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Tortured teen case: Mother due in court today

Woman pled guilty, faces sentencing

August 13, 2013

ESCANABA — A mother who pleaded guilty to torturing and abusing her 15-year-old son for years at her Escanaba home is scheduled to be sentenced in Delta County Circuit Court toda....

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Aug-13-13 6:18 PM

These two deserve nothing but total isolation for life +1000 years. Maybe 15 minuts a day or an hour a week outside. A cell no larger than 8x10. Two shytie meals a day. That would be twice what they aforded the boy. Don't even allow them to see the guards. No TV. No books. No paper.

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Aug-13-13 4:03 PM

What we have here,

and what we are


is the fact that communication to the public at large,

is most often not presented in detail,

but rather seems to be stifled in most criminal or civil cases.

Journalists, journalism, and the press often fail the public and society,

to make us aware of these dastardly deeds in anguishing detail.

Law agencies, lawyers, and judges are most anxious to ‘get-it-over-with’,

and get on with the ‘next’ case.

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Aug-13-13 4:02 PM

As people, as a society, we must not let these perps ride off into the sunset, at our expense.


I find it hard to stomach such regurgitations, with a ‘slap-on-the-wrist’.

The accused and convicted, is never really faced with the prospect of personally facing the community,

its people, and society,

to be held accountable in their presence and answer questions from ones peers,

our community, our neighbors, and made to illustrate to society,

the thinking/reasoning, that runs counter to normal behavior(s) for what they have done.

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Aug-13-13 4:00 PM

We have an arrest,

we have a hearing,

we have a trial, and

we have a sentencing….


This is the easy part for a perpetrator…

Facing angry



parents, and


should be their calling while still alive,

and instilling fear into their being,

just as these people have instilled fear and something greater into the very being of a defenseless child,

so should be their remaining life’s sentence,

and NOT for heaven’s sake,

a soft prison bed,

television, and

three meals a day,

is not the type of pay-back society should accept.

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Aug-13-13 3:59 PM

Sentencing should include


everyday, and being required to explain to society at large what you did,

and having to answer questions afterwards….

every single day for the rest of the perps life, as long as the perp fails to die.

This would be a learning experience not easily forgotten by the community and society in general,

if these crimes were not so easily

‘swept-under-the-rug’ and out-of-sight, and out-of-mind!

Assertions have been made, that this child’s life,


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Aug-13-13 3:56 PM

Why should a mere child have to endure societies failures,

while the perps experience

a tidy prison cell,

clean clothes,


three square meals a day,

free access to legal counsel


who can live easily, for years, living in a comfy atmosphere such as taxpayers provide.

Is this ‘torture’ for the perp, or a life free from want,

such as a place to sleep,

such as needing medical care,

such as providing for your own three square meals a day…?

This seems to be EASY STREET, compared to what this child has experienced,

and what he will experience every day, for the rest of his life.

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Aug-13-13 3:54 PM

Can any of us imagine,

the supposedly comforting poem or prayer,

most of us may have learned as a child,

beginning with these familiar words:

“Now I lay me down to sleep.”

And what must traverse this child’s mind, having experienced these forms of pervrsion and torture by your very own mother and caretaker,

every night, every night for years,

before falling off to sleep?

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Aug-13-13 3:52 PM

Where are ALTERNATIVE LEGAL SANCTIONS (when they are most in need)?


Some of us may be “going-on” at length ....

I do so, because I cannot fathom the enormity of this child’s pain,

his torture and his fear he must have been forced to endure,

from his custodial care givers.

Can you, can anyone ?

All children, and this child especially, deserves our protection, but we failed,

and we deserve to understand and get the information from the perps own mouth,

so we, hopefully will become better aware and sensitized to such perversions,

for our future and the future of our children ...

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Aug-13-13 11:53 AM

What are you all going on about? She doesn't need to get up and defend her actions, she had her day in court, and she pled guilty. At least I think that's what you meant, it's hard to understand your incoherent ramblings.

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Aug-13-13 11:19 AM

Whiz, I agree with you. Put them in front of us women/mothers/grandmothers! I will be there to listen what would ever give this woman an idea to do that do her precious son. May she rot in prison and hopefully her fellow inmates will be nice to her! NOT!

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Aug-13-13 11:08 AM


WHO, are you to be in a position to judge, inane, and bully someone into getting 'another hobby'?


Obviously since, you are wrong most of the time, not you !

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Aug-13-13 11:04 AM

I'm with wizzy,

but 'judging' the inane, I totally in aggreement with you as well...

wherein, in you recite,

"obviously I was wrong",

which you obviously, usually are.

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Aug-13-13 10:55 AM

Whiz, you really need to get another hobby. I thought it was impossible for you to get more inane, but obviously I was wrong.

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Aug-13-13 10:34 AM

They say, you can’t judge a book by its cover, or a person by their ‘actions’...

Clearly, the court should take into consideration,

that this is the “FIRST-TIME” torture case for this 'mother' and the friend incarnate.

With LADIES DAY at the fair fast approaching,

certainly the judge should release this wretched soul to appear before the ‘ladies’,

so that this (lady) (mother) could describe her reasoning and defend her actions before our fair ladies,

so they, first-hand will be able to bear witness to the devil incarnate.

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Aug-13-13 10:32 AM

This might give fair planners the revamping, ladies day at the fair so in need, to boost participation and provide a means for kicking up the day’s proceedings, a notch?

If the public could hold witness to perps on a one-to-one basis, such as this, perhaps this would deter someone else on the edge?

After all, one of the highest top-ranking member of a certain clergy openly declared:

“Who Am I To Judge?”

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