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Is ‘nerdy’ Snyder the GOP model?

September 23, 2013


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Nov-24-13 8:49 PM

One thing is certain,

snider is not a NERD,

more like republican speak for terd…

More like reptilian than nerd,

slithering to and fro

like all republicans who won’t name money laundering rich,

their corporations and businesses,

contributing secretly to his

NERD funding,

laundering and scheming war chest, that promotes and puts


the rich, and

their corporations


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Nov-24-13 8:46 PM

The following lines typify the typical line fed to the rest of us

by the rich,

the republicans,

their corporations and their


when it comes to


honesty and


“Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder's controversial NERD Fund

is closing down,

but calls for transparency have continued.

Snyder spokesperson Sara Wurfel confirmed Monday that an independent board is in the process of dissolving the

New Energy to Reinvent and Diversify Fund,

a tax-exempt


allowed to receive

unlimited and



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Sep-30-13 3:14 PM

It never ceases to amaze me how some people love the democrats and others the republicans!! When the real truth is that 99% of all of them are worthless!!! They are all just a bunch of crooks!!! If they are not rich when they go in they are when they get out!!! When I say this, I am talking about both houses in Washington. It is us the people who are stupid enough to keep putting this idiots back in office! We need to lower there wages to what a school teacher makes and then watch them disappear!! Just keep on fighting about who is better the republicans or the democrats, because that is just the way both parties like it!!!

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Sep-30-13 2:14 PM

The two party system here in the U.S.,

the republicans and the democrats,

is a not at all unlike my motorized wheel-chair…

There is a “ D “ for FORWARD… (democrats).

There is an “R” and and an "0".

"R" for REVERSE,

and the 'O'

for going in circles … (republicans).

This should be abundantly clear to most,

even pukerocks and beaverrocks…

just saying…

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Sep-28-13 10:43 AM




your points being that the rich, the republicans and their businesses and their corporations....

haven't taken from you:

your standard of living,

your wages,

your pension,

your right to bargain,

your access to healthcare,

your standard of living,

your job,

your access to jobs that allow one member of the family to work,

your acess to one (1) job, not, 2, 3, or 4,

your ability to stay at home at parent your spawn,

your spawns access to a decent education,

your spawns access to healthcare,

face it,

the rich, the republicans, and their corporations have done us in in every way mentioned.

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Sep-25-13 11:18 AM

But reading Whizzy's posts are several minutes of your life you can't get back!

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Sep-25-13 10:27 AM

At least Snyder has actually done some things that have gotten Michigan back on track and started to fix some of the long-term problems with Michigan's economy and out-of-control state spending. We'd be far worse off with a governor who continued the "kick-the-can-down-the-road" philosophy of both Granholm (Dem) and Engler (Rep.) that got us into this mess. Do I agree with everything he has done? No. But you can bet I'll be voting for him for four more years!

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Sep-24-13 11:23 AM

Of course the

‘associated press’

has once again, one more time,

presented, in their view,

a ‘fair and balanced’ pile of

worthless verbiage slanted to make

the rich,

the republicans, and

their corporations

“look good”

to dumb american voters.

Of course Snyder, with his

republican counterparts,

with his republican state legislators

have in the words of the rich, their corporations ascribed to take center stage as the NEW republican model?

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Sep-24-13 11:21 AM

Of course,

this is the MODEL,

the rich,

the republicans, and

their corporations would have us subscribe to:


This is not rocket science,

as the associated press would like us to believe,

but rather, is from

the rich,

the republicans and

their corporations,

A thinly



dedicated, and

systematic take-over

of the election process,

of the legislation process,

of the regulatory process,

of the oversight process.

Once thought,

at a better time in history

to have a fairly “representative” representation of

input and output control by the voters,

NOT the money laundering

rich, republicans, and their corporations.

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Sep-24-13 11:19 AM

We now have

the rich,

their republican party, and

their corporations through the auspices of such hel.l-bent organizations, u.s. chamber of commerce, the american legislative exchange council, ALEC,

as dark, covert, operators and manipulators from secret lobby money,

having taken over nearly every aspect of our federal, state and in some instances, influenced even our local systems of government, our appeals courts, education, and society.

The rich,

the republicans, and

their corporations

would like us to believe a new term for Greedy…

They want to call it Nerdy…

Why not morph it into Dirty as well?

Of course,

this is THEIR MODEL,

the rich,

the republicans, and

their corporations would have us subscribe to:


- GREEDY-nerdy?

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Sep-23-13 3:18 PM

The quality of work on this site is so shoddy. Seriously, forget proof reading, do you guys even use spell check?! Hmm.. what's wrong with this headline: "Is ‘nerdy’ Snyder the GOP?model?" I had better grammar before I even knew how to spell grammar correctly.

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Sep-23-13 12:58 PM

reading perplexed rants is just 30 seconds of your life you will never get back.

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Sep-23-13 11:22 AM

As usual just another article based on ultra right wing slant of the Daily Press. the editorial staff and ownership. No more no less than its typical close minded (No Nothing/Tea Party) extreme hog wash. Synder has become an even worse Governor than Engler,which was very hard to do. I hope the people of Michigan realize that the Republicans are destroying everything that has been built since the Great Depression. They want a state that gives the store away to big business and money, plus allows the reactionary, so called religious right to dictate morals. Oh yes Synder is the model. The model of screw over anyone who does not contribute to him and/or enrich his buddies.

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