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Area counties battle heroin

Drug problem critical, growing

August 24, 2013

MENOMINEE — Heroin continues to be an unwelcome issue in both Menominee and Marinette counties, where law enforcement continue to combine forces to combat the illegal drug that has led to death,......

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Aug-27-13 3:37 PM

It is a very niave statement to say legalizing any drug will get rid of the problem. It won't.

Look at pot. Legalizing it didn't get rid of the problem. It made it larger. And yes for all intense and purpose pot is legal even though technically you need a card. They are NOT hard to get.

What needs to happen is we need to stop rescuing those that OD. Let them go and do everyone a favor. Believe me, you would even be doing the ODer a favor.

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Aug-25-13 9:39 PM

It's been a problem in surrounding areas for a very very long time.****it now, never make it legal, no good will ever come from such a devastating drug. It brings more crime and they need to steal to buy for a fix. I say****it quick and get it out of all counties in the UP. Not enough has been done up to this point.

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Aug-25-13 2:51 AM


are you still snorting?

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Aug-24-13 9:19 PM

I still blame Bush

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Aug-24-13 4:54 PM

dont blame the opiates. it censors h e r o i n for some reason

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Aug-24-13 4:53 PM

dont blame ******, blame the stupid junkies that make the conscious choice to use it. i say let them do it and kill themselves. let them break into my house so i can shoot them dead and tell the family im not sorry for there poor excuse for a junkie piece of sh!t.

why do they complain about companies not hiring junkies? would you really want an irresponsible drug addict working for you if you owned a company? these addicts all know better and just make excuses for being addicted. a lot of them are so poor they cant even afford to use enough to get physically addicted. it's mainly all in their head. they're sub human. they belong in jail.

i have no problems with drugs at all. i think they have great use. it's just pathetic that so many people get out of hand with it. how is their will power so weak? if someone gets addicted, takes responsibility and gets help fine. they get greedy and break into my house to steal, im gonna shoot them dead.

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Aug-24-13 3:20 PM


Levit has it right!

It’s the republican way,

it’s the way of the rich, and

it’s the easiest way to get government out of their lives, by reducing regulations, cutting taxes, and highering non-U.S. citizens to do their laboring, which at the end of the day, props up the liquidity, asset-idity and their profitability.

Republicans hate three things:

1) taxes

2) regulations

3) wages

These three items slow down the flow of money

for the rich,

for the republicans and

for their multinational corporation and

for the flow of money into their multinational off-shore tax free havens.

Through-out most of history, the rich have always been with us, lying, stealing, scheming and ultimately making cheating legal, just to chase a shekel into their asset accounts.

Answer this question:

Who is getting richer these days?

The rich


The middle class and the poor?

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Aug-24-13 11:48 AM

I just snorted a little H

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