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More speculation than journalism

September 26, 2013

FLINT — I made the mistake of listening to CNN after the horrific Navy Yard shootings last week because, silly me, I wanted to know what was going on and CNN is the only 24 hour broadcast news......

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Nov-07-13 12:10 PM

So Whiz, are you arguing the revenue and profits are the same?

Also, while I admit, I may not everything about corporate finances you seem to know less about everything.

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Nov-06-13 9:45 PM

Not to be stroked for lack of originality, but recent words bear repeating.

To recall the words of froglegs:



Looks like you've worn out your pie-hole, and now are

about to wear out the only other orfice capable of making a noise!

(not to mention, mt the room lest you raise a stink)

To repeat you're bunkum, and that is (a bit over the top) charitable.



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Nov-06-13 9:32 PM



you knew the basic concepts regarding public finance vs. personal or corporate finance,

the obvious would still be beyond your grasp.

Public finance has an entirely differenct basis of economic theory, which makes it virtually non-comparable to those who must cipher in quarterly windows, or yearly windows.

Understand the differences both short term and long term, and you might just reach some form of educated comprehension.

Continue doping everyone but yourself.

You are at a disadvantage.

Keep reading your comic book textbooks for comic relief, but not reality.

Seriously, you are too brittle to buy, beg or borrow, any public finance or economic literature that would ....

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Nov-04-13 11:13 AM

Frog you need to stop and think a little bit before you start calling names

The numbers you put up are NOT profits you fool. The numbers you put up were REVENUE not the same thing.

I'm sure you would still find the numbers gaudy but none the less you're trying to make a point with deceit.

What are you trying to babble about profits/employee or life span compared to federal government? Nonsense and utterly pointless as some corporations are by definition more labor intensive.

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Oct-31-13 4:47 PM


Be certain,

one thing is certain,

“the frogg” knew what he was putting down.

Did you research the 90 other odd money making corporations,

compartively speaking,

what were their takes in profits with relation to the number of employees, and

their corresponding corporate life span compared to our system of governments and their longevity?

I added the foreign concerns, whether state or private,

for your poscible edukayshun,

for your eventscheual eloqueshun

and imposcible elushudation.

To repeat you're bunkum, and that is charitable.

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Oct-31-13 2:59 PM

I will do just that Cheese.

If you are going to put up numbers to try to 1) prove your points or 2) disprove another's points for GOD's sake make sure you read and think about what you are using as evidence. Next please take the time to understand the information you want to present.

Frog did none of the above. Frog found numbers that "proved" the point about corporate revenue. Frog got a big smile on his face. Frog was all giddy and chuckling on how he stuck it to the idiot, bafoon, moron vuchee.

Frog stepped in a pile of poo because Frog didn't bother to understand what Frog was looking at. Frog was in over Frog's head yet spouted off like most progressive liberals do. In other words, Frog acted like an idiot. I called Frog on it, big deal.

Not everyone is as dumb or gullible as the liberal progressive Cheese. Just because Frog, Cheese, or Whiz say so doesn't make it true. Far from it in fact. Very, very far from it.

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Oct-31-13 11:57 AM



read on:

Snider, the slithering scurrying, ground slider,

and his republican ilk,

rhymes with milk and bilk,

have once more used partisan republican tactics,

long a favorite of the rich, and their corporations

to stack


either with their appointees,

or with MONEY to covertly engage unsuspecting voters to place their

minions of the rich and republicans,


The rich, the republicans and their corporations

long were aware that State Courts of Appeal would be a gathering place for suits against them made on the concern of legal, wage-earning, tax-paying citizens.

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Oct-31-13 11:54 AM

Now snider,

is about to bilk, milk and game

OUR State Appeals Courts,

by stacking the deck with republican minded minion judges,

that they know will favor the party of the rich, and their corporations.

Read more in the press under the tab:

Michigan News, in an AP article dated 10-30-13:


What a Grand Old Party...



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Oct-31-13 11:30 AM


Call frog what you want.

I will place my bets with him,

as he’s far more connected with reality than you.

So, vuachee, conservatively speaking, if frog is as you say, ‘an idiot’

then you’re considerably below the title of idiot…

Which places you exactly where,

below the title of idiot…?

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Oct-30-13 11:49 AM

Frog you're an idiot.

Of those top 10 corporations ONLY 2 ARE COMPANIES BASED IN THE US! (Walmart and Exon)

Because of this not all revenues listed in your wiki article are taxed based on US tax code.

I will stand corrected though, the $5.1 trillion was all government - Federal, state, and local. Not really sure that makes it any better though.

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Oct-29-13 8:45 PM




Here is just a smattering of the ten top revenue corporations,

limited to those whose revenue exceeds $100 BILLION.

The list represent the company fiscal year as reported variously between 2011 and 2012,

and a couple reporting their fiscal years as 2013.

Keep this in mind as you read through this list:

There are roughly 330 million people in the U.S.,

roughly 45% or just over 140 million people pay taxes,

which is significantly opposite the mere 77,000 employees that operate Exxon.

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Oct-29-13 8:44 PM

1) Wal-mart $469 BILLION 2,220,000 employees

2) Royal dutch shell $467 BILLION 90,000 employees

3) Exxon $453 BILLION 76,900 employees

4) China National Petro $425 BILLION 464,000 employees

5) Sinopec $411 BILLION 401,000 employees

6) BP Petro $370 BILLION 83,000 employees

7) Saudi Aramco $365 BILLION 54,000 employees

8) Vitol $303 BILLION 2,800 employees

9) St Grid Corp China $290 BILLION 1,564,000 employees

10) Volkswagen $254 BILLION 502,000 employees

Do yourself a favor and research the next 90 revenue making entities.

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Oct-29-13 8:42 PM

Here is the 2012 U. S. federal budget:

Submitted February 14, 2011 Submitted by Barack Obama Submitted to 112th Congress Passed

November 18, 2011 (Pub.L. 112-55)

December 23, 2011 (Pub.L. 112-74 and Pub.L. 112-77)

Total revenue $2.627 trillion (requested)

$2.449 trillion (actual)

Total expenditures $3.729 trillion (requested)

$3.538 trillion (actual)

Deficit $1.101 trillion (requested)

7.0% of GDP

$1.089 trillion (actual)

7.0% of GDP

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Oct-27-13 10:29 PM

Cheese, you're making progress. I notice you now include "some democrats" in your rant.

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Oct-27-13 9:21 AM

I grade you frog a A+ for creative writing.

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Oct-25-13 11:22 PM



Looks like you've worn out your pie-hole, and now are

about to wear out the only other orfice capable of making a noise!

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Oct-25-13 5:19 PM

Fail Cheese!

You're saying a squirrel is a lot like a progressive and their welfare rat bretheren - raiding the resources of others for their own benefit and needs due to their own incompetence of finding their own resources.

All the squirrel wants is for the other animals to share the wealth. Are you not always on here bantering about how righteous that is?

You walked into it cheese. You want an open-season on the very type of behavior you claim to support.

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Oct-25-13 3:23 PM

Vauch Br,

What is the difference between

the rich,

a republican,

their corporations and

a squirrel?

A squirrel has four legs, a bushy tail, a rodent and a member of the mammalian species and spends most of its waking hours

scouring the earth for food to squirrel away.

It neither

shares food with others,

and it is often found raiding the food larders of other animals.

Too bad their wasn't an open-season on such raiders!

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Oct-25-13 3:21 PM

The rich, republicans, democrats,

and now that the supreme court has given their corporations mammal and human-being like character,

are mostly composed of members of primates, homo sapiens, they are largely distinguishable from other primates and squirrels by their means of locomotion,

they are bipedal, and their brain tends to be larger than squirrels,


not at all un-like squirrels,

they do possess the natural instict of hoarding and stealing...

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Oct-25-13 3:18 PM

These ar about the only characteristics

that makes the rich,

the republicans,

some democrats,

as well as corporations

different from squirrels.

Like the squirrel,

the rich,

the republicans, and

their corporations and lobbyists

spend the larger portion of their days hunting for money, profit, more money and more profit…

with just a little expensive drinking and food to keep them on an even keel thrown in for good measure...

It is not in their nature,

(although many profess to be religious, but actions speak less than their words)

to share,

but are often at their best



stealing and conniving,

a multitude of ways to take things from other bipeds,

the environment, air, water, and earth.

Forget not the minerals and oil


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Oct-25-13 3:13 PM

There are even magazines,


books, and

televisions exposure

that proclaim their good business deeds and business acumen,

often with awards and banquets given in their honour,

as long as the price is right, you could even attend one of these squirrel parties.

Too bad,

there wasn’t an open season on this squirrel-like game!

Every time you open your mouth,

it seems to be for one reason,

just like your proverbial name-sake the squirrel!

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Oct-25-13 2:39 PM

Bottom line Whiz is this.

The federal government took in $5.1 trillion dollars in revenue last year. The highest revenue of private corporation was Exxon Mobil at $452.9 Billion. That's only 9% the revenue of the federal government.

The single largest drain on our economy is by far the federal government Whiz. It is too big and too powerful and can't make due with $5.1 trillion dollars yet you rail against corporations who make at most a small percentage of that.

Quite honestly, whiz, I think your generation should keep their trap shut about how handle government debt. Your generation just kicked it to my generation and your only answer still is for us to kick it to the next generation.

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Oct-25-13 1:37 PM

Not raising the debt-ceiling would not mean a default. The federal government currently brings in about 10X the interest payment on the debt. The only way to default is if the President decided to not pay the debt installment first, which by the way would be unconstitutional.

Governments plan? Funny. We know programs like medicaid/medicare and social security are unsustainable with their current structure? Try to reform them and folks like you Whiz go all ape crap.

Who didn't forsee what the rich corporations were going to do? Higher taxes and higher wages and more regulation were of course going to drive business off shore. Only the blind think otherwise. Yet folks like you think higher taxes and higher wages and more regulations will bring business back.

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Oct-25-13 12:59 PM

Yes, Whiz, someone did bring up fools. Based on your response the fool would be you.

Yes, $576 Billion is a pittance to the FEDERAL government but to local and state governments it is not. How many cities have to file or threaten bankruptcy and claim that pensions are in fact a piece of the problem? The governments job is to keep the lights on for ALL the people of a city or state not just public union employees.

I really love you bash businesses and their profits yet you give government a pass on the trillions of dollars they take in as tax revenue. Trillions, more than any single business on this planet, and still it isn't enough. Still you blame businesses for robbing the people.

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Oct-24-13 4:12 PM

Top Contributors to


to encourage a NO vote







Club for Growth:

NAY $ 3,225,613 YEA $1,351,622

American Bankers Assn:

NAY $2,183,300 YEA $1,976,450

Koch Industries:

NAY $2,094,400 YEA $1,564,000

Honeywell International:

NAY $2,053,840 YEA $2,045,123

AT&T Inc:

NAY $1,928,319 YEA $2,137,297

National Assn of Realtors

NAY $1,923,367 YEA $1,731,187

Every Republican is Crucial PAC

NAY $1,825,148 YEA $1,106,332

National Beer Wholesalers Assn:

YEA $1,811,200 NAY $1,499,750

National Auto Dealers Assn:

NAY $1,657,000 YEA $1,547,900

Blue Cross/Blue Shield:

NAY $1,458,006 YEA $2,044,949

Deloitte LLP:

NAY $1,251,581 YEA $1,438,570

United Parcel Service:

NAY $1,194.99 YEA $1,569,618

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