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Speed limit to rise?

August 23, 2013

LANSING (AP) — Some Michigan lawmakers are looking to lift the 70 mph cap on highway speeds and making other changes to reduce speed traps. Grand Ledge Sen....

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Aug-23-13 11:07 AM

Artificially low speed limits function only to give cops a place to write tickets. They do not slow traffic. The 85th percentile sets the speed that is comfortable to drivers. Some times the speed limit is set too high, for example, US-2 from N 30th west is 55, most people in that area drive 45-50, this causes people to try to pass causing problems where the road narrows.

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Aug-23-13 11:42 AM

raise the speed limit from 55 to 65 in the UP. Ya, we know, watch for the deer, but there is just as much damage done to a car going 65 as going 55. I've hit deer on I-75, so lets not make this a deer issue, raise the speed limit in upper Michigan

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Aug-23-13 1:02 PM

I disagree...I think the speed limit on U.P. highways should be decreased to 35-40 mph, so tourists will spend more time traveling thru the area. There are some beautiful stretches of road here in the U.P. & people should spend more time enjoying these amazing voyages.

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Aug-23-13 1:33 PM

Hey balls how does a person respond to a stupid comment like that???

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Aug-23-13 3:24 PM

Your nuts if you think roads should have decreased speed limits. In fact every road that's 55 SHOULD be 65. Sometimes I just want to smash my head against the window getting stuck behind some drivers when going to the bridge. Atleast going to Green Bay/Wisconsin it's more of a straight away and a lot easier to pass the people on their "Sunday drives." Some people just have no where to go so they hold up the people that do need to get somewhere.

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Aug-23-13 3:55 PM

As sam

my sings ( we all can't drive 55 ! )

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Aug-23-13 3:58 PM

As the song says ( Ican't drive 55 )

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Aug-23-13 4:00 PM

I agree...I think the speed limit on U.P. highways should be increased to 65-70 mph, so tourists will spend less time traveling thru the area.There are some boring stretches of road here in the U.P. & people shouldn't have to avoid traveling thru the area just because the roads are slow.

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Aug-24-13 3:18 AM

If the speed limit was raised up here you would still run across the idiot going 40 or 50. My sole reason for wanting straight pipes pointed out the sides of the car so when i pass you at least your p*ssed off too lol.

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Aug-25-13 9:33 PM

The UP should be 65 across the board, 55 is much to slow, I hate the drive from Esky to Menominee, or Marquette, or IM. Never enough passing lanes and always to many police ready to ticket...****e on, 55 is just to slow!

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Aug-26-13 8:08 AM

Don't get me wrong. I think the speed limits in certain areas should be higher. There's few things more frustrating than being stuck behind somebody going slow on US 2 between the bridge and Rapid River.

But, look at it from another perspective as well. Increasing speed limits will decrease ticket fines in a time where police across the state are forced to make cuts. As the article states, any increase in speed would require safety studies, which end up being taxpayer funded.

So, in a state where we have some of the most poorly maintained roads in the country and police budgets are getting slashed across the state due to lack of funding, we're seriously considering reducing incoming funding from traffic tickets and spending taxpayer money to do it. Increased speeds will only make road conditions worse and will hurt cities and towns across the state.

Maybe if we were flush with money and our roads were in great shape we could do it, but not now.

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