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Michigan GOP official charged in standoff

August 15, 2013

ESCANABA (AP) — A Michigan Republican State Committee member faces charges in Wisconsin over what police say was an armed standoff with officers responding to his suicide threat....

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Aug-16-13 4:21 PM

if it looks, walks, talks, and acts like a nutjob.... its a nutjob.

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Aug-16-13 2:29 PM

@3LovesFreedom.....I didn't want to mention the family abuse issue in my initial post, but it IS true that he has abused his children and estranged wife in the past.....if not physically, for sure psychologically. This I know to be true. This man has some serious personal issues in addition to the legal trouble he has gotten himself into. It's about time that he will have to answer to someone. He has bullied his children and his wife for a long, long let's hope that he doesn't get away with bullying the legal system. He is a piece of work.

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Aug-16-13 10:07 AM

PS: This man is NOT a child or a wife abuser. Stop inventing and embellishing the story to make yourself look cool.

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Aug-16-13 10:07 AM

PS: This man is NOT a child or a wife abuser. Stop inventing/embellishing the story to make yourself look cool.

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Aug-16-13 9:22 AM

One more time for all of the dopes:

I and others have been ranting for some time, now,

about the rich and their businesses having covertly taking control,

not only over

the election process,

the regulatory oversight process,


the legislative process,

but through concerted lobbying efforts,

the rich have gained control over

the media and the news

that is allowed to be released for consumption

by the dopey public.

Wake up,

everything is "MANAGED" for us by

the rich,

their businesses and

their corporations

through their instruments,

the two party system;

one party, the republican party, they have complete domination over/of,

the other party, is about as bad, and poorly operated.

Now, you suddenly see it happening right here…

In River City,

Right Here in little old Escanaba!

When, if ever, will you fools see, what has been unfolding all around you ?

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Aug-16-13 7:31 AM

This is your Republican party.... 5 months to report this story, that actually made it into the Huffington post....hmmmmm anyone in charge at the press driving a new car?

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Aug-16-13 1:07 AM

To whom ever finally broke this open I thank you greatly. Obviously Someone or Politicaly involved has kept this hushed. Read the Detroit Free Press and the Greenbay Gazette articles. Google his name. He IS a nut and he ABSOUTLY did beat his 2 daughters up,and put that family through hell. He is NOT a Christian as he claims,he stalked his estranged wife and threatened her, and he is liar,the problem is he actually believes what he is saying and some of these idiots believe him. He campaigns for the right to work act.. well, he hasn't worked in years..and dosen't even blink an eye about it while the x-wife worked and supported the family. Boy you got to admire those Republicans they sure got a keeper in their corner. He needs to be locked away from society and do some REAL SOUL SEARCHING.

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Aug-15-13 10:47 PM

Why is it we are just now hearing about this story???? So, this guy threatens suicide, stalks his estranged wife, and keeps police at bay during a standoff. I would say there is some mental illness present. Mentally ill people cannot get weapons (they aren't supposed to, anyway) if a background check is done properly. This being public knowledge, is somebody going to see to it that this man's weapons are taken away from him? He obviously is a danger to society and to himself. Hopefully he will not have access to any guns...unless he will only use it on himself. Obviously that is a bit of sarcasm, but in all seriousness, this guy should not be able to own any weapons.

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Aug-15-13 1:08 PM

"...he pointed a rifle at his stomach and held off police about 30 minutes before surrendering" It must be a short stock rifle in order to fire it. Sounds like he just attention/needs help.

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Aug-15-13 12:12 PM

Granted, this is a serious incident, this "outing" politically motivated by others in the party who do not like Mr.Sedenquist's politics and want their power back? If so, pretty dirty stuff. Get all of the facts people. Let those with perfect lives and no skeletons cast the first stones.

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Aug-15-13 11:25 AM

I can't believe the local newspaper hasn't reported this story and instead is relying on a short and vague wire story. This is a major local political figure and we, the local readers, deserve to know what happened.

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Aug-15-13 10:39 AM

More info in Detroit Press: ***********freep****/article/20130814/NEWS06/308140165/Michigan-GOP-felony-Green-Bay

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