap about YOUR impalpable, effluvial, noxious, emanations, otherwise commonly known as a brain-phart, the natural precurrsor to your downloaded turtle head form of thought, st.up,id, and witless natter. Since s.h.t.I .from you people is so widespread and awesome, I will never, ever, become or remain unemployed, thanks to morons who have a continuous wrectal dischrage. No S.H.I.T!

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Oct-25-13 1:32 PM

Cheesehead = frogleggs. That wasn't too hard to figure.

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Oct-24-13 10:51 AM

How does this guy stay employed writing about all this stupid sh*t!?

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Oct-24-13 10:18 AM

You should be the first to be told,

you are not a historian of film or television.

But rather,

you are the poster-child,

a historical, hysterical, example,

of everything that is




and …

rediculous inane

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Oct-24-13 10:15 AM

As such,

you, are given to having provided empirical evidence to positively example

the proof needed to make froglegs point!

Keep up the with more of your hilariously illustrative examples of





you’re at the top of your ‘fame’ ‘game’


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Oct-24-13 10:11 AM

As far as ‘hitting’ ‘enter’,

I think he does it

because he is testing your capability

to follow

the thought,

through each





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Oct-20-13 11:22 AM

As a ‘concerned citizen’,

I do not find your acceptance of the rude, crude, inane, insane as

acceptable behavior either privately, or publicly,

whether printed, uttered, and condoned because of the excuse

that “everyone is doing it”.

It’s easy for you to say as in your

concerned resident comment:

“Come on man, is that honestly shocking in the times we live in?

How thin is your skin?

Do you still refer to weed as reefer, and is alcohol still the hard stuff?

Too funny.”

"too funny", maybe for some, but


"too sad".

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Oct-20-13 11:20 AM


it’s all about CIVILITY…

Public conduct, sensitization and desensitization.


unfamiliar, and lost to the young ....

It’s not apropos to use the phrase

“in the times we live in”,

but rather what is


behavior in public,

behavior in private,

in speech,

in writing for general private or public reception.

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Oct-20-13 11:17 AM

Just because you or

the general public

has come to accept

daily crime,


drug use,

white collar and political criminal activity,

and innuendo to be common place…

does not make it right,

nor does it justify the continual


of personal, social and societal conduct

to favor those forms of activity,

whether spoken, written, personal, public or private,

that are used to gain attention to a particular activity using shock, ridicule or disgust to gain notoriety.

This, is the dumbing down process,

too many people are willing to accept,

whether it is poor parenting,

poor business,

poor government,

poor personal conduct,

or loss of personal integrity…

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Oct-20-13 11:13 AM

Because the crude, rude, and miscreants

do it,

use it,

condone it,

doesn’t mean it should be common place

nor should we not say otherwise and protest rude, crude obnoxious behavior, lest you are a contributor…

It takes far more effort to say “NO”,

than it does to pacify and say “YES”.

This is why we are where we are today both in civil, private, and social constructs of conduct and appropriate behaviors.

Too many parents,

too many politicians,

too many individuals,

find is easier and convenient

to hopefully put an end to argument by just saying


When in FACT,



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Oct-18-13 10:22 PM

You know what I mean when I say reefer, implying this guy is so dated he still refers to pot as reefer due to being heavily influenced by the film "Reefer Madness" with his style of writing be very "aw shucks" and "Leave It To Beaver"-ish. And since when does someone have be over 60 to know about "Dragnet"? I actually know a lot about the show and how real life Los Angeles officers influenced many of the story lines of the show. I wasn't alive for the first incarnation of "The Twilight Zone" but I could still tell you the synopsis for every single episode of the 5 season series run, so what does it matter how old I am? My age has nothing to do with the original statement I was making on this guy's style of writing and how funny it comes off.

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