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Counterfeit bills in area

August 8, 2013

ESCANABA — Some counterfeit $100 bills being spent in the Escanaba area may be linked to a juvenile from Florida, according to Escanaba Public Safety who are investigating recent reports of fake......

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Aug-18-13 10:18 PM

Coffee distributors,

have for years cut back on a pound of coffee, until some sell it in nine ouch bags.

Only the robber barons at the gas pumps,

haven’t cut back on the number of fluid ouches in a gallon of gas.

But, give them their due, and in due time this will be the course,

they’ll resort to selling it by the pint, at which price liquor will be cheaper than water and gasoline.

So who cares about a few fake bucks.

Our government has been dishing them out for years,

and no one, but no one

makes a stink about it!

Much ado about nothing we think.

On the other hand,

if our government backed ‘bucks’ were really valuable,

we’d all be taking up the cause and color printers at the big box stores would be sold out.

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Aug-18-13 10:20 PM

For years,

working men and women have been suffering inflated prices for consumer goods,

services, and

just about everything we purchase,

while those that are in charge of our paychecks,

keep charging higher and higher prices, are really performing legalized stealing,

even though our purchasing power decreases rapidly and most noticeably,

quarter by quarter, when the fat, fast foodies raise their prices or cut the sizes of the burgers,

cut the portion size of their french fries, and either raise the price of pop,

or decrease the size of the pop cup.

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Aug-18-13 10:25 PM

Why should we adults worry about a few ‘fake’ bills floating around.

It’s truly ridiculous.

Republicans,our employers, have been gaming us for years....

paying us with worthless money.

Divide the price of everything we buy by ten or fifteen and you'll see what the price really was in the 1970's for the most part,

and then divide our wages by a factor of 20,

and you'll get a quick idea of our pay during those 1970 years !

You have to give kids CREDIT, because they have been able to recognize in their immaturity,

that the value of the money we’ve been given (fed) is worthless on its face value, and it's worthwhile to print fake versions of fake currency.

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Aug-18-13 10:30 PM

The rich and republicans, their businesses and corporations are the only ones concerned about fake bucks.

After all, working men and women, would be paying them back with the same sort of fake legal tender they've been paying us for years.

Of course they're the ones making the stink....

They'd be subject to a double wammy, what with our government backing deflated dollars, and workers buying high prices goods with just as fake bucks.

Serves both of them right, don't you think?

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Aug-19-13 12:40 AM

Leave it to Cheesy to blame the rich and the republicans for this one!

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Aug-19-13 10:12 AM


You’re just envious that Cheesehead saw the light before you.

Obviously, you’re not up to Cheesehead’s perception abilities.

I agree with Chezzy, the rich, their corporations, their businesses, and their poltical party, the republican’s,

and their government cronies,


the money got real PHONY of late when they started raising prices, for no good reason except greed.

Being the twit/wit that resemble, it's hard for people to realize that Cheesehead was able to connect the dot’s before you.

But as you say, "you don't see" or "englighten me"..

consider yourself 'enlightend' by good old cheesehead !

You’re just slow on the uptake, as always.

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Aug-19-13 12:12 PM

At least I can spell and use the apostrophe correctly.

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Aug-19-13 7:41 PM

What are you saying?


you can spell.


you can apostropheepee?

However, what is more important is the ability to line-up words that make sense,

between your apostropheepees.

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Aug-19-13 10:40 PM

You just have to be an argumentative jerk, don't you, Cheese. I'm about done with dealing with condescending jerks like you and your other two alter-egos. Pinheaded goof.

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Aug-25-13 3:12 AM


you could be condesending too,

if you practiced;

and, if practiced real hard, you could be more condesending than I!

But, in the jerk department, you dont need any practice, you're tops in that department.


On the otherhand it takes talent to be condesending, and you wewe, don't have much of that to work with.

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