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Leaders talk economic growth

August 16, 2013

ESCANABA — State leaders, including the Governor, testified at a Senate hearing in Escanaba Thursday, each supporting legislation for an economic development district in Delta and Marquette countie....

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Aug-16-13 11:01 AM

Small Wonder we didn't like what the rich and their republican stooges did to us the last time they wanted to "improve the economy".

Now we have pictures of people trying to remedy the disaster and what they laid the groundwork for years ago!

OBVIOUSLY, these people didn’t know then what they were doing for the rich,

and One More Time Please,

they’re now trying to figure out ways to ramp-up ways for business to ‘succeed’ at home when business blew it overseas years ago.

Stupid is as Stupid Does !

We need more pictures, we need the people who sent the economy overseas to be in jail now.

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Aug-16-13 11:03 AM

Now these same fools are researching ways and means to reconstitute what they sent away beginning in 1999 with the Financial Modernization Act of 1999

and finally rode the economy into the toilet with bill clinton’s signature giving the Commodity Futures Modernization Act of 2000 the legitimacy of law,

and putting to an end, a long history of government oversight and business regulation,

in favor of leaving the rich and their businesses to “regulate themselves”.

Well business regulation of themselves sent the economy and the nation into the toilet.

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Aug-16-13 11:07 AM

Here we go AGAIN !

One more time please.

Talk about economic growth?

We have pictures of groups of low-level minions “PONDERING” or studying the OBVIOUS.

Nowhere did the article mention that there were real “representatives” of society,

taxpaying working men and women in attendance giving testimony as to what their governmental foolishness brought about for us,

the last time they tried to manage and manipulate our government and the economy.

The rich and their businesses, through their legislative minions in congress,

opened the barn door, and the horses were purposely let out of the barn, and left to wander overseas.

Today, we have these same fools, studying and researching the OBVIOUS,

‘what ever happened’ to the economy, to the infrastructure, to social institutions and

the dearth of jobs?

The obvious answer the rich let the barn door remain open,

and now, what to do about since that idea didn't pan out for them

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Aug-16-13 1:10 PM

Who is willing to invest in a area with population not enough to substain a business. Throw in all the taxes and mandates and the numbers just aren't there.

So govt, don't waste time on a bunch of time on feel-good hype. We don't any more money sucking boondoggles like the airport and Renasaince Zone.

Let's get that power plant project done!

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Aug-16-13 2:11 PM

Brian R.,

Could your paper put a telephoto lens into the hands of your erstwhile "reporters", please?

We would all like to see

what "Planners" and "Testicalmonial"

givers look-like, close-up,

whilst they're in the process of yet another

"PLAN" for economic salvation for businesses, and

their tax-dodging owners !

Of course, what pails (pales) as in buckets of (c.r.a.) p, is the fact that only IMPORTANT, holy spirits are given forehand knowledge of these good-ole-boy's 'smoke-room' meetings.

Best report things after-the-fact


We don't want any rabble trousers attending such clubby mtgs., as they did in garden...

Who Know's, Someone might even have the gall to ask an impertinent question or two?

--do we ?

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Aug-16-13 2:35 PM

Yah, Right.

But, first

questions had to be written on 3x5 cards,

then collected,

then passed into the hands of yet another minion helper,

who had a chance to informally edit, (as in put to the back of the pack,

or set aside) the cards and their questions

before handing them off for the boys on the stools and the gov to answer.

No open questions from the audience please.

We want to TELL you WHaT WE want you to HEAR,

We give lip service …

to di·a·logue conversation and meetings purporting to be something other than what takes place.

The racketeers call something of this magnitude:


Switch and Bait- it’s hard to comprehend what the right hand is doing to the left hand…

just like the people who rum (run) for election, or….


that they'll be 'running' for congress...


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Aug-16-13 2:37 PM



Leaders? Talk-Talk-Talk-yada-ya-da-da-da, duh?

Like talk about selling the power plant?


Sell the power plant and lower ELECTrical RatEs?


LOWER, Lower, and boy are those RatEs .... Hooooow looooow can THey gO?


ask an impertinent question?

they’re no dopes) ... When rick, tom, and fast eddie where at bay college holding their version of a ‘town-hall’ get together,

(attendees got to ask questions, all right …

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Aug-16-13 3:49 PM

Hopefully this new economic development plan doesn't include anymore auto-parts stores next-door to already existing auto-parts stores. Can this town bring in anything economically viable?

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