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UPSET report: Drug problems on the rise in U.P.

54 of 240 complaints from Delta County

June 15, 2013

ESCANABA — Illegal drug problems are on the rise in the Upper Peninsula due in large part to increased availability of medications, easier ways to make narcotics, and more people being issued medica......

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Jun-15-13 1:30 PM

Ron Koski is full of s**t. Anyone with a card can only have 2 1/2 ounces of "usable" pot so it doesn't matter if they can have 12 plants. And before there was medicinal pot, the police had to get warrants for EVERY potential bust so nothing has changed in that respect either. Worried about added costs? Legalize and tax it and you can solve two problems.

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Jun-15-13 5:35 PM

It's "HIPAA" not "HYPA" that protects patient information.

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Jun-15-13 6:28 PM

UPSET isn't concerned with details, just more funding to fight the never ending war on drugs. Hint: You'll never win.

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Jun-15-13 6:52 PM

for prescription pills they need to start investigating doctors. it's all the sick people selling the pills who are legally prescribed to them. the big ones are methadone, suboxone, subutex, oxycontin, and hydromorphone. people get these pills for medical problems and dont take them, they sell them instead. they only take them if they have a drug test. this dude in upset is an idiot. why is he so concerned with medical pot? everyone smokes pot, i mean EVERYONE! there is a small hand full that dont but most people that dont are cool with it and for it. what i dont understand is why is it so bad for people to have medical cards? they just want to use legally, who cares leave them alone. but its ok for pill junkies that do drugs which could kill you, go to the suboxone clinics and just abuse and sell their prescription. they say they do drug tests and pill counts but they rarely enforce it. it's all a lie. think the medical marijuana community is bad? LOL the narcotic pharmaceutical is i

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Jun-15-13 7:02 PM

the medical marijuana problem is just a needle in the pillstack or pharmaceutical problems our communities are facing. thanks doctors for for being so naive! you cant chop up pot and snort it or shoot it up. any pill that is water soluble you can. anyone can buy a syringe OTC at a pharmacy. if the doctors only knew. thanks for killing our friends, our families, and even our kids. i want to know why all these kids are hooked on methadone and suboxone? sure it is their stupid choice and they know better. but the problem is preventable in more ways than one. some of these people are so obviously on drugs that sell them. how the heck do their doctors not know, it is so obvious!?

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Jun-15-13 8:01 PM

These idiots are scared to death that pot will be legalized and they will actually have to go after the pill pushers and meth freaks. Busting pot heads is like picking low hanging fruit, it's easy work. Lazy and stupid thugs and bullies is what we get for our tax money.

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Jun-15-13 11:23 PM

Figures an article on UPSET would bring up the legalize drugs crowd. The problem with the respondants here is they were apparently smoking when they read the article. The problem with the advent of medical marijuana is that it makes it more difficult to deal with those that DON'T have the card.

I find the comment that one can only posses 2 1/2ou who cares if they can have 12 plants. Uhm, where do you think the pot comes from. If you have 12 plants you can make more "useable" pot. Niave and foolish and an argument made by a burned out brain.

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Jun-15-13 11:29 PM

Only problem with Dannys position is the belief that it is "sick" people selling their pills. The sick actually take their pills the con-artists do not.

I agree completely that doctors need to be more vigilent in their prescribing practices. Problem with that is in some situations their reimbursement depends on patient satisfaction. You can thank the government for that one.

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Jun-15-13 11:34 PM

Lastly for those that think pot isn't deadly. Consider the demolition of the building in Pennsylvania I believe. The crane operater was high. Yep, he didn't die but others did directly because of it.

No matter what argument you make you can NEVER guarantee it will stay in the home.

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Jun-15-13 11:39 PM

UPSET is worried that WHEN pot goes legal, their workforce will be cut in half. Let's face it, now that Gay marriage is practically in the books everywhere, the next big topic is legalization of marijuana. That's just a fact. Goto California, see how free and open it is there and quit acting like your living in a bubble. Everything is such a culture shock to the regulars living up here that have no worldly experience.

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Jun-15-13 11:53 PM

Also it's almost as if this guy from UPSET is saying 'well we wish HIPAA didn't exist so we could go right to the doctors, see who they're treating and with what medications and where they live.' Thank God HIPAA exists, it is for our protection because it's no one else's business what prescriptions we get. It's the reason we give people a space of privacy in lines at the doctor's office and at pharmacy's.

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Jun-16-13 11:36 AM

The people commenting who are so apposed to medical marijuana seem to forget a MAJORITY of michigan voters voted it in, dont like it? TOO BAD LOL... Live with it.

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Jun-16-13 12:12 PM

The last thing I would want for this country is for more places to be like California. Free and open no doubt. The government pays for everything and the state is broke, broke, broke. Gangs all over the place and the legalization of pot has done little to lower violence.

HIPAA is a travesty of the federal government. The concept is fine but the bill is written poorly and prevents the exchange of information between provider and between providers and law enforcement because nobody can understand the darn thing to figure out what is legal.

Further if/when Obahma care starts up, next year, HIPAA is thrown aside as the federal government will have your information. So much for privacy hey. Yet morons out there are full of glee about this new program. Can't fix stupid I guess.

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Jun-16-13 12:22 PM

Childish comment MIKE, a real problem in the state.

Voters voted it in based on a very, very good, but misleading, advertising campaign. Many didn't understand the consequences and many were just thinking of themselves and not the betterment of the state.

So to Mike, freedom of speech trumps your childishness and if I want to point to the flaws of medical marijuana laws you'll just have to sit back and live with it. TOO BAD...LOL. ***** how that works huh?

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Jun-16-13 1:21 PM

@Vauche: Do you stay up at night watching "Reefer Madness" over and over? Having 12 plants doesn't mean you can have more than 2 1/2 ounces. So if someone is harvesting 12 plants they more than likely will have more than 2 1/2 ounces. Therefore, they will be breaking the law and law enforcement can do their job when they sell their excess illegally. Simple as that. Now if they keep more than 2 1/2 ounces and don't try to sell any excess than who would be hurt? And I don't hear any pro-pot people condoning anyone being high at the workplace anymore than they would condone anyone being drunk. The fact tragedies happen while people are high doesn't mean people that abide by the law should be persecuted also. You just can't fathom that consenting adults can actually lead normal productive lives AND smoke pot.

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Jun-16-13 2:35 PM

The discussion here is entertaining. My two cents: this article sounds like a fundraising and/or PR piece as they usually are.

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Jun-16-13 5:00 PM

Does it truly matter to you, if the state in which you live is "broke" or not? At this point I'd say legalize pot just so everyone can stop crying about it and the state can start taxing it and make money off it. And there's nothing wrong with HIPAA if you think there is, why not just say you'd rather live in a policed "1984" state than live in a country that protects information and has legalized marijuana.

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Jun-16-13 8:31 PM

For the record it's HIPPA guys.

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Jun-16-13 8:37 PM

vauche you truely have no clue. these sick people that sell their pills are also con artists. you would really be surprised along with law enforcement how common narcotics are prescribed to people and the very high percentage of the people that sell them. if you grew up being exposed to it all the time you would know. sometimes the sick people take there meds, most of the time they sell them. believe it or not, it's in the 90% range.

the 12 plants is arguable. again if you were exposed to pot all your life you would know a lot more about it. no plants are grown the same. if your growing in a sea of green method, the yield is very low. some strains produce very little but the levels of the 80+ psychoactive ingredients are different. if you make good edibles you can easily argue 12 plants is not enough. dont try and argue something you know little about.

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Jun-16-13 10:59 PM

UPSET is nothing more then a waste of our communities money. Everytime they make any kind of "Bust" the amount and worth is EXAGGERATED only to manipulate our Counties to keep funding their unnecessary agency. I agree we have drug and addictioin issues in out area but it's hardly bad enough to where it couldn't be managed by our local Peace Officers. Also, this County is being misled into believing that (Suboxone, Subutex, buprenorphine) is an epidemic in our community. This chemical very rarly leads to overdoes and it's keeps addicts off of hard drugs such as ******, morphine, or Fentanyl, etc). Two years ago a young man in his twenty was taking off his Suboxone medication due to strick regulations, accusations, and IGNORANCE by Peace Officers, UPSET, Community Leaders. A month later he was found dead of an overdose in his parents bathroom. Before you make such judgements on whether a chemical is a problem or just a better choice addicts make, you need to look at the whole

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Jun-16-13 11:14 PM

Marijuana is hardly a problem and we don't need to spend Thousand of dollars on an agency to try to regulate it. Remeber our state voted to allow use for Medical purposes. Maybe soon we'll get smart like other states, legalize it for tax purposes. These states arn't having sevear issues with drug abuser. They got smart, instead of wasting money trying to control it, they're making money managing it. They have regulations to keep it in control. Again, ignorance in our community leaders. This should be a moral issure, not a legal one.

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Jun-17-13 12:07 AM

Tailgater probably needs some help with substance abuse. People like this are why so much money is wasted on a war that can not be won....

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Jun-17-13 7:51 AM

The issue is "illegal" drugs. People who have cards are "legal". Prescription drug abuse is a the scourge here.

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Jun-17-13 9:30 AM

No I don't watch reefer madness. I have also found that the majority of folks who use psycoactive substances rarely follow the law.

So what is the argument. If the law is 2 1/2ou any more is breaking the law sold or not.

Ralph read please. I didn't say you were condoning being high at work. I said you can't prevent it from happening and you can't gaurantee it won't. And no most consenting adult can't smoke pot and be productive. Their productivity will ALWAYS be reduced and their potential will always be lowered. It is an a-motivational drug after all.

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Jun-17-13 9:36 AM

Danny, my cluelessness is only rivaled by your own. I work in the business. I know the problems we have with drugs in this community. Your belief that 90% of "sick" people sell their drugs is assinine. This might depend on your definition of sick though.

I know exactly how much and how often narcotics are prescibed to people. You're right there, it's insane and often misprescibed at the behest of the patient who needs their fix or money to buy their drug of choice.

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