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Truck driver charged in fatal accident

June 3, 2013

ESCANABA — Harley Davidson Durocher, 24, of Gwinn, was charged Monday with six felonies in connection with a three-vehicle accident that claimed the lives of Thomas and Barbara Swift of Escanaba las......

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Jun-03-13 6:35 PM

Shively says he and his partners plan about a dozen retail outlets in each state, followed by up to 100 in California, where sales of medical marijuana are legal according to state law.

The White House should cheer on the state inspectors and stay out of the way of entrepreneurs like Shively.

If President Obama tries to stop state legalization, he will lose, if not legally, then politically. Three key stated goals of banning marijuana are making the streets safer, weakening gangs, and keeping kids off pot. Legalizing pot is likely to succeed far better at all three than banning it has.

Former Mexican President Vicente Fox started making the case for Shively’s plan Thursday.

He joined the press conference to urge Obama to let state legalization proceed in order to stanch the flow of profits to bloodthirsty drug cartels.

Republicans, the rich and their Business investment like Shively’s “will bring a solution to Mexico's huge crime problem, argued Fox.

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Jun-03-13 6:39 PM

A person is left wondering if the truck drive had a medical 'condition' that his need for chemicals in his body enabled him to drive - even without a license...

Jamen Shively tore a page right out of the Starbucks handbook on Thursday.

At a press conference, the former Microsoft manager announced plans to open chain stores offering

a uniform, high-end product that satisfies America’s craving for a mild buzz.

Except not the coffee—pot variety.

Yes, we are High on Marijuana,

Shively, 45, told reporters,

outlining his intent to bring in $100 million in investments to

establish "the most recognized brand in an industry that does not exist yet.

... Sniff, sniff, sniff.

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Jun-04-13 12:07 AM

This article has some bad grammar.. "..the presence of a controlled substance causing death." So just because it was there, hidden somewhere probably, that's the reason two elders, too old to be driving, died. They never said he was using it. It's*****shame and my heart goes to this guy. It's hard enough to get a job as it is, atleast he worked. Far as I'm concerned the elderly couple were the dangerous drivers.

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Jun-04-13 12:16 AM

Concerned - He RAN A RED LIGHT! And still you persist in blaming the elderly couple? I hope you are fortunate enough to live to be elderly (and by the way 73 isn't exactly teetering on the edge of the grave), and I hope when you do you are given more respect than what you show to the Swifts.

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Jun-04-13 7:43 AM


That's not bad grammar. That's legalese. The law was written that way for a reason.

There are a number of Michigan laws written that way, and for good reason. For example, it is not illegal to own and carry a set of lock picks. It is, however, a felony to use those lock picks to commit a crime. So, the law is written such that you have the charge for the B&E and a charge for the possession of the picks with the intent to use them unlawfully.

The knife laws work the same way. Carrying a certain sized knife isn't illegal, but carrying it with the intent to use it in another crime is illegal.

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Jun-04-13 9:01 AM

Incomplete story. Should have ID'd the intersection where accident took place!

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Jun-04-13 9:17 AM


I don't understand using this incident as a reason to argue for or against the legalization of pot. Alcohol is legal, but if you kill somebody driving with it in your system, you're in trouble. He drove (without a license might I add) with marijuana in his system and killed somebody, so he's in trouble. Legal or not, it makes absolutely no difference!

My prayers go out to the families of ALL involved. Especially Mr. Durocher, because I'm sure he didn't mean to kill anyone. He made some poor choices and now has to live with the guilt the rest of his life.

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Jun-04-13 10:41 AM

You’re a fool.

Poor choices?

R.a.t - c.r.ap. !

The world is loaded with editions

like you who make “POOR CHOICES” , and the rest of us have to suffer from their and your ignorance.

Poor Choices?

Of late, at least four generations of miscreants have had s.e.x and produced another generation of miscreants,

so the rest of us must suffer ?

The world is littered with the result of unwanted, unintended pregnancies and the rest of us,

not them or their progenitors, must pay the toll.

Some Consolation, for those of us that are left to pick up the pieces,

while fools live, because,

or rather INSPITE of their REPEATED “poor choices”.

ALL OF US HAVE THE opportunity to make choices,


guided by laws that should be obvious to idiots…

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Jun-04-13 10:44 AM


“HE”, gets to live . ..

What about the people he killed, were they “too old to live” . . .

Why didn't they receive "fair warning" - unlicensed, dopped driver at the wheel?

Maybe, if the rest of the world received "Fair Warning", we'd have the chance to avoid their "POOP CHOICES" !

What does THEIR family have to live with?

The very idea that their parents’ lives where taken from them by a fool who made ‘poor choices”.

Some Consolation !

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Jun-04-13 2:07 PM

The accident was at South Hill and 2-41-35 in Gladstone, by the Shell station.

Poor Mr. Deroucher? SOB is now loaded, literally and figuratively. We are going to feed and house him for years. Sometimes one ought to feel guilty.

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Jun-08-13 9:38 PM

Let's face it, no one knows for sure if it was red for more than 5 seconds or just hit yellow and the trucker did not have the distance to stop, it happens to truckers daily. I'm willing to wager the trucker doing his best to handle the situation at hand but some elders who think they rule the road went anyway because all they saw was green. Man was only charged I'm sure because the city felt like they had to do something about a double death, despite we all know elders can drive for sh1t.

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Jun-08-13 10:19 PM

Yes, it takes a long distance to stop a semi but there is a long yellow on that light. And if the Swifts were sitting in the intersection waiting to turn left, they hadn't exactly just pulled out. Stop trying to blame the Swifts. When should we all quit driving, anyway? I know plenty of people in their 70s and even 80s who know their limitations and are very safe drivers. I also know some that age who shouldn't be driving, along with some 20- and 30-somethings who shouldn't be allowed on the road.

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