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What state lawmakers didn’t do

June 27, 2013

FLINT — When they return to school in the fall, a lot of kids will be asked to write essays about what they did on summer vacation. I wish Michigan’s Senate Republicans were required to do the same....

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Jul-22-13 1:49 PM

It's because you can't refute them. You have no arguement to make.

I haven't seen you ever in these comment sections argue a topic. All you do is argue anothers' intelligence. Ironically you always believe you come out on top.

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Jul-20-13 10:49 AM


No need to refute foolish statements by you.

Bogus thinking, is bogus thinking, eadily recognizable, even by a 10 year old child !

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Jul-05-13 2:03 PM

Vauche, good luck with that!

These liberal types who post on the threads are absolutely void of the required intelligence to make their own decisions.

An argument with any of them leads so far away from the original commentary that a debate on healthcare reform will have you talkinging about invasive insects in about 3 posts. Of course there will be some "It's all Bushes fault" in there and some "Obstructionist Republicans" tossed in for good measure.

They will not refute your claims or counter your argument. They are followers and act as such. When presented with facts, the typical liberal will never stand up with anything but name calling.

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Jul-04-13 1:39 AM

Whiz, whiz, whiz, cheezewhiz you have anything constructive to say?

If you can't refute the statements I make you start slinging names. Do you get satisfaction from that?

Refute anything I put down in my original post then we can talk grown-up to grown-up and I will teach you a few things about the reality of topic if you can open up that mind of yours.

Until then bash away, it's what you do best.

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Jul-03-13 11:32 PM

********* is the word the daily mess doesn't want people to see in print.

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Jul-03-13 11:30 PM


chezhead was directing his thoughts at you i think.

cheezhead is predictable, but usually not as disjointed in thought as you.

Some may think you got into life as a token for something or other, but certainly not for ....

Maybe, you are from an*******group known as tim and fhil, who have extreme rantive tendencies similar to yours.

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Jul-03-13 2:53 PM

No cheese, apt name by the way, they don't approach rhetoric.

It isn't republican or democrat it's just REALITY you fool!

Open your eyes and take off the LIBERAL blinders and see what is ACTUALLY going on NOT what you think is going on in this world.

First you have to learn how the world really works then give solutions.

This health care reform is the exact opposite. It take how liberals view the world SHOULD be and tries to force it to be reality. It NEVER works and has NEVER worked.

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Jul-02-13 7:11 PM

A lot of words disparate thinking, not even do they approach rhetoric, and the most rudimentary thinking from a ninth grader...

Oh barf, dumbovuchie is demonstrating what he's noted for . ..

nothing much in the head department relative to thinking, writing and ...

but cogitative dissonance is just about as accurate as one can describe this rupublican fruitcake.

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Jun-27-13 3:21 PM

Andy, Terrific article! You are 100% correct. I love your wit and how you humorously say exactly the right thing. We need more like you. Thanks for being on the side of the people.

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Jun-27-13 10:29 AM

Does he really think that providing expanded Medicare will stop people from using the ED's as primary care physicians? What evidence does he have on this? How, when those already on it use ED's as primary care physicians can one claim expanding it would change this behavior?

Next fallacy. Expanding Medicare will somehow magically make people get in shape. What, these people will all of a sudden be able to afford a gym membership? They will suddenly choose to eat healthy? How much governmental control are we talking about here?

Obamacare will pay 100% x 3 years then 90%. This is a good thing? Who does this guy think is paying for "Odumbocare"? The audacity is he thinks this means it is free to the state. Well dingdong the people of this state will pay for it through federal taxes. You know those things that have to be raised to fund this abomination of health care reform.

Idiocy at its best here!

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