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Fed up with gas prices?

Residents voice frustrations

June 6, 2013

ESCANABA — Consumer frustration continues following a recent spike in gas prices locally, in many places throughout the state and across the nation....

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Jun-06-13 10:34 AM

This is ridiculous! Why do the go up so high in a few seconds and then it takes forever for it to go back down. I think the oil companies use any and every excuse in the book to send the prices higher. Like earlier this year, they said it was because they were switching between winter fuel to summer fuel. What a bunch of crap!!!

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Jun-06-13 11:10 AM

Apparently everybody thinks that whining will help the situation.

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Jun-06-13 11:47 AM

Thank Obama, the EPA and all left-wing elitist Demokrats, who refuse to let any new pipelines to transfer or refineries to be built in the midwest to turn crude into gasoline. America voted for those idiots, so whining won't solve the problem.

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Jun-06-13 11:49 AM

We can all thank Obama, his EPA, and the elitist left-wing Demokrats out there. They collectively refuse to let pipelines to be built to carry refined products, nor refineries be built in the midwest to refine crude oil into gasoline. THEY want theirs, but they want YOU (US) to do without. America voted for these clowns, so we're getting what we asked for. Whining won't solve the problem.

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Jun-06-13 1:14 PM

Whining isn't going to solve the problem, not sure that there is a solution to this problem. It appears that the oil companies are going to jack up the prices at the pumps each and every time a refinery is in need of repairs or has had to go offline for one reason or another. We are at their mercy because we all need fuel to get to and from our jobs, unless of course you live close enough to be able to walk, even in bad weather. I am planning on not spending anymore than I did before, but I just won't be able to go anywhere other than work and back. No extra trips for unnecessary reasons. I refuse to put myself in the hole to pad their pockets. What if all industries raised their prices of their goods each time they were in need of repairs, updating, or had to close for bad weather??? The oil industry sounds like a monopoly, and I thought monopolies were against the law in this country.

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Jun-06-13 3:08 PM

Almost 5 dollars a gallon for premium is absurd... There is no specific reason its going up besides the main people selling it want more money.

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Jun-06-13 3:22 PM

Where is the left wing media on this issue. Oh that is right..They give the most vile President in the history of the country a pass on this issue and all other issues. DO you know how they would be crying everyday in the paper and on the evening news if this was a Republican in office? The media and the left wing communists get a pass on $3.50-$4 a gallon. Remember the pain at the pump stories when Bush/Cheney were in office when gas went over $2.? Do you think the Gore's, Obama's and the Kennedy's conserve fuel and energy? Are you that stupid to believe they have cut back on their travels on land, sea and air? These families burn more energy in one month than all of Delta county in 1-year. You deserve what you get America for voting in a hater of America for two terms. Wait another year for this (his) corrupt health care to ruin more of our country. Death panels are a part of his plan. The joke is on you who voted for this thug.

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Jun-06-13 3:29 PM

All of you misguided souls that blame the oil companies ought to have all of your energy you use cut off. Take away all of your phones, computers, vehicles, boats, 4-wheelers,motorcycles etc. It is supply and demand. China is sucking everything up. We have a ton of oil and gas under our feet but the enviro's stop us from using it. Wind, solar, corn will not even come close to what we need. Dahh..

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Jun-06-13 4:23 PM

Yooper i agree, Obama is not doing much of anything in office. But it would have been the same had that idiot romney won.. We needed Ron Paul

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Jun-06-13 4:53 PM

If romney would have been elected, we would have invaded Iran by now and $4 a gallon would look good. And we could drill every inch of America and we'd still be paying $4 a gallon. Or are we going to nationalize our oil fields? Fat chance.

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Jun-06-13 5:08 PM

Nobody ever seems to ask the question of what effects our foreign military adventures have on energy prices here at home. Anybody think flying C130s to supply our forces in a landlocked central Asian country might be responsible for some demand that is sucking up supply? I sure do. It's a global market you dummies. But it's all Obama's fault right?

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Jun-07-13 10:45 AM

Yesterday I paid $3.60/gal for MID GRADE! I live in N.C., and am definitely having second thoughts about driving home for the 4th.. Michiganders are getting the shaft. Check out gasbuddy**** if you have any doubt.

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Jun-07-13 3:49 PM

How about looking at it like this it's not Obama,fuel companies or Washington look in your back yard.Mich state tax on fuel is almost 40 cents and listed as one of top 5 worse states with New York,California and Hawaii only ones worse.

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