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Calls to increase minimum wage return

September 2, 2013

DETROIT (AP) — A recurring call to raise the minimum wage has returned in the run-up to Labor Day in the form of national rallies and a new report that finds Michigan ranks second-to-worst among......

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Sep-25-13 10:00 AM

Minimum wage jobs were never intended to be jobs you can support a family on. Raising the minimum to $15 will not fix the problem, it will only decrease the number of jobs and raise prices of goods and services. If you increase the minimum wage, you are not only raising the wages of those making $7.40, but those making $8 or $9, and so on, a huge hit for a business owner to take. If a business can only afford a certain amount for payroll, the choice becomes cut jobs or increase prices to hopefully increase revenue. The answer is education and job training, so that people can increase their skills and get into a field where they can earn more. There are plenty of jobs if you want to get off your duff and get certified as a welder, for example, and they pay a lot more than minimum wage. If you can't afford school on your own you probably qualify for financial aid.

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Sep-25-13 1:16 AM

The state's current minimum wage is $7.40 an hour.

Now then smart-phart’s,


work a standard 40 hour work week, and work a standard work years of 52 weeks…

The maximum GROSS wage would amount to $15,392.00, before taxes.


most businesses won’t put you to work for forty hours per week,

it will be thirty-five or

whatever number of hours that will allow those businesses to get around paying any fringe’s…

Now then,

who among you smart-phart’s

could live on a net income of approximately



live on your

NET wages of

$33.7345 per day…

assuming there were deductions of about 20% of gross wages?

Just how many part-time jobs could you get in the



delta chamber of non-commerce


to support a family?




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Sep-18-13 6:17 AM

Heard someone crying to a telephone talk show the other day, 'They're cutting my hours, I can't live on that!".. And I thought to myself, "Then you'll just have to take a second or third job Lady".. I mean, when did it happen that a human body couldn't work six hours one place, three in another? Oh, I know, Jobs are scarce.. but two LOW paying jobs might equal enough income to live on.. and then too.. you'll always be hungry for MORE money that way and looking to better your 'position' as the Brits say.. But if you give someone 15 bucks to toss burgers and clean toilets they'll make that their career choices, thus plugging the hole for other 'future' beginners in the working world.. Pass the popcorn.

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Sep-02-13 10:28 PM

15 dollar an hour minimum wage? Are you insane? If you don't think the guy working at McDonalds is making enough money feel free to reach in your pocket and give him an extra five! But we all know Liberals are the cheapest people on earth with their own money.

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Sep-02-13 3:08 PM

Unfortunately the only way for this idiot Frog to understand how wrong he is is for him to open a business of his own. Which we know he will not do, because he would rather sit back and sponge off of someone business owners initiative. I own a business, work 60 to 80 hours a week and have none of those things he speaks of other than the house and a used truck. I am no better or worse off than my employees.

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Sep-02-13 2:00 PM

Lastly, I wonder if you frog even pay attention to what you put in these post.

City officials refused downtown renewal project. Kind of rejects that notion of government officials in the businessman's pockets.

Busniesses changing their ways and new stores, larger by implication. All the above would require businesses to have profits frog. Profits you so detest.

Businesses fail in the first five years because they can't make money frog. I will guarantee that for every business that fails the owner feels the pain way more than the employee who may only have lost a job. Hence the reason for owners reaping the majority of the rewards for a successful adventure.

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Sep-02-13 1:51 PM

Stagflation you say. Primarily in the 1970s brought on mostly by government intervention into the economy, trying to "control" the market in the 50-60's, and tipped over by the OPEC oil embargos in the 70's.

Bad policy frog primed the pump for stagflation not low wages. Wages actually increased to a point where the artificially created demand caused inflation to outpace wage increases. Eventually businesses weren't willing to pay more and workers weren't willing to work for less. Add in the oil embargos and bang there you go, stagflation.

Bottom line, stagflation isn't a benefit to business either as you would imply. Many at the time are also just trying to survive.

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Sep-02-13 1:12 PM

So if all tax breaks have to be fair and equal should a large corporation that has subsidaries get the child tax credit?

Whining about wages you say, who brought this up first? The business man or those wanting $15/hr? Hmmm. Businesses aren't whining about wages, they are telling you what will happen if you get what you want. There's a difference.

Businesses wanted, wanted, wanted. Hmmm again, that sounds familiar. Wages have increased over time. Do you see anyone working for $0.50/hr anymore?

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Sep-02-13 1:01 PM

Owners earning a good living, who would think of it?

Blow your tax breaks out your pie hole if you want to talk owners. Most business with owners are small business and have litte in the way of tax breaks.

Fair? Seriously, I put up $100-200K, my house, my marriage, my lifestyle and I can't reap benefits above/beyond any person I hire? Why hire anyone then. Stupid can figure this logic out. Or should be able to.

You talk about GREED being their god, then ENVY is yours. You talk about greed yet type away at your computer and probably have 1-3 tv's in you house. You talk of greed yet you probably have 1 if not 2 cars in that garage. You talk of greed and probably have 1 or 2 atv's or a mobile home.

You talk of their greed but I ask, what about yours. All you do is want more. Greedy little @#%$%.

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Sep-02-13 12:32 PM

Huh, imagine OWNERS

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Sep-02-13 11:21 AM

“Main Street?”

“Harold, you must be brain-dead.

Main street became an office district, not a retail district.

City officials refused to cooperate in any form of downtown renewal project UNTIL IT WAS TOO LATE -


Business owners, knew changes were coming but refused to change their 1900’s ways.

Most buildings down town, are fire traps, most blocks should have been leveled years ago, to meet, head-on the changes in marketing and the changes in the way retail businesses operate.

Relish the past, make those buildings national registry tombstones of a past way of life.

At one time businesses could survive doing business from a wagon or a cart.

At one time businesses could survived by doing business from a twenty-five foot wide store front.

Harold, when was the last time you ever saw a new business building built to 1900 standards, and twenty-five foot wide?

Why do businesses fail in the first five years?


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Sep-02-13 11:10 AM

Beginning in the late 1960’s,

wages for working men and women began, in earnest ,

to become level or not rising, and this continued into the 2000’s.

Add to double the hit for wage earners,

was the fact that inflation had also inflicted a ’hit’ to working men and women.

Throughout the period, 1960’s through 2000’s economists coined a term that covered this anomaly,

they called it “Stagflation”.

It was a period of time where, according to U.S. government statistics

the cost of living was AVERAGED to be 4.98%, year after year for that entire forty year period.

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Sep-02-13 11:09 AM


if wage earners DID NOT receive a commensurate wage increase of

AT LEAST 5%, YEAR AFTER YEAR during those years,

workers fell backwards, losing purchasing power through continual price increases by businesses and their ownership,

and the combination of inflation and stagnant wages.

Businesses continually increased their prices,

workers continually fell behind both in the wage arena and the inflation arena.

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Sep-02-13 11:08 AM

Businesses were, are, and continue to be money hungry, money savvy,

and found that in combination with their refusal to increase wages,

they could raise prices,

because they wanted increased profits,

they wanted increase market share,

they wante to monopolize the market,

they wanted to pay taxes not,

they wanted, they wanted, they wanted...

and they got their way through nefarious and covert manipulation of

government regulations,

legislation packages, and

by pouring campaign dollars into our election in order to place their minions in seats of regulatory power,

seats of legislation and

the state appeals courts judges' seats.

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Sep-02-13 11:05 AM

So, business owners have it good. Then why do most new businesses fail in the first five years? How many changes have you seen occur on Ludington Street?

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Sep-02-13 11:03 AM

A double whammy.

There are those people who will whine about wages,

continually defying their workers,

but really, business could not exist

if they didn’t pass costs unto their customers, because they have

legislators in their pockets guaranteeing businesses

tax breaks,

tax deferments, and

depreciation allowances

not available to ordinary wage earners.

Go figure.

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Sep-02-13 10:59 AM

Nearly every business affords owners

a nice new car or a nice new truck every couple of years,

a nice home,

a nice camp,

a nice boat,

a nice RV,

and a whole passel of nice toys….

Most every penny paid for by

IRS tax breaks,

paying low wages,

affording no pensions,

paying no healthcare,

and increasingly,

no paid vacation or

paid holidays, and now

making it hard to collect overtime pay.

GREED is their GOD,

Money is their CURRANCY of choice,

not character,

not morality,

not fair play,

not, not not...

Go figure, he who whines the most gets to keep the most,

and the rest of us pay for their fancy-schmancy living styles,

vacations, resorts and

higher priced AND prized motor vehicles,


boats, and

even airplanes.

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Sep-02-13 9:58 AM

ARGH! I hate the tab button!

Businesses will pretty much ALWAYS pass on increased expenses via price increases. I'm not saying I like it, just that this is the way it is.

The problem with mandatory maximum price fixing or price points is it kind of goes against the whole theme of this country and a free market.

So stop the madness with minimum wage increases. You want a better wage go to school, open your own business, negotiate with the business, exceed expectations at work.

Is the above guaranteed to work? Besides higher education, nope. Of course in todays job market even higher education might not work either, but it will increase your odds of a better paying job.

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Sep-02-13 9:50 AM

This is the same ole song and dance as the last time minimum wage discussions came up.

Pay a higher minimum wage and the world will be fixed. People will have more money and will be able to buy more. The economy magically improves.

Here's a hint, it didn't work last time, read the numbers in the article, and it won't work this time. When will these folks learn!!

The only way raising the minimum wage will work concerning spending money and increasing buying power is if you have a mandatory price fix policy also. Unless business are prohibited from raising prices the whole increase in minimum wage movement is a bust.

Businesses will ALWAYS

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