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More speculation than journalism

September 26, 2013

FLINT — I made the mistake of listening to CNN after the horrific Navy Yard shootings last week because, silly me, I wanted to know what was going on and CNN is the only 24 hour broadcast news......

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Sep-26-13 11:32 AM

More important to ‘news’ ‘reporting’ today,

is the actors’





and their feckle, incessant feckless babble from these bobble headed babes…

All of which is far more important than the ‘news’

these nattering nincompoop talking heads purport to be ‘reporting’,

or rather,

infecting and ‘inflicting their own opinion’

or the ‘opinions of their


into the public arena today.

No Andrew...

The ‘news’ ain’t like it used-2b.

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Sep-26-13 11:33 AM


You’re too young to remember when the words


journalism, and


were words that came to mean a de facto standard, and promoted a feeling and sense of reliability, and accuracy.

Facts were determined,

facts were checked for accuracy,

the ‘story’ was reported,

but not in the aura of


opinionated advertising

we are stuck with today,

from the right-winged control of

words and thoughts

the rich and their corporations want us to hear and believe,

presented by their ‘news’ companies,

their propaganda machines they control today.

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Sep-26-13 12:37 PM

Frog -- I agree that journalism, whether print, broadcast or over the internet, sinks to new lows on a regular basis. But CNN is far from a right-wing controlled media organization. The lefties have far too much influence in the media today.

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Sep-26-13 5:53 PM

It, the news,

and the marketing of news,

just a few years ago, was not so delicately carved, diced, and sliced,

as it is being manipulated today as a result of aggresive lobbying by the rich who wanted control of print, broadcast, and cable market share...

Listen to the 'news' in any other country,

and the 'news' they receive,

comparatively speaking,

our news reporting is decidedly obtuse compared to what is viewed and reported elsewhere.

Tune into a ‘news’ broadcast from our sister-city Sault Ste Marie, Ontario, just once, and the perspective is noticeably different, even though we share many ideas and a common border.

Forget about the Québécois ...

they don’t fit any idea or

definition of commonality.

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Sep-26-13 5:56 PM

Don’t be so obtuse BR,

get with the pogrom.

The rich have effectively annihilated

independent reporting,

free-thinking, and continue to 'dish' out their idea of the news

ever since they lobbied for control of nearly

every print,


television, and

cable markets.

All the news is managed by the media owners.

Not too long ago,

CNN just happened to broadcast ‘news’ during night hours,

that was apparently let 'out-of-the-bag' by underlings,

but that was ‘erased’ when top management got back in the office the next morning.

That IS managed ‘news’ at its best,

by and for the rich, and

their self-serving interests.

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Oct-01-13 10:17 AM

Well you worked in right-wing and rich in an article on the press and you deem it logical. Good to see nothing has changed.

The TV media frog is controlled almost completely by left-winged ideologues - NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN have little to nothing to do with right-wing. If you can't see that you are blind. There may be rich behind the scenes but it isn't right-wing. Fox really is the sole right of center tv channel

Print media, newspapers and magazine publications, again by far controlled by left-wing nuts. May be rich again, but not right-wing.

Radio might be the only media that is more right-winged controlled.

That said, I agree that the concern of most news broadcasts today is not the actual news. Everyone has an agenda and they're trying to disseminate it.

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Oct-03-13 10:57 AM


SIX major companies control most of the media in our country.

When the FCC decided to relax media ownership rules, which allowed a further consolidation and put decisions about what kinds of programming and news, Americans receive in even fewer hands.

Since 1995, the number of companies owning commercial TV stations declined by 40 percent.

If the FCC continues to relax media ownership limits,

it could further erode diversity of ownership at the local level and increase the influence of large media conglomerates.

In 2003, the regulations restricting a broadcast company from owning stations that reach beyond 35% of American households were loosened to 39%.

Now, in 2013, just six companies






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Oct-03-13 10:59 AM


13 television stations,


MSNBC, Bravo, Universal Pictures, Focus Features.


26 television stations,

FX, Fox News Channel, Wall Street Journal, TV Guide, the Weekly Standard, New York Post, DirecTV,

the publisher HarperCollins,

film production company Twentieth Century Fox and the

social networking website MySpace.

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Oct-03-13 11:00 AM


10 television stations,

50 radio stations, ESPN, A&E, the History Channel, Discover magazine, Hyperion publishing, Touchstone Pictures, and Miramax Film Corp.


39 television stations,

184 radio stations,

CBS, Nick jr, Showtime, Smithsonian Channel, NFL****, Jeopardy, 60 Minutes, The Movie Channel, BET, Nickelodeon, TV Land, MTV, VH1,

Simon & Schuster publishing,

Scribner, and Paramount Pictures.

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Oct-03-13 11:01 AM

1) Viacom owns CBS

2) Comcast owns NBC, Universal Pictures and Focus Features,

3) Disney owns ABC,

4) News Corporation owns Fox Broadcasting, Wall Street Journal, Miramax, Marvel Studios,

5) ABC's corporate parent is the Walt Disney Company.

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Oct-03-13 11:02 AM

Our ENTERTAINMENT is controlled by these SIX companies as well.









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Oct-03-13 11:06 AM


Nearly all of the media Americans

hear, view and read today,

comes from the same


That is a industry consolidation from 50 media corporations in 1983 or a



88 %

Another way of looking at our media, is that just six companies are the source of our:


that we are fed, and exposed to ON A 24 HOURS BASIS…

AND ....

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Oct-03-13 11:09 AM

And, the great vuechee has decreed thus:

“The TV media frog,

is controlled almost completely by left-winged ideologues


have little to nothing to do with right-wing.

If you can't see that you are blind.

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Oct-03-13 2:23 PM

Yes Frog, I have decreed that and what you put up doesn't disprove that fact.

As proof of the left wing bias of the 3 major networks take the government shutdown. 22 articles to 0 blaming the republicans for the shutdown. You might agree, yet I would ask you who keeps saying that they, or he, won't negotiate or compromise?

My disagreement with your statement for clarification, as you didn't seem to comprehend it, was your belief or insinuation that media is a right-wing dominated industry. This is wrong, especially in the TV market.

I don't disagree with the premise that less ownership groups is a bad thing when concerned about diversity and accuracy in reporting.

You wouldn't get that from my post because as a typical liberal you are blinded by so much hatred and self-loathing you can't actually open your mind. You see my name and immediately jump to conclusions, you read little and comprehend less.

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Oct-04-13 12:38 AM

Evidently, Vouche,

Your idea of right-wing,

isn’t the rich,

isn’t the corporations,

isn’t this,

isn’t that…

If right-wingers aren’t

conservative republicans,

conservative rich,

non-taxpaying, (conservative) corporations,

non-taxpaying (conservative) rich,

and their hired (conservative) guns,


perhaps you should explain it more clearly what a right-winged winger is?

elucidate. please.

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Oct-04-13 11:42 AM

Not to put words in Vauche's mouth, but in my opinion those on the right are conservative and generally Republicans, although not always. But you will find rich folks on both left and right (the Koch brothers on the right and George Soros on the left, for example), corporations on both sides, and certainly lobbyists on both sides. Corporations often hedge their bets and contribute to both sides during campaigns, and you will find corporations and individuals on both sides who try to keep their taxes to a minimum. "Non taxpaying" corporations and "rich" are found among both conservatives and liberals. The problem there is with our tax code, not with ideology. Want more people and corporations to pay taxes? Fix the tax system! Flat tax, anyone?

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Oct-04-13 5:35 PM

Most of us appreciate and understand what the meaning of right and left is.


there are some amongst us,

that were never in the military,

and thus never learned or could appreciate the differences, between right, left, port, starboard,

and cannot appreciate the differences of the moneyed class life style and the life styles of the poor and middle class working, taxpaying public,

aka, the haves and their ever increasing numbers,

and the increasing size of the have-nots.

Somehow, MONEY is a vital determinant of who are right wingers, and who are left-leaning.

Follow the MONEY!

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Oct-04-13 5:38 PM


not the middle class,

nor the poor,

but for business, businessmen, corporations and their owners, managers, CEO’s, CFO’s and other miscreants

who will benefit directly with such benefits as amassing more marbles

and coincidently,

more money, and

more money to hide offshore….

Multinational corporations = hiding places and conveniences created by

the rich,

for the rich, and

for the sole purpose of avoiding payouts to level the playing field,

i.e., towards the middle-class and the poor, both working and non-working members of that segment…

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Oct-04-13 5:41 PM

It’s a given,

the rich, and their corporations

own the preponderance of the media,

hence, since advertisers and advertising pays the bills,

who would spend their money where their ideology wasn’t the same as the ownership of these empires.

It’s also a given,

republican’s generally have clawed their way

to out-shekel the rest of us,

hence they and their henchmen have the deepest pockets to buy the most air-time and have the most to have their say and sway.

The IRS tax-code,

some 80,000 pages has all been written and legislated into law,

for but one (1) segment of the population, and it sure isn’t the middle class, or the poor.

Voochee, who might that one (1) segment of the population comprise,

that has endeared themselves to 525 congressmen

to fashionably enact some 80,000 pages of tax code for their sole, and soul benefit?

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Oct-04-13 5:42 PM


It seems voochee hasn’t taken the time to respond,

or couldn’t…

so, it is just as well that you took the time and effort

to put in writing that what most of us all know and understand…

Thank you for putting words in vooche’s mouth,

he couldn’t have amassed the brain-cells to put it half that well.

Maybe, just maybe, voochee will have read your post, a

nd call you on it as something “he can’t see”, or

will not agree with, once again.

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Oct-07-13 2:05 PM

Yep, frog, I think Brave did a marvelous job of responding to the question. I believe his point has been made before.

What's with the military comment? Irrelevant.

It is also not a given that republicans have out-shekeled the rest of us. As Brave points out, and you appear to agree with, there are those on both sides that have out-skeckled the majority of us.

As for me, I'm all for fixing the tax code that lets me keep my money. I'm not rich or poor yet I can relate to the "rich" who keep getting squeezed pretty hard for more and more. I don't care how much you make you start taxing up at 38-40% it's too much.

And yes I have little sympathy for the poor who do nothing but vote themselves political benefits.

Famous quote and I happen to belive it's true and happening today:

"When the people find that they can vote themselves money, that will herald the end of the republic." Benjamin Franklin

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Oct-07-13 4:05 PM

No one,

'but no one more,

than the rich,

the republicans,

and their corporations,

have the resources, (money),

to vote themselves into power,

the people, the regulations, and the regulatory,


who will either, allow them to keep more of what they make,

or allow them to pay less than the rest of us in the way of taxes."

Thus, in effect,

these liars, cheats, schemers, fraudsters, get the most for what they pay for, (money),

than the rest of us.

For once, vuochee, you're quoting someone who got the gaming of american, quite right!

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Oct-09-13 2:22 PM

There you go whiz, throwing out your republican trash.

IT ISN'T JUST REPUBLICANS. If you can't deal with that than you're blind and foolish.

He did get it right though. The poor and dependent class do the same as the rich, and do it well. They're even better at it as they got Obahma re-elected and garner sympathy from over 50% of the population. Both ends of the spectrum take from the middle class Whiz. My problem with the poor taking is we as a society get nothing from them for it. No goods are produced, no promises to better themselves. All we get is a class of folks more dependent and who think they're more entiitled to everything a working man has.

Is it fair whiz that a sit on the couch do nothing can have the same or more than a working man? Open your eyes because it's more common than you think.

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Oct-09-13 9:30 PM


If you follow any religion,

or if you were to bear good witness towards your neighbor,

some might wager that you also are defiant, indomitable, intractable, obstinate, rebellious reluctant, reticent, recalcitrant, resistant,

and loath giving of and from yourself,

as in par·si·mo·ni·ous tithing anything from your miserable,

good fortune …

just thinking ...

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Oct-09-13 9:44 PM

Here is the word


used in a sentence,

used in a thought, ...

"A society that is par·si·mo·ni·ous

in its personal charity

(in terms of both time and money)

will require more government welfare.

—William Bennett, The Death of Outrage.

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